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    42-year ufology veteran Grant Cameron gives an excellent analysis of Tom DeLonge’s pitch for his new media venture, the To the Stars Academy and its heavy-hitting military-intelligence advisors.

    Cameron says that this basically amounts to a gradual disclosure operation. DeLonge, who has a Facebook following of 500,000, a net worth of $80 million and an ego to match is being used to acclimate a new generation to the UFO phenomenon, similarly to how Bill Moore and Stephen Greer have been used in the past. Cameron believes the venture will not actually deliver what’s being promised. If the Pentagon and the CIA really wanted to disclose everything, they wouldn’t need Tom DeLonge to do it.

    It gets curiouser. Cameron says that Chris Mellon, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, who in the To the Stars presentation describes an event where a UFO buzzed the supercarrier USS Nimitz had six months previously denied to a reporter that the US government knew anything or was withholding any information about UFOs.

    Cameron notes that the team behind DeLonge are military and he doesn’t know if this venture might not be flipped into a new way to sell a war and increase the defense budget. DeLonge is a firm believer in “Evil Aliens” and has publicly said that he wants to “kill all the aliens,” which is troubling.

    Cameron describes UFO experiencers and ufologists as being an oppressed social group, akin to ethnic minorities and the LGBT community and that, in the same way that the experience of these groups have been slowly acknowledged and mainstreamed, so too will an acknowledgement of UFO phenomena.

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    • I purchased Delonge’s book thinking I would catch-up on the new generation’s thoughts about ETs/UFOs through him as he touted to be a major representative of such. What a load of low-level crap. I read about ten pages of the tome and tossed it out. The book was expensive, too. Fictionalized facts were mixed with mounds of mis-information that clearly sought to influence a new generation with the promise of “Disclosure”–a buzz word that’s thrown around but carries no real or clear meaning for most of them. IMO, he’s a fraud. Worse? I think he’s fully aware of his handlers’ mandate and completely involved in being so.

    • Ever since religions appeared, the controle over people happened.
      Controling is a religion.
      Belieiving must be the case.
      Feeling is forbidden.

    • Well, it seems the government has not given up on programing the “people” just yet. Just one thing, if the “E T’s” wanted us gone from this planet, we would have been gone long ago, with their advanced technology, (able to go to other star systems) . I agree with Grant Cameron, the next big war, will be in space, but, there will be no winner.

    • Though I have no clue on Cameron, thanks for the counter point to DeLonge…upon reflection of that presentation, the teleprompter, the syntax and lexicon, the rote, stiff verbalizing left me feeling a bit like being in a vacuum of, well, ummm, reality?

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