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    Coming to grips with the possibility of underground alien bases on Earth has been less disturbing for me than walking away from being a Democrat, in the middle of this rolling coup. It didn’t help that there was practically nobody to talk to about it, as most of my family and friends were now looking at me like I was a Nazi.

    When I saw the incredible lock that these high tech coup plotters have on communications, from the Mainstream Media to social media to Internet algorithms; how they control payment processors, from Chase Bank to VISA to Patreon; how they’ve demonetized and de-platformed dissenters big and small, from Alex Jones to Milo Yannopoulos to me and when I saw them take down Roseanne Barr, creator and lead actress of what was the most successful network TV show, whose 40-year career and reputation now counted for nothing because she supported the President and played a Trump supporter on TV, there was very little else that I thought was as pressing.

    Over the past 2 months, I’ve lost 1,600 subscribers, many of whom had become alienated by the side I took in this unprecedented psychological civil war and coup attempt. Many of those who unsubscribed expressed anger at my “Right Wing” opinions. It’s all so surreal. I was a Left Wing Liberal my whole life, until this attempted overthrow of the US Government from within ripped the scales off my eyes.

    So, here are the highlights of several videos I wanted to run this past week but which I didn’t because I didn’t want to offend anybody. It was put together by my favorite new YouTube channel, Fight Globalism.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Good for you Alexandra! It takes great courage to stand for the truth, especially when friends and family begin to disown us. It takes some time but eventually you will realize that neither the right or the left have a monopoly on truth, though the left does seem to have an advantage on deception. Instead the truth lies somewhere between the two and is always shifting.

      When I was in my 20’s and into my 30’s it was convenient to be liberal because I saw the world as my oyster of which I could do whatever I wanted. I left many friends behind as I started to look outside of myself for answers to life’s most intriguing problems.

      When I reached my 40’s I began to see the error of my self-centered ways and started looking at the world through other peoples eyes. That was when I first started questioning why I believed as I did and began to consider the world from a right and wrong perspective.

      It took until my 50’s to apply what I learned and make serious change in my life leaving behind old habits, more friends and ideologies that were holding me back from accepting ultimate truths that couldn’t be denied.

      Now I’m in my 60’s and things are not any easier but I have so much more peace in my life. I have accepted reality as it is revealed to me instead of trying to live the fantasy that is broadcast around us day in and day out. As I go about my daily life I am encouraged by folks like yourself who are making the tough decisions to leave behind fantasy and accept the responsibility of sharing the truth with a world that prefers to live in a fantasy.

      I’d like to suggest a great book, “How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right,” written by Ken Stern former CEO of NPR. Ken was another lifelong liberal who was surrounded by liberals and decided to take a year off to investigate why conservatives thought as they do. The book is an amazing read and documents that journey quite well.


      If you prefer video you can learn more about Ken Stern and his story here: //

    • Welcome to the club Alexandria!

      Though, I’ve never been a leftie, I still consider myself to be a Christian liberal in the historic sense and meaning of that term which was highjacked by leftists whether Christian or otherwise.

      Accept it or reject it, America was founded by liberal Christians with the idea of Christian liberty, not Hindu liberty, not Buddhist liberty, not Islamic liberty, not Jewish liberty, not pagan liberty, not atheistic liberty, not collectivist liberty, but Christian liberty.

      America’s founders incorporated these Christian “property” markers in the Declaration and the Constitution and they apply equally to all within the property markers of theses several states united under the American banner including those within government.

      That liberty is intended to loose people from the tyranny of oppression in any of its manifold forms within the markers set forth in the commandments of the gospels of Christ which rightly interpret the commandments given to Moses that are universally written upon the hearts of mankind.

      Everyone knows it’s wrong to wantonly take life away from others, wrong to wantonly take other’s property, wrong to dishonor one’s parents, wrong to bear false witness and so on. So the founders were not libertarians either.

      Without government there would momentarily exist a state of anarchy until another government is formed in order to maintain order, but when governments become instruments of tyrants, they become outlaw governments which is what happened when English King George abused the colonists which they had every right to overthrow that form of government to establish a more just government as I have just described.

      We all must insist upon justice for miscreants simply because unpunished lawlessness justifies more lawlessness and leaves victims helpless without lawful recourse. This is fuel for rebellion.

    • Alexandra,

      Any subscriber who drops their support because of a political side is a total anti-American moron, or programmed by the system like an MNKUltra survivor.

      You’re better off without these dumb monkeys.

      I don’t agree with everything President Trump says – in fact, at first, I called him “Herr Trumpler”, or “Trumpenstein”, because I found him to be a racist, misogynistic silver spoon, which is how the MSM was portraying him. Luckily, I was awakened a decade or more back, and as soon as I looked deeper and watched vids of his interaction with various sub-groups, I was like, “WTF? He’s cool, and NOT like how the propaganda press portrays him”. Shame on them!

