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In the summer of 1963, a young girl found herself caught up in a clandestine covert operation to eliminate Fidel Castro. This wouldn’t be a shot heard around the world, but rather, a silent shot of super cancer causing poison, derived from a monkey simian virus called SV-40.

This tale has everything from murder, espionage, a tragic love story, to bioweapons and the genesis of gain-of-function research, weaponized in COVID-19.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Must read the book by Edward T. Haslam, Dr. Mary’s Monkey, to get the whole story.
    Glad this out to the public now, to know we have such evil people around us. Judith wrote, Lee and Me…great read also.

  • As I watched this, it was sinking in more than ever that our government has been being force-run for many decades by the heartless, soulless, ruthless fascist operatives. Their operations, from war to corporate/intelligence led lesser murderous projects like this, all have the same hallmarks…freakish, illegal, completely unethical and defended by murder and assassination without the slightest suggestion of ethical responsibility or even personal loyalty among the conspirators.
    I used to think there was no such thing as evil, just screwed up people. But as all of this kind of thing had been exposed over the last years, I’ve come to believe that it’s far more than that and it’s been practiced for millennia, more like a force than a succession of plots, something indescribable beyond human meanness, something unspeakable.

  • The last scene of Oswald’s lover crying on the bank of the Mississippi said to be sitting on “the bench where she had sat with Oswald” is very strange. It would have been impossible for them to have sat on a bench there in 1963. The “Moon Walk” along the river where this bench is placed “was was named for Mayor Maurice “Moon” Landrieu. Previously the site of multiple wharves serving the busy shipping lanes along the river, the riverfront was converted to a pedestrian-oriented open space from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s” (See: )

    The bench and the river overlook did not exist in 1963. There was no access to the river at that time due to the wharves and warehousing that stretched all along the river in a solid wall at New Orleans. While the rest of the story seems credible, it’s very strange that it culminated in a lie that could never have happened. Why?

  • Virus do not exits. There is no such thing as a monkey simian virus. The bio-weapons that these guys and all the others use are just chemicals laden with all sorts of heavy metals to poison us.
    Virus is a Latin word meaning is a natural Venom or poison from an animal or plant. You could say that certain groups of mankind or alien that create a Venom or poison could be called a virus, but it’s not natural.

  • “GADZOOKS!!!” Like, what are you trying to do!?!? “Blow my mind” or Something!!??!!??. Didn’t Judith Micovicts(sp?) Refer to contaminates from mice brains causing cancer from vaccinations? This is quite the story! Ties together alot of info from previous investigations. Any history or background about the investigator, Joy?

    • With reports of “turbo cancers” arising from the vax and increases in cancer rates topping 450% over average, in my last hearing, are we looking at some of the same contaminates being put in the vax as we are told about in this video?? The increases seem to be in breast cancer if I recall though.

    • to bad the interviewer cant seem to shut up and let the lady with all the important insight speak more than 3 words before “joy” finishes the womans sentence !!! what a total loss of a great opportunity to hear her just spill the beans !!!!

  • Just because “the news” says that “so and so died” doesn’t mean that any death actually occurred. If you can’t DEMONSTRATE that the people who have worked for you actually got splendid retirement packages in sunny Antarctica, who’s going to take a job where you’ll likely end up actually dead? Jeffrey Epstein, George Floyd, John Kennedy, LHO, Mary Meyer, 19 hijackers, the list goes on and on. I don’t know what they are doing NOW, but I am absolutely certain the reports of their deaths were greatly exaggerated.

    6D6isne6y has been exhibiting EXTREMELY lifelike animatrons IN PUBLIC since 1964; we have no idea how long they were using the technology before that, nor do we have any idea of the ACTUAL state of the art, then or now. Probably a lot of these “fake Globalists wearing masks” are actually standard issue animatrons, made up to “look like so-and-so”, while the actual Globalist is on a tropical island somewhere, “smelling roses”!

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