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Tucker Carlson has arrived in Russia and rumor has it that he’s been successful in obtaining an interview with President Putin.

Sputnik News took to the streets to ask people what they think about Tucker Carlson and about his visit to Moscow.

I’m struck by how cultivated and articulate and lovely these everyday Muscovites are, compared to most Westerners, who are so under attack and don’t know what planet they’re on, anymore.

We are now having the incredible experience of seeing the roles of the US and Russia reversed. Today, it is the Americans who are censored and led by complete tyranny and who are completely psyopped out of their minds and it is the Russians who are not subject to a government at war with its own people and which, contrary to the unicorn philosophy of the US, it fosters views more grounded in reality.

I feel like the world is hatching out of an egg.

During a few years in the mid-1970s, my stepfather spent two weeks out of every month in Moscow, trying to put together business deals with US corporations, like Sheraton Hotels and the Franklin Mint. The latter was to make the medals for the 1980 Summer Olympics – which 66 nations later boycotted, at the behest of the US, because of the Soviet-Afghan War.

The main PSYOP of that era was that a nuclear war between our two countries was imminent and it could happen at any minute. Maybe it’s because I was a kid, but it seemed that tensions were even worse back in the ’70s and ’80s than they are today, even with the perverse, blood-soaked depredations now happening in Ukraine – and even with everybody talking about how Biden has now brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

My stepdad would tell us about how dire life was for Russians living under Leonid Brezhnev’s Soviet Union. People stood in endless lines waiting for their paltry food rations. All the restaurants were simply called “Restaurant” or “Ресторан” in Cyrillic and they were owned by the state – like everything else in the Soviet Union. The food was a terrifying slop, a pure expression of Communism.

By contrast, in the West today, everything is owned by BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street – which all own each other, so it’s almost a Soviet system, all over again – which is also why they want us to ‘Eat ze bugz’, because the Banksters have always been Communist – and Communists love their Holodomors.

The scales are falling off our eyes.

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  • Anyone interested in reading about the Rockefeller family long history as Philanthropist/Entrepreneur’s : American Experience, Biography of John D. Rockefeller Senior. & The New York Times, David Rockefeller, Philanthropist & Head of Chase Manhattan Bank Dies at 101. (article brings out it wasn’t till 1946 when his banking career began, besides the family never owned more than 5% of shares). Rockefeller Senior had a monopoly on oil refinery yes, but 1. there were no laws passed yet, two he was a very sufficient hard worker.

  • Of course, they like the ones that don’t speak against their country (not concerning if the one is speaking full or a half truth).
    And Sputnik, just like any other MSM, is selective on opinions, especially not to offend the president.
    It’s no conspiracy that once you speak against the authority there, you’ll be in big problem, and they are good about monitoring people; many fled the country due to on going war as well.

  • When the Russian’s Stop celebrating their defeat on Germany, is when we will know the Russians too have woken up.
    Stalin secret Communist takeover of Europe set for July 10th, 1941, while Germany & eight other Nations secret attack to stop it June 22nd, 1941.
    Why does Russia celebrate their Bolshevik Communist takeover….Why do they dishonor the Romanov Dynasty (1613-1917). They know not their own roots….
    In 1861 Tsar Alexander II abolished Serfdom, which affected 30% of the population. By 1914 little land remained in the possession of the Nobility, 80% of the arable land was in the hands of the peasants, which had been ceded to them for small sums. In 1906 the Stolypin Act passed, peasants could obtain Land Title with hereditary rights. By 1913 two million families had availed themselves of this. By 1912 Russia had the lowest levels of taxation in the world because they had their own State Bank, with interest almost at zero. There was no inflation & no unemployment. Agriculture was not their only production, they had industrial output as well as Mining.
    By 1917 the Rothschild feared the replication of these examples of freedom & prosperity. The Rothschild instigated & financed the Red Terror Bolshevik Revolution that destroyed a beautiful Country & led to the deaths of 60 million innocent people, including Tsar Nicolas II & his family.

    • Jay, thanks for the history lesson!

