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    Here is ReallyGraceful’s educational documentary about the Rothschild Family.


    While the Rothschilds had a hand in the opium and slave trades, the City of London’s central banking system, counterfeit money and the French Revolution – I told y’all, this was going to be an accelerated history – I don’t want y’all to have to sit from your camel backs and slip on a pair of Depends® to watch a single video of mine, so let’s let’s move on to the Rothschild’s funding of American colonies, their role in the American Civil War and the series of events that led to the creation of the big kicker: the Federal Reserve.

    The American Civil War was financed by the House of Rothschild. They backed both sides and throughout this video, you’ll notice this trend: the funding of both sides stirs and finances the hatred for both sides.

    And since war is profit, especially when bankers are the ones who profit from the loans the government takes out. At one point Abraham Lincoln needed more money and the rates he was offered by the New York Bankers were too high, thus he began printing government money.

    Take note, that this money unlike the money issued by the Federal Reserve today collected no interest thus Lincoln managed to work around the Rothschilds. But less than 2 months before the end of the American Civil War, President Lincoln was assassinated.

    You might notice another trend the trend of dying figureheads anytime they go against the money trust or the main belief that the majority of the world’s financial wealth and political power could be controlled by a powerful few.

    Now that we’ve laid out their basic strategy, which is to cause wars or help them out give them a little nudge through some provocation, resulting in maybe a crisis or two, loans are dished-out at exorbitant interest rates on both sides of the wars. Then, when both of those governments can’t repay those debts, the Rothschild Bank calls in the loans and takes possession, installing a central bank.

    In 1913, the same year the Rothschild-funded Anti-Defamation League was founded, the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States was conceived. It is neither federal or owned by the government. The Federal Reserve is privately-owned, which means it generates private wealth. Guess who benefits? Not the American people.

    One year after the creation of the Federal Reserve, World War I began pitting the Allied and Central Powers against each other. Guess who was funding both sides? Again, you guessed it – and the result was the fall of the German, Russian, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires.

    But who cares if there’s money to be made off both of the winning and losing sides? After all, it brings us closer to a One World Government, doesn’t it? “In a One World Government,” means a central global bank.

    In 1917, through the Balfour Declaration, the British government expressed their support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The letter was written to none other than Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild. With the Versailles Treaty of 1919, Britain was entrusted with the temporary administration of Palestine.

    Now, I’m sure you know where I’m going with this: with the Rothschild bankers funding both the Axis and the Allies, the Second World War brought us closer to a One World Government with the establishment of the United Nations.

    But money wasn’t the only thing that the Rothschilds contributed to the Second World War. According to a book by psychoanalyst, Walter Langer, not only was Hitler supported by the Rothschilds, he was a Rothschild! Hitler’s father was the illegitimate son of a girl who was living in Vienna at the time she conceived – and at that time, she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. But as soon as the family discovered her pregnancy, she was sent back home, where Hitler’s father was born.

    With the House of Rothschild claiming to be a Jewish family and the force behind the Zionist movement, their connections to Hitler and the funding of both world wars is curious, especially given that one of the results of World War II was the state of Israel.

    How many lives have been lost in wars funded by bankers? War is profit and if war ceases to continue, the cash flow stops, thus posing a big old problem for those who rely on war for wealth.

    In 1963, even though war was over, the bloodshed hadn’t stopped. On June 4th, President John F Kennedy signed an executive order, which returned to the US Government the power to issue currency, which meant they didn’t have to go through the Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve. Six months later, JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

    In the following decades, central banks continued to pop up across the world, with the European Central Bank set up in 1998 in Frankfurt, the city from which the Rothschild’s banking dynasty began.

    And after 9/11, the United States declared a war we’ve really not been able to get out of: an endless War on Terrorism that the world is frightened into with each seemingly random terrorist attack.

    Hatred and fear fuels each side of the war but only one entity funds both sides, keeping each rival distracted from focusing their attention on whose war this really is.

    Magicians can only enchant Their audience if the audience is unaware of how the trick is executed. If more people knew about how the Shadow Government operated, then maybe we could channel our energy into creating solutions for the future.

    But that’s the thing: We’re too busy paying away our debts, working at jobs we hate so we can spend a little time with the people we love. We can never truly free ourselves without being able to name who rules over us.

    If you have any solutions to our current predicament, I’d love to hear them, as always I look forward to your comments.

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    • JD, I owe you an apology for the 2 comments posted today March 2nd. I miss took your comment being for me, when in fact they were for John at 2:56 p.m. March 1st, that began to read “I see no evidence to support your Jesuit claim” I thought that was in response to me posting the supply list that the Allies gave the Communist. I mistook it because I was looking at the way it was lining up to me, but it was indeed lining up to John& his Jesuit claim, which I missed. Sincerely Sorry, Jayne

    • I very nearly let this opportunity get away witout comment, so here goes.

      The Rothschilds have money management rivals nearly as powerful as they.

      Here are two tutorials for readers use.

      How Private Equity Plundered The American Economy

      How Private Equity Secretly Broke The Economy
      Incidentally KKR used in this videos example so happens to be the PE firm that conned the formerly pleasant City of West Palm Beach into downtown revitalization, and turned it into a hectic suburb of NYC with a shrine to the memory of Henry Kravis in the middle of town called The Kravis (entertianmenrt) Center

      This ole country boy’s summary of a leveraged buy out is…. the buyer borrows the money to buy out their victim, then cleans out the victims bank accounts, transfers the buy out debt to the victims bank account and bankrupts them. There are other creative versions of this, but this is fundamentally what these bandits do and it’s all legal according to the pure and righteous as the new blown snow USG. Which works when the electorate are kept in the dark and fed BS and why I am doing my part to enlighten the electorate on the ways they have been getting screwed for decades and who the rapists are as opportunity provides.

