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Genital mutilation has rapidly grown into a nearly $3 billion industry that is estimated will more than double in size by 2030. Tucker Carlson asks, “How did something this demented happen so quickly?” His guest, financial analyst, Chris Moritz has been following the money.

Chris says, “The biggest single policy catalyst for this explosion is Obamacare. When Obamacare was enacted in 2010, there was very quietly, written into the law a provision in which insurance companies were mandated to provide coverage for what is deemed ‘medically necessary gender-affirming care’.

“As a result of that, between 2010 and 2016, there was a 50% increase in sex reassignment surgeries, 25% increase in insurance coverage for transgender individuals and then, at the very end of the Obama administration, 2016, an additional amendment to the Affordable Care Act was made, whereby gender identity could no longer be a basis for denial of coverage by private insurance companies.

“As a result of that, the next year, from 2016 to 2017, there was a 150% increase in sex reassignment surgeries in the United States.

“The Trump administration very early on revoked this provision and then, of course, the Biden administration put it back in place within the first hundred days,” Chris says.

There are no FDA-approved therapies for gender dysphoria and -transition. For example, the drug Lupron, which is prescribed off-label to delay puberty in children until they are old enough to begin hormone replacement therapy was originally developed to treat hormone-responsive cancers, like prostate cancer and breast cancer and it has also been used to chemically castrate violent sex offenders.

There are no long term studies of the effects of administering Lupron to growing children and how it can affect brain development and bone density. Similarly, there are no long term studies on the effects of massive doses of hormones required to “transition” into the opposite sex.

If several cancers are known to develop from a surfeit of sex hormones, it seems likely that we will see an explosion of cancers in the population of people receiving these treatments. The Standards of Care are established by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH).

Transgender billionaire, Jennifer Pritzker‘s Tawani Foundation donated to WPATH in 2006 and to the University of California in 2003, to study the feasibility of transgender people serving in the military, in the police and in fire departments. In 2016, she donated $2 million to create the world’s first endowed academic chair of Transgender Studies, at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

Many kids now identifying as trans are on the autism spectrum, likely because they’re vaccine-injured. TikTok is rife with unethical doctors cashing-in on the growth industry of “gender-affirming” surgery on this embattled generation, like self-proclaimed “tit wizard” plastic surgeon, Dr Sidhbh Gallagher who advertises her surgical services by telling kids who don’t like talking on the phone that they can, instead text her to begin scheduling their procedures.

This insanity is not occurring in East Asia or in Africa but surprisingly, Iran is a hotbed for these procedures, because homosexuality is illegal there and the government-approved treatment for homosexuality is sex reassignment surgery. Gay Iranians flee to Turkey, in order to avoid being forced into genital mutilation by the Islamic Republic.

The British Government has recently retreated from some of this insanity and all of the European governments that previously condoned the gender reassignment of minors have since outlawed it. The US remains the only country to permit this atrocity.

Chris observes that the transgender movement is an outgrowth of Cultural Marxism, which has fermented on college campuses in recent decades and he notes that the movement is functioning much like the Cultural Revolution did in China during the 1960s-1970s.

To me, it seems obvious that the transgender movement is a form of hybrid warfare that is unapologetically designed dismantle our society.

In 2019, Cory’s Digs did this excellent report on the genesis of the transgender industry, for further reading.

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  • A study released this week has revealed that males taking estrogen are up to 95% more likely to suffer from heart disease compared to males not ingesting estrogen.

    A study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology showed that all trans people were at a “significantly higher risk” of a host of serious and potentially deadly medical conditions, including heart attacks and strokes.

    The authors used health data from 2,671 trans people in their early to mid-20s living in Denmark.

    They then compared the rate of heart disease seen in the trans patients to a control group of 26,700 people. Shouldn’t this have been basic common sense?

    As a side note, I read about the common side-effects of vaginiaplasties, it’s sickening. There is a reason that info is suppressed.

  • I get so mad because back in the 90s I did a dui. I had to go to 5 counseling sessions. The man was an ex crack addict who showed me a picture of him and his son in a bathtub, then handed me a script for Paxil on the way out. I noticed the pen I was fidgeting with said Paxil. There was a poster in the waiting room for Paxil. Then there was my script for Paxil in their outside trash can. All us ” paranoid” people are looking kind of right… don’t worry, they’re working on being more deceptive.

  • Reality check, this is simply “MAYHEM” and it is illegal in ALL 50 states!
    If the victim is under the age of 18, add the charge of ‘Child Abuse’!
    Then, as several are involved in the crime, a ‘Conspiracy’ charge needs to be added!
    As for ‘puberty blockers’, that also is clearly ‘Child Abuse’ and I can think of only one use for such a drug, which is not on humans, but on kittens so they remain cute and don’t grow to be annoying, arrogant cats!

  • The doorway into all of this confusion is – IDOLATRY!

    Until authentic leadership recognizes this and reconsiders what the word “religion” really means they will never arrive at a correct diagnosis. Religion, unnatural desiring and belief in something that is not as if it is, are elements of the same thing! Once the elements of idolatry are defined it’s not difficult to understand.

    If you waive a fresh cut of bloody meat in the face of any carnivore they will go nuts until they can sink their teeth into it even if it’s artificial. That is an undeniable natural response to visual stimulation!

    Other than the natural desiring for food and water, there is no desiring more fundamental to humans than the desire for sexual gratification, which when stimulated by any visual media produces unrealistic expectations which can become the doorway to obsessive idolatry and artificial control in the hands of the visual provider. Addicts become victims to that which they have yielded themselves. The reason why sexual confusion is epidemic is because sexual “idols” are everywhere one looks in the visual media. How exciting being a sex symbol must be to dull humdrum lives! It’s almost universal and so is the pressure to conform!

    No one need be surprised when greed and avarice kicks it all into high gear and a nation’s population is turned into merchandize!

    Following the era of stogy old news men, the deep state was quick to switch to sexy pom pom news girls in the visual media. This technique works more effectively upon the male of our species than it does upon the female, but it does work both ways. You parade sexy pom pom girls in the eyes of males and they are going to be stimulated and frustrated at the same time. Given time and repetition weaker minds will succumb to all sorts of imagining, that turns into profits for the porn industry, Hollywood, Madison Avenue and all of the allied glamorizing industries.

    There is a natural affinity between them that is easily identifiable and peopled!

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