Soph is the 14-year-old girl who’s just a hair’s breadth away from being de-platformed by YouTube and who’s potty-mouthed right wingery was decried by BuzzFeed, earning her 100,000 new subscribers overnight.

Many who have criticized Soph claim without any evidence that she’s being exploited by her parents and that her father writes her material but her parents, both Liberal Hillary voters have nothing to do with her content and she doesn’t consider herself old enough to even be political. She explains that like many other members of her cohort of Generation Z aka Zoomers born after 2000, they are reacting against the Fascist PC agenda that’s being rammed down their throats.

It remains to be seen if by my posting this video to Facebook, if I will be de-platformed from that venue, as this social media giant has threatened to do to anyone who posts material that includes Alex Jones.

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  • Love this girl! In an intellectual envy way, pervs..

    If you don’t at least appreciate Soph, you are just a programmed moron, so wake up! Not only is she brilliant, she’s correct. So I understand why you fear her. But that makes you a pussy.

    Bravo, Alex Jones. Yeah, Alex is controlled opposition. Geezus, these media morons can’t even discern a possibility that someone has their own voice.


  • Love her critique. BUT the sophistication of her views has no way of manifesting in a 13 year old mind. Sorruy, there’s more to this game than meets the ear and eye.

    • If you go to her channel and watch her videos over the years – and if you just listen to the way she speaks and her vocabulary in this live interview – it’s her. She is VERY bright.

      • After I subscribed to Soph & watched a few videos it became apparent that She is the one leading the charge. Maybe she gets help from Her Dad, but that just means she’s got “involved” Parents. Which is a good thing to have!!

        I don’t know why People feel she can’t be so smart at such a young age, but then again – some Adults can be so stupid & act like Kids? Age is just “mind over matter”….if U don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!! As 4 her salty language, words R just words, it’s People who make them offensive!

  • Soph, is fantastic! She can see between the lines for truth! And at only 14 years old, maybe, just maybe there is hope for this world!


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