James Corbett wrestles against the urban legend that JFK was trying to curtail the power the Fed by creating a debt-free, silver-backed dollar, through Executive Order 11110. It would be a competing medium of exchange with the Federal Reserve Note. Many people believe that Executive Order 11110 is what caused JFK’s assassination.

No less than G. Edward Griffin, author of the seminal book about the Federal Reserve Banking system, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island,’ joins Corbett to prove that the opposite of this theory is true (!)

Griffin goes into excruciating detail which proves that the opposite of this perception is true. He says that Kennedy was an Internationalist.

One may argue Griffin that this did not necessarily make him a Globalist. So, what are the definitions of these terms?

  • A Globalist believes that a small elite residing in Basel, Switzerland should own and control the right to issue all the currencies of the world and to be the defacto rulers of the planet.
  • An Internationalist believes in world cooperation but does not believe that one franchise should control the issuance of currencies.

Serious students of Globalism and of the Office of the US Presidency will find a gold- or rather, a silver mine of fascinating information here.

Griffin and Corbett however, claim that JFK was in fact, a Globalist. I don’t agree but it’s a very interesting argument being made, here.

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  • Actually this topic arose some thirty or forty years ago and the story was debunked then, but the myth arose again like the Phoenix.

    What got Kennedy killed was more than one interest, the first of which was the CIA and Allen Dulles who was a central banker agent. Read L Fletcher Prouty’s books. Prouty was liaison between the Pentagon, the CIA and other intelligence during Kennedy’s occupation of the Presidency.

    There’s more to it than that of course, but Prouty is a reliable source that points researchers in the right direction. Hoover played a role too.

    Don’t want to go down the list of players here, it’s all out there today anyway.

    I well remember Kennedy. He was a folk hero with 60’s “free love”, liberated youth, Catholics and with the MSM, but otherwise unpopular. Even many in his own party didn’t like him. I doubt if he would have been re-elected. You don’t hear this today.

    What got him elected was a couple of things, Nixon and Mayor Daley’s Chicago crime syndicate. Nixon was quirky and difficult to trust. It was the televised debate that cooked Nixon’s goose. MSM focused up close shots of up tight Nixon sweating profusely during the debate and showing Kennedy as calm and relaxed.

    MSM was complicit in covering up Kennedy’s extracirricular activities, which is what Hoover was so concerned with. Kennedy partied with Sinatra, the Rat Pack and was popular with Hollywood because of his immoral life style I suppose.

    Hoover was a phony folk hero, but a political force to be reckoned with.

    Robert Kennedy double crossed union supporters so John Kennedy had many shadowy enemies. Dixiecrats hated him. LBJ was king of the Dixiecrats.


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