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Respected alt financial analyst, Bix Weir from delivers his podcast while covered in sweat from within his greenhouse.

Bix predicts that nothing drastic will happen in the markets next week, while Trump is on his world tour, hitting three of the world’s major religious centers – which also happen to be the most important players in the manipulation of markets (isn’t THAT interesting?): Saudi Arabia, Israel and The Vatican – plus NATO and the 43rd G7 Summit.

Weir does give a warning about cryptocurrencies, saying that these are “Extremely rigged markets” and he gives instructions for how to get your cryptocurrencies onto a “paper wallet”. This is to protect them from being stolen, should there be a cryptocurrency crash, which he believes is imminent, so you can put them back online afterwards, using your unique QR code.

He says cryptocurrencies are very vulnerable to theft during crashes, so he cannot stress the importance of printing out a hard copy of your crypto wallet/s.

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  • “Trump is on his world tour, hitting THREE of the world’s major religious centers.” I know that Palestine is the center of Christianity and that there are billions of Christians and Muslims. This leads me to ask: How many Jews are there in the world to imply that their faith is ‘major’?

    • Well, Christianity and Islam are derived from Judaism but the main factor here is, as Jon commented is financial, not religious.

      I was trying to figure out if there’s a “main” center of either Buddhism or Hinduism, akin to Rome and it doesn’t appear that either of these multifarious Eastern faiths have that same characteristic of financial enmeshment.

      Unless I overlooked something.

  • Virginia, is there anything you can do to put a timer on the “No Crash” or other videos that allows viewers to skip back and replay sections? It’s really too time consuming to have to start from the beginning again many times.

    Your help in this would be much appreciated,

    Thanks for all you are and do.

    • Lilian,

      I’m not exactly sure what you’re requesting but once you click “play”, you can drag the progress bar at the bottom of the player screen, both forward and backward, to any point in the video timeline, which you want to review or else skip forward to the end to see how the piece wraps up, if you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing.

      I hope that answers you question!

  • I may be wrong, but methinks Bix is smokin sumthin out yonder in his grow house.

    Trump isn’t going to tell anybody anything, he’s going with hat in hand.

    The Rothschild central banking cartel controls each and every port of call for Trump.

    Now maybe since Trump is already up to his golden locks in Yiddish investors, that he is fine tuning his fiddle because he gonna have to fiddle fast when he gets back.

    • If he makes 102 more weapons deals like the one with Saudi, we’ll be able to pay back our masters in Basel.

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