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Aerospace draftsman and military historian Michael Schratt at the 2011 International UFO Congress gives a virtual walk-through of the Black Budget underground facility in the most secretive section of the Area 51 base near Tonopah, Nevada known as S4, under the airspace designated as R-4808N.

The blueprints, recreated in auto cad and in 3D digital drawings are based on the testimony of Dr. Dan Burisch, a microbiologist who claims to have received a “Q” clearance and to have worked at Area 51 under the direction of the Naval Research Laboratory and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Schratt’s talk covers the facility, which includes four underground floors:

Level 4-1: Nine hangar bays, ET/Alien craft, Roswell craft, propulsion research laboratory, files department, cafeteria

Level 4-2: “Project Sidekick”, weapons R&D, “Looking Glass” device, Stargates & Einstein-Rosen Bridges, “doctrine of convergent timeline paradox”

Level 4-3: MJ-12 residential suites, board room, culture department, analysis department

Level 4-4: weighing pads, biocontainment labs, decontamination procedure

Level 4-5: Clean Sphere, scissor lift, lighting iris – aperture, “kick plates” air-lock, TES (Totally Enclosed Suit)

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  • i hope we do not become them a thousand or more years from now.
    my hope is ascension from a spirtual and consciousness level via pinal gland activation.
    Suzanna Marie Emmanuel talks of this.

  • More interesting science fiction even adding a geeky made in North Korea business suit to make the geeky actor more believable. Wonder if they used a Hollywood studio for some of it.

  • Thanks for the memories. One detail that never came out before this, to my knowledge. The J-Rod ET was dark brown. This is very interesting info for me.

    • It’s key to note, but not said here, that the J-Rod is a future representative from Earth’s current breakaway civilization. In earlier releases of Dan Burisch’s videos he noted that there were two J-Rods from different timelines. One J-45 and one J-52, as I remember, representing. 45K and 52K years into the future. In both cases TPTsB of each timeline were seeking a genetic fix for their dying population in order to prop up and continue the civilization, if one could call it such. The civilization images transferred to Burisch during the fall he took inside the bubble were horrifying. There was no joy or happiness, little free will was left. Makes sense to me. It seems the natural route of becoming when fascists are allowed to rule you and you comply. Apparently, these technological off-shoots of humanity could still reproduce (found that odd) and in this the J-Rod’s single, small happiness in the dank, colorless, horribly sad world to which he’d been accustom was a son. He wanted to go home so he could see the child before the genetic deformities he carried could kill him. Whether any of this is true is unknown. However, the detail laid out in this talk supports the story better than most.

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