Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, the producer of a stunning 4-part video series of hidden camera investigative journalism, ‘Rigging the Election’, released over the past two weeks joins RT America’s Lindsay France in the FishTank. He discusses the baseless charges made against him and his videos and says the Mainstream Media fears retaliation from a potential Hillary Clinton Presidential Administration, saying that journalists “are no longer able to speak truth to power.” He says that had he been making films revealing wrongdoing by the Trump Campaign, he’d be receiving a Pulitzer Prize, a Peabody Award, Emmys, an Oscar and books deals.

O’Keefe’s videos reveal levels of psychopathic corruption among Clinton operatives that beggar belief, including the hiring and paying homeless mental patients to do “crazy things”, like agitate violence at Trump rallies. This has resulted in the resignations of high-level officials from the Clinton Campaign, Robert Creamer and Scott Foval and has also led to calls for the resignation of Campaign Organizer, Robby Mook.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks documents proving that Donna Brazile, Democratic National Committee Interim Chair and CNN Host, gave Hillary Clinton questions prior to a debate with Donald Trump has gotten her fired from CNN on Monday, October 31st.

Previously, on Sunday, October 30th, the Chicago Tribune called for Hillary Clinton, herself to step down from the Presidential Race, in light of the FBI’s re-opening her homebrew server case.

Between the revelations of Anonymous, both separately and through WikiLeaks, the Project Veritas videos by James O’Keefe and the outrageously sordid revelations of Jeff Rovin in The National Enquirer, breaking the 24-year silence of this longtime “Fixer” for the Clintons, it is a wonder that she is still standing and that some people will actually still vote for her.


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  • What O’Keefe has done here is stellar light shining on corruption and manipulation. I give him a standing ovation…the arrogance and hubris of ‘her’ and her minions is beyond nauseating and runs into the realms of paralyzing.
    O’Keefe’s problem is his pimp parade dress-up in framing ACORN a half decade or more ago. He tarnished his veracity in his eagerness to ‘get’ the voter fraud for his conservative funders. Concomitantly the bushco justice department spent, on the record 40 million in trying to find verifiable voter fraud and they found 4 cases in 8 years with all but one dropped. ELECTION FRAUD IS THE GAME!! No one in the national realm of media desires to expose just how ridiculous electronic voting is…WTF??, hundreds of billions spent on network security for DECADES, and hackers reign supreme to this day. WETHEPEOPLE are asleep and MUST wake up and shine the light of reality and common sense on this theft our VOICES!!!


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