    • Note: United States, President Lincoln lived to see the Surrender of the South, April 9th, 1865, which is the official date given that ended America’s Civil War, with the official signing by General Lee, at Appomattox, Virginia Court House. President Lincoln was shot April 14th, 1865, and died the next morning, April 15th, 1865.
      Transcripts say otherwise.

    • Adolf Hitler was Not a Rothschild. History they fail to write: January 7th, 1939, Reichsbank President, Hjalmar Schacht & 8 other Board members refused extension of 3 billion Reichsmarks, with a letter attached “Full financial control must be returned to the Ministry of Finance” (along with other demands). The Rothschild were planning on collapsing Germany’s economy that Adolf Hitler restored with 100% Gross National Product 1933-1939.
      January 9th, 1939, Hjalmar Schacht was sacked & the Reichsbank was ordered to grant the Reich all credits requested by Hitler. This emasculated the (Rothschilds) Reichsbank control over domestic monetary policy.
      The Reichsbank became an arm of the government, the bills were now monetized/discounted under the State (of Germany) rather than the international bankers. Having departed from the fold of the swindlers of usury, Germany would suffer an unnecessary war.
      Germany fought the Bankers!

      • AMEN JAY!

        We may have to do it as well, but without wisdom will end up like Germany. Because the bankers, since post WWII have diversified, creating hundreds of little Rothschild clones with private equity firms, banks and what have you. We can thank sleepy congress critters for allowing what I call vulture crony capitalism to develope under the rubric of private equity investment firms, the bastard offspring of Goldman Sacs and like ilk.

        • JD, so you go from praise to acting in ignorance again below. Adolf Hitler didn’t get “full of himself,” he was trying to Unite the European people, once again.
          I would suggest going back to the 17th Century in study, when the Bankers were chopping off King & Queens heads, to understand the 20th Century.

      • I think Hitler was a Jesuits puppet (an actor installed by them) instead.
        See the NAZI logo (cross, eagle stuff) + facts such as getting enormous support from American oil gangsters, Ford, GM & Bush?
        Whoever the gangsters are behind, they need to keep creating conflicts in order for them to continuously get profit; therefore, they supply both sides of the coins while cunningly hide themselves behind (just as both White/Black hats are the same side of the coin)

        • John, you’re looking under the wrong rug. I am baffled that people do not recognize that the United States & Britain/Canada supported & allied with Communist Soviet’s.
          The U.S. & England/Canada supply list to Stalin’s Red Terror Bolshevik Army: 5,ooo Tanks, 7,000 fighter Aircrafts, 15 million Red Army boots, 550 Royal Air Force Trained Pilots, 5 Million tons food (while America was under Rationing).
          All carried by 1,400 merchant ships in 78 Convoys, included another 7,500 Tanks, 35,000 Motorcycles, 345,000 Tons of explosives, 105 Submarine Hunters, 197 Torpedo boats, 7,500 Ship Engines.
          Also 132,000 Machine guns, 11,000 Railway wagons & 2,000 Railway Locomotives (used for Gulag deportation for Ethnic Cleansing of Russia, Europe & Slavik Nations.

          • They (the ones behind) don’t really care about the side they supply as long as they get the conflicts going in order for them to continuously get the profit.
            & in order for them to do that, they need puppet from it.
            I used to see from a different point such as Greatest Story Never Told though it doesn’t make sense in the end that a good man lead the nation to a complete ruin.

            • John, your missing the point that the United States & England/Canada ALLIED themselves with a COMMUNIST Nation!
              Adolf Hitler did Not lead Germany into ruin, that was done by War Crimes by the Royal Air Force & the United States Air Force. The city of Dresden was incinerated February 13-15, 1945, mostly women & children, 400,000. Hamburg 100,000. The list goes on, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Darmstadt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Wurzburg. There is No “Statue of Limitations” for “War Crimes”.

        • John, I know of no evidence to support your Jesuit claim, but I don’t know everything and am open and teachable. If you know something, then please share it. As for the rest it’s pretty well known that rich men trade with the enemy.

          We also need to remind ourselves that the German National Socialist Party found favor in Great Brittan and in the Americas in the beginning, and that GB & Germany were economic rival nations. In spite of what Germany’s neighbor states like France did to her following the cessation of hostiities of WWI, Germany roared back under Hitler, following the League of Nations strangle hold upon German necks. Hitler was loved by Germans as their liberator and admired by Americans, until Hitler got too full of himself and left heed of his better senses.

          I have for many years recommened people study European history, expecially from the middle 19th century forward, if they expect to understand 21st century politics. Few if any have taken that advice to heart because its work and they love recreation more that they love wisdom.

    • Likely won’t be able to do anything much about getting rid of this old Jesuit puppet though some suggests to just focus on creating something new, or a new system that draws crowds away from it.
      F them all, let them dig down their own grave hole while we focus on doing something better (generally speaking)

    • The severely inbred opportunistic assholes who couldn’t find a single place on earth that allowed these parasites to persist recently got to send off back to hell the bloody patriarchal POS lord jacob . Recent events which include losing the family fortune that was stolen from us over the centuries and the heavenly light filling our solar system from the central sun it all must have been too stressful for his little black heart to take . History will place the families belonging to satan below in a mostly negative light we rejoice at the prospect of our new found freedom and wonder how many stakes did it take to bring them all down .

    • I hope that he and his line are nice and warm in the afterlife. It is a pity that we are unable to “warm them up” on earth immediately before they leave this life.

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