      I was a Dem for TWO decades, before going Rep, then Independent Libertarian Anarchist. I Will be voting for Trump, because the Demotard platform is so insane (and not in a good way..), I started seeing the truth; that they’ve been infiltrated by Communist Fascist Psychopaths under control of the Rothschild/Clinton Crime Cabal.

      But even if I was on the ‘opposition team’, I’m awake enough to realize that all politics is simply “divide and conquer strategy” to maintain control, and the enemy is not either political party. The enemy is certain specific people who are subverting the US Constitution, The Light of Truth, and Common Sense, and they are mostly just programmed sheep Sleeple, being run by the spoiled greedy elites (a.k.a. psychopaths).

      The answer may require ridding the world of the elite existence, but not in a Commie/Socialist way; rather, in a new ideology that keeps the good from both parties, while adding the energy of Light, Love and Truth, common sense regulation and mandated transparency to prevent the accumulation of any wealth over something between $100M – 500M by any individual (and corporations are NOT people!)- some policies like this.

      The solutions begin with protecting our discourse, de-monetizing the social media companies who are censoring the public, and focusing on the crimes against children, the poor, and removing ALL religious judgments (separation of church & State – where did that go?).

      Maybe it’s easier to just start shooting elites, like so much duck?

      Nah, we shouldn’t use violence, as that won’t work. We have to rise above, and use lessons from history.

      Perhaps we need a debate? Or are we gonna fuck ourselves in the ass like the Jews, who didn’t fight the Brown Shirted Fascists & Gestapo (a.k.a./ the CIA and DHS). Hmm, maybe it IS simpler to ice the uber wealthy?

    • It takes COURAGE and a deep desire to live a truth-inspired life to stick with new knowledge gained, especially when it has the adverse impact of being shunned.

      I know. I’ve been there and experienced the horror of repudiation and outright REJECTION. In fact I’m not allowed to speak about politics in certain family circles – literally told to shut up!

      Thanks for posting this video and speaking your truth. Much appreciated!

    • Alexandra, sorry to hear about your subscribers running the other way, and not wanting to hear the truth. I’ve been following your views since 9/2012. I guess I just see better than most. Please keep up the great work you do. And thank you.

    • What is going on is much more than propaganda. It is mind control at a whole new level. My left leaning friends are so unhinged, it is frightening. They are not even able to have a reasoned conversation of which we have had countless over the past 30 years!!!
      I walked away from the Democratic party in 2016 after being involved in the Bernie campaign and watched the whole Seth Rich murder unfold, along with countless others during that time.
      I actually joined this newsletter BECAUSE I didn’t feel comfortable with many on the Alt-Right but certainly could not participate in the Trump Derangement Syndrome.
      There are so many pundits now who don’t know what they are talking about and spew disinformation that I seriously think we will not be able to heal as a nation. 2020 is going to be hideous. My prayer is that I don’t succumb to the mind control tactics about to be unleashed with 5G.
      I don’t care what your political beliefs are. I love you and stand with you as an American and lover of the Bill of Rights. God bless you Alexandria!

    • Thanks Alexandra for your tireless striving for increased understanding. The battle becomes internal and spiritual: what kind of edifice am I making for my soul to look out through? What will persist into the future but the clean lines of the seeds we leave behind? The imprints as resonant memory perhaps invisible to those who believe all that there is to us is this meat body… which is actually an electric field powered on the long galactic threads that tie our cosmos together in a living pulsing web. What the warrior carries with them in their heart is knowing they found their center and overcame fear.
      Blessings. And keep kicking ass!

    • Great news, I don’t see the American Intelligence Media listed here,
      It is a true source of indictable evidenced that’s been being collected for years.
      It traces back to the main players, the Vatican and Lady Queen Bee

        • that’s interesting
          I have AIM on my favourites, and check it every day or two.
          I have always thought American society is deeply divided, mainly by those with more (not better) education, and those with less (not worse)
          So I read websites from both Democrat and Republican standpoints.
          They mostly look like mafiosi to me.
          Used to be, liberals were the ones who weren’t willing to inflict massive destruction on other people, and the planet, just to get more money. That changed in Australia and New Zealand around 1970, when these countries were invaded by Rockefeller agents, using money as the weapon, and since then, right or left wing politics has just been a farce.
          Alexandra, can you please supply a link to the other sites you mention, (Christian mysticism)?

    • I’m in same boat as you. Lifelong Liberal Democrat. When it was ‘Hillary’s turn’ and Sanders was kicked to the curb, that is when my eyes were opened. Did a lot of reading, thinking. Voted for now-President Trump and never looked back. Unlike you, my red-pill moment has led to a closer relationship with my conservative parents and 2 of siblings. Relationship with other 2 siblings…ruined. Oh well!

      Continue the hard and thankless road, my friend. Stay true to yourself and continue spreading Truth! You are right. They are wrong!

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