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RT produced this report about a hacking competition for children, where it was revealed that subverting America’s election infrastructure doesn’t take the likes of a Kremlin über-hacker, like “Fancy Bear” – it turns out that 11-year-olds can do it.

The children’s contest was held at the Defcon Hackers’ Conference in Las Vegas over the past weekend, where an 11-year-old boy named Emmett Brewer took less than 10 minutes to hack into a replica of Florida’s election website and change election results. An 11-year-old girl named Audrey shown here succeeded in doing the same in 15 minutes.

The thumbnail I used for this post comes from CrowdStrike, the Eric Schmidt-linked company hired by the FBI to investigate the DNC data breach, after their emails were published by WikiLeaks in 2016. CrowdStrike wrote a cute report about how “the nation-state adversary group known as FANCY BEAR,” was responsible for the “hack”. As of yet, no law enforcement has been permitted to directly investigate this crime, so central to the impeachment campaign against the US President.

This video is cute but the matter of election fraud and the vulnerability of US voting systems is deadly serious – and much more so than I had imagined prior to watching this 3-minute piece and reading this article.

Over the past 20 years, electronic voting machines have increasingly become the norm in US voting districts, the same period during which ownership of the various competing manufacturers, Smartmatic, Sequoia, Diebold, ES&S, Dominion and Hart InterCivic has come under the control of the same group of financiers. These platforms are now also networked to the same software engine. You can read all about how Crown agents, Lord Mark Malloch Brown and Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie brag about their ability to “bend” elections, while protected by the Queen here.

With the de-platforming and almost-complete un-personing of Alex Jones and with so many YouTubers using cats in their imagery to stump YouTube’s machine censors, the world has begun to feel like a bizarre dystopian novel with a villain named Fancy Bear.

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  • Voting gives us slaves the idea that we have control, as we choose from one offering or the other. Only candidates that are acceptable to TPTB are chosen by TPTB for the running. Write-in a candidate, go ahead, do your civic duty, or walk away as i have done.


    • I have not voted in a long time for that very reason that it’s all rigged. Paper ballots would change that back to where it should be.

  • Yes. Well the Queen’s chosen cliven of Soros/Rothschild is much more motivated to do such hacking. Meanwhile they have the CIA and Mossad at their disposal to make it look like a Russian hack to set up the pretext to WW3, their ultimate desired set up being the attack of our election system.

    The Vault 7 files show how easily they can make it look like it was a Russian hack; ala DNC hack.

    Rothschild and Elizabeth will stop at nothing. They will not allow nationalism to take root beyond these 4 years. Failed missile launches purportedly with AF1 in its sites should tell us all something very, very scary.

    Election system be damned, we are not in charge of our country, nor have we been for a very long time.

    Want to start a war with these bastards? It’s not a bad strategy do it:

    1) elect a nationalist with ties to Rockefeller instituting nationalist, elitist captialism; aka fascism
    2) tear down the globalist machine within our borders by:
    a) reinvigorating ICE and our borders
    b) building a border fence
    c) defy NATO and threaten to withdraw
    d) publish the JFK assassination records
    e) go after their cherished deep state agencies
    f) make peace with N Korea, Cuba and Iran – you watch this
    g) bring back money offshore with significant tax cuts and incentives
    h) cease assets of the FED and install a dollar system based on gold

    How far along are we?

    • oh yeah, I forgot

      i) destabilize international markets through sanctions regime, dollar devaluation and walking away from trade treaties.

      j) Bankrupt China with significant trade barriers and refuse to pay back our debt. Rothchild’s China will fall if Trump is successful.


  • Just because an 11 year child CAN Hack into the system doesn’t mean they ARE the ones Doing it.
    So this whole point is mute and has no meaning, because ALL “Governments” are actually working for Their “Mother” Corporation (Vatican) in hopes to bring in the so-called “New World Order” via the so-called BRICS alliance.

    • I think the Vatican dreams of taking over Russian Orthodox Churches and other Orthodox beliefs they put lots of energy in destroying all over the world.

      I think the faction of power brokers are more diverse then pointing to one Ghoul.

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