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Just when it couldn’t get any crazier, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a psychiatrist and NY Times Bestselling Author who has also held high US Government positions since the mid-1970s, including Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker explains the latest unforeseen twist in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Pieczenik says that a group of US intelligence agents from over 15 organizations supplied WikiLeaks with all of the emails, which have flooded the Clinton campaign and discredited many of its members, in recent weeks – but he also explains that their job is hardly done. Below is the transcript of this shocking video announcement:

“On November 1, 2016, Hillary and Bill Clinton and their entourage of assistants effected a civilian coup. In contrast to the usual concept of a coup, where the military’s involved and takes over the White House and communication centers, very much like the scenarios you see in a movie, this coup was done silently and very effectively through two methods: corruption and co-optation.

“The Clintons have been involved in co-opting our White House, our Judiciary, our CIA, our Federal Bureau of Investigation, our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and our Director of the FBI, James Comey for some time now.

“What they’ve done is to make sure that they were part and parcel of a group of people who were interrelated through political cronyism. However, in order to stop this coup, we in the intelligence community and others involved have informally gotten together and with their permission, I am beginning to announce that we’ve initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

“What has happened, in effect, when Comey had to open up the case of Hillary Clinton and discuss the emails that were involved with the Anthony Weiner case, it was not the case, itself that was as important as the fact that this was the entrée for many of us in the counter-coup to say to the Administration, “We have your number. Not only do we have your number, we’re going to stop you from making Hillary the President of the United States – and at the same time, we will in convict and indict the President of the United States, Loretta Lynch and many others who are involved in the cover-up of the massive corruption that occurred under the Clinton Foundation.”

“Now, in both cases, their coup was silent and our counter-coup was silent and it was all a transpired or occurred on the internet and this is probably the first time in the history of any country where a coup was initiated through the internet and a counter-coup was initiated through the Internet.

“I am just a small part of something far bigger than myself. It was the brave men and women who are in the FBI, the CIA the Director of Intelligence, the military intelligence and men and women in 15 other intelligence organizations who are sick and tired of seeing this corruption in the White House and the Justice Department and the intelligence system and we decided that there was something we had to, do in order to save the Republic.

“So we initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange, who has been very brave and really quite formidable, in his ability to come forth and provide all the necessary emails that we gave to him in order to undermine Hillary and Bill Clinton.

“Again, America we’re going through a major, major transition and quite frankly – a Second American Revolution. We do not have guns, we do not have weapons, we do not intend to kill anybody, we do not intend to harm anybody but we, the American public and those of us who serve as veterans and in intelligence service, like myself will stop the Clintons from assuming power that they don’t deserve.

“At the same time, we will make certain that Obama leaves, without any trail of a pardon or any other act of treason. In effect, we want a peaceful transition in this great American Republic.

“I bring you this news and I want you to understand what has happened. A moment of history is occurring right now in front of us and I’m proud to explain it to you.”

In the next video post made by Dr. Pieczenik, he gets into some of the shockingly horrible revelations about both Bill and Hillary’s involvement in a pedophile sex ring, along with convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, in whose private plane, the “Lolita Express” the Clintons both separately and together on between 20-30 occasions visited a private island in the Bahamas where young girls were prostituted to them and to other powerful people from around the world, including Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, son of Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • The email investigation has been dropped. That is all that is said. There are other significant crimes. The Clinton foundation crimes, treason, racketeering, Though he will not charge crimes on the email issues they still provide convicting evidence for other crimes.

    • The email crimes can be made to look like sheer stupidity, but she needs to shake in her shoes about the other crimes which can get her executed, she and criminal Bill. We had hoped she would be finished off before the election. However Obama would pardon her. Must wait until Obama is no longer president. Then arrest him as well for treason and not being a citizen and other executable crimes.

