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    Jimi Brent from Inside the Matrix at the KCOR Network in Las Vegas just had me on his show to talk about my life and times, starting as a creator of “Yo! MTV Raps” to directing Hip Hop videos, to writing books on the Philadelphia Experiment, time travel, UFOs, the Fatima apparitions, spirituality and pop culture to publishing ForbiddenKnowledgeTV – and now dealing with Google censorship.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • From what you say about your finances and family situation it sounds like you are going through what Catherine Austin Fitts calls a “beatdown”. This is a really useful term and CAF has much to say on how to survive one and thrive afterwards. Maybe an interview would be a good idea? It would be useful info for all of us.
      You do great work. You are appreciated. You are one of the cornerstones of the alternative media. Keep going! Please remember how much you’re respected by us in your audience and many other people out there.

      This was a great interview btw. I loved that term the host used for some of the people in government – “demon-encrusted.” It made me laugh anyway 🙂

    • I Thoroughly appreciate this interview which I followed all the way through. My heart goes out to Alexandra for her commitment to unraveling these evil agendas and revealing truth to us. Amazing enough is that I find all my friends also have this silence or ill response to me when I extend what I learn from FKTV, to them. They are all so stubbornly sold on main stream media mind control. Really, I am amazed because I want to think my friends are smart but not…they are what I call Sheeple!
      One only needs to be honest about human nature to realise that it is blatantly obvious that we are going to be controlled by those who can and have the tools to do that but ironically, they only succeed because we allow them to have this success!!!

    • We live in an OIL matrix. Everything in our existance is connected and as a result of OIL. Yes, petroleum. The basis ofour eistance has become OIL.You cannot name me one thing in your life that is not connected to OIL. Cannot be done…..impossible.

    • Love and admire you Alexandra. My heartfelt prayers for your success and well being. There will come a day that all your courageous adherence to truth and rightness will receive its due reward. Crypto currency seems to be crucial at this time. It will either solve the “money” problem and control aspect or make things much worse. The money power must be taken out of their hands and decentralized and financial privacy be restored. This is key to individual sovereignty.

    • Try not to be too fed up with friends and family who don’t get it right now. It takes time to absorb this info, also I think it’s a lot harder for some than others. And some people have really weird reactions. I left Paul Hellyer’s book Money Mafia out for people to read at my workplace. And someone took it and dipped it in oil, they actually went to the trouble of covering it in vegetable oil so all the pages went transparent. Then they put it back in the place where I’d left it! I don’t care though I really feel I’ve been waiting for this information all my life! I’m happy that I’ve discovered it. I can’t thank you enough :)))

    • Here’s the reason behind what “Google” has done to you and all others. If you still believe that Tavistock is conspiracy theory. It is verified FACT. And they have deplatformed all alternative voices on Youtube and elsewhere online.

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