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During the darkest days of the Global Financial Meltdown in 2009, a paper was released under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto about Bitcoin, a new, radical technology about finance, which proposed Bitcoin.

Today, Bitcoin has recently soared to over USD $1,900.

Bill Gates explains what makes it tick.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • If anyone believes THIS crap they must be “Gullible” !…AND…ANYTHING, Bill Gates gets behind HAS to be evil.
    I cannot see HOW a “Digital currency” has ANY value at all when it does NOT exist in the “Physical” world at all. MOST monetary transactions ALREADY are done via Internet.
    Bitcoin is just another debit card to me…ONLY at least with a debit card you have to have something physical (Money) to get one!
    Trying to make this seem like something NEW??? Via some guy with a Asian name that comes out of nowhere is slick…BUT not slick-enough to me!
    Its like one person called it a short while ago on line…”Fart Money”…You can’t SEE a Fart, but you can sure SMELL one…and this FART “STINKS” to high heaven!
    PM’s are the REAL-DEAL because you can them in physical form…Bitcoin SMELLS of another “Back-door” way to a “One-world-Government” (NWO) currency that can be “Controlled” by someone via a “Chipped Card”….Understand anyone???
    ONLY when WE have a world where PEOPLE are understood to be the REAL Value on this planet (OPPT) will we see meaningful changes,,,when Money will becomes “Redundant”.

    • I don’t like Bill Gates either but just because an individual has an opinion on something doesn’t make the something evil. Terrorists use US Federal Reserve Notes.. does that make USD inherently evil? No. Never mind that the central banking system was created in secret among a very few government types to take the wealth away from the people. Since the FED was founded in 1913, the USD Has lost 97% of its purchasing power. Bitcoin is gaining purchasing power every day.

      You can stay out of bitcoin if you choose, but I’m not sure how long Bitcoin is going to stay out of mainstream. Japan – accepted at retail locations same as the Yen. Merchants all over the world accepting it including me.
      Yup it is indeed ‘fart money because we can’t see it, we only know it’s there because of a computer blip. Hmmmm. Sounds much like a bank account but no need to pay the banking service charges… Or SWIFT fees when sending a wire…

      Go out and educate yourself on it so you don’t get left in the dust.

      Yes Bitcoin’s Achilles heel is the grid going down. Please tell me how you will access your central banking notes when the grid goes down. After all, it’s just a blip on a computer screen….

  • Who the hell accepts bit coins?

    Theoretically I get it, viscerally I feel it, but how can I trust it? When I see legitimate physical, you can see with your eyeballs, retailers accepting bit coins in exchange for a new Chevrolet for instance, I might overcome my fear of invisible money.

    So what happens when the lights go out an you need to buy something?

    As of yet I’ve not seen serious discussions of risk evaluation of this invisible medium of exchange. Instead all I see are glowing claims of growth.

    Imagine a world without visible money where everyone is dependent upon invisible money and the richest family and the most powerful establishment on earth controls the switch. Yikes!

    I await critical evaluation.

    • I accept Bitcoin for beer, Pizza, boat moorage, sailing charters , SCUBA, and many other things. Yes, you can buy goods on Amazon with BTC by using a company called
      So it’s real and in your face. You can choose to ignore it but it’s not going away unless the entire grid goes down. Then you don’t have access to central banking money either. If we can’t turn a computer on, all money goes away except the very little bit of paper money in circulation. Then we go back to clams. 🙂

  • oh dear is this the global digital currency you’ve been predicting? Also the exchange rate sounds pretty steep!

    • Yes it is. As far as the exchange rate… Yup, the US federal reserve note is really losing ground against the Bitcoin. Luckily BTC can be bought in any amount. So it doesn’t have to ‘break the bank’ ( pun intended) to get involved.

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