      I would add that the Rockefeller’s were right in there with the rest of the central bankers who stole the newly formed Russian republic and renamed it a Bolshevik revolution. Lennon who had been simmering on hold in Switzerland about the same time Cyrus I Scofield arrived there to clone his version of Darby’s commentary Bible. I think the central bankers knew what they were doing to capture America as well as Russia in a twofer one scoop. It was brilliant and diabolical. Rockefeller’s had busied themselves corrupting such old Baptist universities as Brown U. would soon have a customized Bible with which to corrupt the nation’s fundamentalists. Does anyone know today anything about history? I’m inclined to think not. We can thank a school teacher for that.

      Old JD Rockefeller was the product of a public scoundrel father and a fundamentalist Baptist mother. Little wonder old JD was a tricky “Christian”, and JD Jr was another cunning renegade Baptist who jumped ship under the influence of his wife who was the daughter of NY Senator Nelson who threw the nation under the central bankers bus.

      It’s all a rich man’s trick, pray for deliverance and healing.

      • JD, your babbling on about things you know not. I judge a man by his works. I see the things he builds. I look with awe of the preservation of his love for his Culture & Traditions. I see his works within his son, John D. Rockerfeller Jr. & the risk that he took to continue to build The Rockerfeller Plaza when other investors pulled out after the stock market crashed. John D. Jr. found himself with a 99 year lease at $3 million loss per year on a run down property. It was his vision & family values that inspired him to create this timeless piece of architecture dominating the heart of New York City. Over 100 pieces of European Cultural artwork on the 22 acre complex with lush gardens & the historical ice skating rink where the annual Christmas tree is erected. The center is the world’s largest indoor/outdoor museum, meant to inspire the viewer with work ethics, idealism & religion. In 1988 Rockerfeller Center was declared a National Historical Landmark. This is what innovators do.
        The University of Chicago opened in 1892 under the auspices of the American Baptist Education Society. Baptist oil magnet John D. Rockerfeller provided the initial funding for the nonsectarian, coeducational institution. Rockerfeller & William Rainy Harper, the first president of the university hoped the school would be a force for Christian moralism in the Midwest, at the same time it developed & promoted modern scientific research. Retail merchant Marshall Field donated 10 acres in Hyde Park for campus & later sold additional lands as the university expanded. These are the type of things entrepreneur’s do.
        Acadia National Park greatest benefactor, John D. Rockerfeller Jr. donated 11,000 acres & built a network of broken stone roads that meander throughout the eastern part of Mount Desert Island. Perfect for quiet strolls throughout woodland & along streams & ponds. 45 miles of carriage roads crossing 16 picturesque stone bridges, each custom designed for its particular location, all financed by Rockerfeller. This is what philanthropist do. These sites were built for all of us, go take a vacation to a site, you sound like you need one. Sincerely Jayne

        • Jay, I respectfully reject your views on the Rockefeller’s.

          Even the worst of people do some good things. I’m not going to engage in the spiteful spitting contest which you are attempting to gin up.

          May i suggest you consider what I wrote earlier regarding your attitude. If you can’t disagree civilly and respectfully please keep your opinions to yourself. It’s my sincere desire to be at peace with all as much as possible. I realize some do have a lot of repressed pain and anger that is bound to be triggered by something to which they take offense and they immediately allow their pent up anger to prompt them to attack people personally. This is not the appropriate venue for that childishness and that negativity actually hurts your cause which by now in my mind is in question.

          Jay, your opinion is important, but its not as an oracle from on high any more than mine. It’s just an opinion! You laid claim earlier to being a messenger sent to me. By whom did you think that was? A human oracle of something more? Make up your mind to rise above natural urges, stop hating people, control your rage. Make up your mind to love everyone including your perceived enemies, because they like you, want the same peace and safety as do you. They may be mistaken about the way to get it, but its not helpful to throw down the gauntlet at the drop of the hat and lash out with hurtful words.

          Life is not easy for most of us. let’s not make it more difficult to bear. Whatever we are in, we are in it together.

          I appreciate your zeal and your studiousness, but your opinion is not the last word on matters of mutual concern.

          May God’s peace be upon you and yours.

          • I was civil. Those were serious accusations about David Rockefeller Sr. & the Bolshevik in Russia. If you don’t like entrepreneurs then don’t use their inventions, no matter what it is.
            Do Not project your hate/rage/ anger to make it look like it is me. I also am not the one making false claims of Chinese at the border.