  • I am constantly astounded by the fact that although most ppl focus on the Clintons in this huge corruption scandal we don’t hear about the authorities prosecuting the companies BEHIND the candidate, those that commit the fraud, corruption as well as the dirty work. Bribery is still a crime isn’t it or has it become the new norm? In this whole affair the silence of the authorities in general indicates a complete disregard for the process of law and order those responsible for taking decisions did swear to abide by. If these leaks have uncovered in the past weeks and months is that the process of law and order seems to have totally disappear in America and that the authorities are at a loss as to what to do and how to react. A country in disarray? Yes this is what you get when corruption rules from the top down, a bit like Italy so many years ago, but as we all know that is a very very dangerous path to wander on.

  • Alexandra, I would dearly love to take this guy seriously but when you have a guy with name which Alex Jones pronounces as Pi Chenik when it is quite clearly Peace Nik it touches a raw nerve. He has been a regular on Jones for years but nothing has ever come of his predictions.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by the Peace Nik reference. Steve’s father was a Polish Jew and I think that the way AJ is pronouncing his name is the best English approximation. Dr. Pieczenik’s resumé is pretty impressive, even if his predictions haven’t always panned out. I’m finding his Twitterfeed to be quite interesting, at the moment.

    • Charlie, surely the history of the States does not hang upon a name or its pronunciation. Besides this is something totally different: as Pieczenik says he is but a small piece of the organization behind this so-called silent counter-coup.

  • Two words for you all–Stop it, stop it, stop it! No good can come from this political sound-off nonsense and in-fighting. Get smart–STOP IT.

    • Elle, I think that Dr. Pieczenik is being very clear, here that he is calling for a peaceful transition and that he does not stand for violence of any kind – it’s a soft counter-coup (largely, via leaks) against what has been a soft coup, powered largely by bribes and/or blackmail – and possibly other forms of co-option that I may not be able to imagine but potentially involving the occult practices of the main parties, which are now also coming to light.

  • Finely, someone who recognizes that this is a “Republic” not a democracy, at the very least, may he and his group continue to do what they do better then we the people can. I know there are good people in this world, but sometimes they are hard to find. Just watch out for the bankers that are running the wars on this world, because they would be the ones loosing. They will do anything to make it continue. Best wishes for your endeavor.

    • If not Hillary, who? Trump? We are all in trouble. How about we just work for this planet, stop killing women and children around this globe, and all be good boys and girls. How about that?

      • Yes Trump you idiot….have you not been following or listening? Hillary is the criminal not TRUMP you fool, and he can stand up to the globalists as he is not one of them like Hillary is…Some people are so stupid, they deserve to be ruled by tyranny.

          • I agree that of you live in states where the candidate you hate the most is *guaranteed* to win – if we can believe the polls (let’s face it, most of us are voting *against* someone here), that a vote for Jill Stein could be the best thing you can do, because if she gets at least 5%, she’ll establish the legal viability of a Third Party for 2020.

            But for people voting in swing states, who want to have the strongest impact and preventing your vote to be thrown away and creating a higher probability for the candidate you hate the most to win, I say vote for the one who stands a chance of actually winning – and who you prefer to the one you hate the most!

        • Molly why do react with such aggressiveness about this? Trump is just another corporate don, how do you think he made his fortune? Agreed he is a self-made man contrary to the Clintons maybe but he’s just part of the same elite group, namely the 1%. He deals with all of them on a daily basis, starting with the bankers otherwise where would he keep his money and how would he do business each day? How do you think he built his empire? No candidate is better than the other as they are all in the same pockets but Trump might be the lesser of 2 evils in the sense that he does not seem involved in the dirty dealings the Clintons have delved in for years. As a president? No matter which one is elected both candidates will take the US to its downfall.

  • Monday, October 31, 2016 Preet Bharara — The Hero You Never Heard Of
    By Anna Von Reitz .com

    Preet Bharara is the U.S. Prosecuting Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Pray for him. It was he and the New York Police Department (NYPD) that have forced the FBI into doing its job with respect to Hillary Clinton and her emails.

