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    Soph is a 14-year-old YouTuber comedienne with over 800,000 followers and a proud exponent of Generation Z (the cohort born after 2000). She is the latest target of the Millennials who run BuzzFeed, who’ve been working feverishly to get her de-platformed her over her unfiltered, salty language.

    If they succeed, there will be no love lost between her and those who she calls the “Technological elite, aka the sociopathic 30-somethings that reside in the entrails of Silicon Valley.”

    She explains the generation gap thus: “Millennials grew up with MTV and nowadays watch Colbert. We, on the other hand, grew up with the Internet, so we have no centralized source of information that controls what we think. We filter out the truth for ourselves; we’re not lazy. No one is brainwashing kids. Kids are simply learning from having free access to information, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

    There may be hope for humanity in the long term but at the rate things have been going in recent weeks, the BuzzFeed Commissars could succeed in their task at any moment – so get a load of Soph’s completely unchained riffs while you still can!

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    • Sigmund the Fraud could make a case out of her. Sail her over the kukoo nest with that nest egg of perceived problems.

    • It appears the video has been removed by Youtube. So now I want to view the video even more…Is the video being uploaded on other venues, such as Minds or Bit Chute?

    • dang, that went fast. So appreciative of being able to watch it before it was …..gone…..

    • Seems SOMEONE doesn’t want this video to be shown, because when I clicked the link…It showed up as being “Cancelled”….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???
      Bt the way, ONLY the God/Female/Male (Human Race) has a future on this planet.
      They will be called THE GOLDEN RACE.


      Not in a preying, pedophilic, perverted sexual way, because I kill pedophiles. I mean I love their MIND, spirit, sense of humor. Clearly a genius.

      I think I’d love them even more when they take that horrid Muslim repressive garb off, so we can see if it’s a boy or a girl. Maybe that’s the point of Muslims wearing that ugly shit, so you don’t make gender a big deal – I mean, who’d want to fuck a little boy except George HW Bush and Moloch-woshipping perverts and homo pedophiles? Of course, if she’s a girl under there, as I said, I don’t screw married women.

      So Muslims, join the 21st century and stop looking so fucking ugly. Believe in whatever nonsense you want, because beliefs mean nothing – it is Actions that count. I believe in Zandoo, a hyper-dimensional consciousness that takes me through the universe in my dreams. I believe in putting Democrats down for their goddamn stupidity. I believe in speaking shit to power. I’ve been banned on Jackass Dorsey’s Shitter, so eventually I’m hoping some terrorists blow his (empty) building to bits.

      But I’m not inciting violence, I’m just a fan of it against corrupt and stupid people, when they refuse to acknowledge their stupidity (Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Dorsey, Zuckerberg). We must let Darwinism rule, so shouldn’t we shoot stupid people to assist evolution?

      Let me be clear, it IS OK to kill Satanists, so Rothschilds, Clintons, Eric Schmidt, be on your toes. I’m not going to shoot you. But if I can inspire someone to make the world a better place, what’s wrong with that?

      And if you mention the law, let’s ask ourselves, if they won’t arrest the Clinton Crime Cabal for evidence of treason; if they won’t indict corrupt FBI leadership, if cops get away with murdering black men, if judges are corrupt, then we really don’t have a rule of law. So no big whup.

      #StopTheLies #ArrestTheCorrupt #HackTheSocialMediaMotherfuckers
      #SupportForbiddenKnowledge #DemandFreeSpeech #Don’tReallyKillAnyone

      Except Deepers and Pedophiles

    • I can only imagine if she gets into university!

      Frankly, most universities need and above all deserve it.

      Hope she has a lot of friends being of the same caliber.

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