    • Thank you for getting all the relevant points into one small paragraph. More people need to become aware of these simple facts and truths. All the trouble in the world is coming from a small group of mentally ill people but what they rely on most is our gullibility. Without it, they can do nothing – and our gullibility is in OUR domain! and we can change it ……..
      I’ve copied what you wrote and I’m going to use it to help wake people I know up and inspire them …… Thank you!

  • It is wonderful to hear from regular people in Russia. The saddest thing is that I was unable to share this on Facebook in Canada due to our current censorship situation. Censorship is truly the tool of tyrants.

  • Edgar Cayce said that Russia would become the light of the world. Considering he lived in the time of the gulags and Stalin’s reign of terror it’s a remarkable statement. I cannot think of any country that has suffered more in the last 100 years. Listen to this beautiful song and sung by the incomparable Annie Haslem.

    • How could this “light” go with darkness (C19 scam)?
      I do not think that Russia would become either light or dark, but it would just go along with its own agenda (just like most other countries).
      But people hype up too much (especially with right wing crowd mostly because Putin went along with Trump for short period of time) due to Russia being a powerful country with large territory.
      That being said, there was time I wished that there was such a thing as a true light.

  • Very impressive bunch of street responses. Doubt very much if North Americans could be as eloquent or knowledgable about the real state of affairs in “big bad Russia”.

    I hope Tucker doesn’t put his foot in his mouth. After seeing these people talk, I’m not sure what he would have to gain by saying anything at all. What could he gain that would equal such an already exalted popular opinion? What would he tell them that they didn’t already know?

    Of course, we are probably hoping that he is there to listen, not to talk. It is a great opportunity to finally gain insight into our “enemy”, right?

  • In the fifties Americans were supposed to hate Russians, and I being bereft of a sturdy moral rudder hated them because peer pressure expected me to. You know about small talk, chit chat and all, hatred conversation laced into the name Russian.

    But, with much study, experience and maturity, I found out most of what we were told were lies. Worse, I came to see that prior to WWII we were supposed to love Russians, Uncle Joe Stalin was a great liberator of the oppressed Russian people. Well, what happened?

    It’s absolutely traceable to that Jewish dreamer lout son of a Rabbi, a self appointed savior of mankind who wasted his life imagining a perfect “utopian” world for Jews first, then for Gentiles, by the name of Karl Marx. Marxian history is profusely recorded and mostly fiction, but the real deal is there for honest seekers of the truth. It is impossible to more fully discuss it here, but in a nutshell one could describe it like “you will own nothing and you will be happy”, and if you refuse our generous offer, you and your kind will be exterminated, very slowly on a reservation of some sort. Sound familiar?

    Keep in mind here Marx was a German, not a Russian. Marx’s Utopia was imposed upon Russians by politically inclined corporations in Germany, Italy, France, England and America. Marxism was not home grown in Russia! The problem with it has always been its use of subversion to corrupt existing governments and top down rule in a strong arm collectivist political structure. Now there is much to be desired in a voluntary collective, and much to be feared in an involuntary collective in which people are thrust into against their will and kept there by force of arms. That’s what the west did to Russia following WWI!

    The west kept Communist Russia propped up throughout the period until the time was ripe to pull out the props.

    So why are we supposed to hate Russians again? I think the answer is obvious. Look around and you will see it. Russians are a lot like us, only less complicated and less confused. Their leaders are still trying to free themselves from the curse of Marx while our leaders are doing the opposite and that may have a lot to do with why were are now expected to hate Russians again.

    • Not all roads lead to Germany. Karl Marx was born in the Rhineland Region under French rule. Both parents came from Jewish Rabbinical lineages.
      In 1842 he embarked in a career as a radical journalist in the Rheinische Zeitung, until the paper was closed by Prussian authorities April 1843.
      As an adult writer he had to live outside of Germany in order to write & associate as he wished. But Marx found himself expelled from France & London as well.

  • Obviously, the Russians appreciate the honesty of Tucker Carlson. Perhaps soon the Russian Federation will be deemed the “Land of the Free” and the USA will be renamed “communist USSR”!

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