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Freedom of Information Act results have shown that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists knew that the mRNA injections were commonly fatal to babies in the womb.

And $11 million was spent to bribe OB-GYNs to lie to pregnant women about the safety of injections and convince them to get the shot.

US nursing home data clearly shows that the mRNA shots were killing the elderly.

The mRNA shots are now causing cancer.

The CDC admits at least 118,000 children have “died suddenly” in the USA since the rollout of the mRNA COVID vaccines. The actual count is much higher and that was reported a year ago.

Nothing has really changed. The historical mass murder continues and the perpetrators remain free, pushing for Round Two and winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is private organization, Freedom of Information Act doesn’t apply to them.

  • Should be obvious that if not nothing, there’s only negative effect from death shots.
    And that’s how it’s been since beginning of vaccination (though they try so hard to cover that up by circular reasoning on germ’s theory), just like how politics has been bullshit and corrupt since beginning but let it be by circular reasoning.
    It’s a big business for them, and ain’t anytime soon they let it go unless-

  • “We did it because of interest and curiosity.” Their own words. Listen carefully. They were not out to help anyone, so their curiosity killed many people. Crazy.

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