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Many readers of this blog are proud conspiracy realists, having had their theories vindicated so many times. James Corbett has the details of what he considers to be the top five conspiracy theories that have been borne out to be conspiracy facts, getting into the gory details of each:

1 – The CIA Ships in the Drugs
2 – The government is spraying us from the skies
3 – Governments stage terror attacks
4 – The CIA ran mind control experiments on unwitting Americans
5 – Chemicals are turning the frogs gay

It’s important to recall that the term “conspiracy theory” was weaponized in the 1960s by a CIA that was anxious to maintain its reputation amid rampant skepticism over the spurious findings of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald had assassinated John F Kennedy all by his lonesome.

It was found that the CIA had sent a detailed directive to all of its desks and bureaus titled, “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report,” which advised officers on how to counter those who questioned the federal government by using the term “conspiracy theory” as a pejorative.

The New York Times published this document following a FOIA request – back in 1976, when they still did the occasional journalism – instead of straight Globalist propaganda.

So, the next time they call you a tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist, you’ll be armed with all you need to school the normies!

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  • I will send you. Type in RHUM and Iran as Iran pumps oil out of the North Sea. The Scottish people can not do that.
    It is overt but the Scots do no know

  • The brainwashed masses need to recall how the killers of JFK (CiA) called doubters of the Warren Commission “conspiracy theorists” and they still do.

    opeRATion papercLIP and opeRATion mockingBIRD has been raving successes, why would they change now?

    Hitler’s men taught them so well.

    And now we also know that the FBi had full knowledge for decades that Hitler relocated to Argentina.

    If you can watch the movie, “The Minds of Men” and remain brainwashed by big government, check for your pulse and make sure that your blood is colored red.

    • And Obama’s “Operation Hammer”, whereby he directed the total surveillance of millions of Americans including Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, Congress, business leaders and political opponents, is being leaked out and will soon be 100% exposed.

      But , don’t believe me, I protect my brain from cell tower and satellite UHF and ELF waves with a shielding hat. I am a victim of Operation Hammer.

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