    It was the NYPD that discovered the full, uncut, actual emails on Anthony Wiener’s laptop, but more importantly, it was the NYPD and Preet Bharara who brought the information forward instead of trying to paper it over.

    They forced the FBI’s hand. They made it impossible for Director Comey to cover Hillary’s butt and his own at the same time. It’s one or the other, Jack. And I can just hear the conversation going down:

    The Boys in Blue: “I don’t give a crap. She’s guilty. Book her.”

    Men in Tights: “Wh-wh-whuddya mean? She was the sec-sec-Secretary of St-St-State…..she’s BILL CLINTON’S wife! Sh-sh-she’s running for PRESIDENT. You can’t prosecute her no matter what she did.”

    The Boys in Blue: “Book the Bitch.”

    Men in Tights: “Whhaaat?”

    The Boys in Blue: “You heard me. Book her. Write her up.”

    Men in Tights: “Wha-wh-wait! We have jurisdiction! We’ll take the case over!”

    The Boys in Blue: (grimly) “Yeah, now you’ll do it. Did you finally find a dozen eggs somewhere?”

    Of course, this is just my rendition, but I know how they talk when the girls aren’t around (actually a lot spicier than this sometimes, but dogs and children may be reading) and I know how much guts it took to flush the FBI toilet.

    I also know that there are plenty of Americans right now who wouldn’t spit on the best part of FBI Director Comey if someone could find it and point it out.

    Comey’s disgusting admissions that Hillary was guilty but wouldn’t be charged shocked the nation, but they didn’t shock me. I watched the footage from Benghazi. I heard nasty little Rodriguez relieve General Carter Ham of command. I knew what to think then and I know what to think now.

    The brave men of the NYPD who are actually responsible for the second FBI investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s emails and who faithfully did their jobs, are now targets for the Clinton Mafia and the Bar Association thugs and DNC and FBI– which doesn’t appreciate having its laundry cleaned for them in public no matter how filthy dirty it is.

    Watch for the small print announcements of deaths and obituaries in New York, looking for Preet Bharara’s name and the names of men and women working for the NYPD Investigations Unit. Make it your business to check in on Preet’s health in the coming days. Pray for him. Light a candle.

    Better still, pay attention and if anything happens to him or his family or even his dog —- come down on the media and the politicians and the FBI like the Wrath of God.

    Any attempt to wave any flags and claim that the FBI has redeemed itself by reopening the Hillary Files needs to be doused with the real world facts of the matter. It was the NYPD that held the line and did the job and forced the FBI to do theirs.

    Now, it’s true that NYPD has its share of dirty cops and New York has more than its share of dirty politicians, but like the actual Mafia, they still have a soul. The “people”— and I use the word lightly — lying and covering up for Hillary don’t.

    Somewhere between the pate and the second round of caviar, they lost theirs.

    For them, everything is for sale. Everything is relative. The only good is their own good. The only danger is not being politically correct in public, or telling the truth. And there is precious little chance of that happening.

    Thank you, Preet Bharara, for doing that simple, extraordinary thing: telling the truth. I will remember your name and look for you among the heroes of all that is good.

    See this article and over 400 others on Anna’s website
    To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.

  • Just another mouthpiece, making claims with NO EVIDENCE. Where is it? This is Hearsay. He may be right, but in a democracy, you need EVIDENCE! Without it, it’s just disinfo, slander, and worthless.

    • Democracy you must be joking! Just another brain dead Hillary supporter you are…wake up! smell the coffee!

    • I agree we need to overthrow the corrupt, criminal American Gov’t. The coup began when the corporate globalists used LBJ and GHWB to murder Kennedy. Since then, we’ve gradually lost our Democracy, as these globalists use greed and fear to control us. They MUST be stopped!

    • The leak-driven counter-coup proposed by Pieczenik is pro-America and not damaging to the USA, like the countless felonies and acts of treason committed by HRC.

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