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    The following report is from Doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea’s recent article entitled, “Hydrogel Platform Enables Versatile Data Encryption And Decryption”

    The building blocks of Hydrogels are being found in the COVID vaccine, and Hydrogels are being found in the blood of both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. They are the so-called blood clots that are being found around the world. And these Hydrogels can now be programmed, encrypted and decrypted. According to Mihalcea, they are the substrate of the brain computer interface and the primary method of fusing humans with machines as she described by referencing MIT research in the article, “Hydrogel Interfaces for Merging Humans and Machines”

    Elements which Mihalcea and Clifford Carnicom found with Near Infrared spectroscopy in the blood of the unvaccinated exposed to shedding and environmental contamination include hydrogel plastics such as polyenes, vinyl, nylon, kevlar, and spider silk proteins. As well as other nanotechnology signatures such as silicone and sulfur. This technology hijacks methyl groups, which are needed to detoxify and create Glutathione in the body. Hydrogels used for the encrypted programmable technology include polyvinyl alcohol and polycaprolacton. Both of these Hydrogels are listed as stealth nanoparticles in the Moderna patent for lipid nanoparticle composition. This suggests that not only those who received the shot have this hydrogel encryption technology in their bodies, but also those who have experienced shedding and environmental contamination. Which is just about everyone.

    These hydrogels are known to be programmable and encrypted. This technology can behave as brain storage. It can store memories and visual information in an individual’s brain. And it can be chemical-induced to be securely encrypted and decrypted allowing for the secure recording and storage of confidential visual information. This provides a platform for secure financial transactions, which is a requirement for a digital ID.

    MIT researchers have discussed how this very same technology can be used to fuse humans with machines. And while they’ve had problems working it out in the past, a recent paper has announced they’ve found success using the very same elements found in both the blood of the vaccinated and unvaccinated by Mihalcea and Carnicom.

    In a lecture by Professor Sakhrat Khizroev at the University of Miami, it is discussed how advanced materials can be used for interfacing machines and the human brain. He references a research project funded by DARPA wherein magnetic nanoparticles are key to this technology. Mihalcea has published research that shows how the COVID shots alter torsion fields in the body and produce magnetism. A review by the Rand Corporation, “Brain Computer Interfaces: US Military Applications and Implications” discusses the convergence of human with machine.

    In an interview with Big Pharma whistleblower, Karen Kingston, Kingston discusses this self assembly nanotechnology and how the spike protein is an engineered device, triggered by electromagnetic frequency, and how the Quantum Dots are gene editing technology. This nanotechnology appears to be distributed via Chemtrails, the food and water supply, medications, and in all of the scheduled vaccines for children. It has been found by multiple scientists in the blood of both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. And the fact that this widespread technology is being ignored while the topic of mRNA is being pushed into the mainstream, is of great concern.

    Mihalcea has shown that the new protocols being sold to the public as a way of reversing the negative effects of the COVID shots, have no effect on these Hydrogels. And it would seem that well over a billion people are infected with them.

    While many are talking about an archaic implanted computer chip, it seems that the latest breakthrough technology has already been deployed without anyone’s consent.

    The situation almost seems hopeless, but where there is a will there is a way. And now is not the time to hide our head in the sand. The human body is miraculous and our potential is endless. The more people addressing this dire situation, the better chances we have of finding a remedy.

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    • Can these idiots make up there minds, First they said there was poison in the vaccine, then nano particles in the vaccine, then this and that in the vaccine. I’m beginning the think they are making up stuff to fear monger or use as propaganda. I don’t know how many articles I have read about this stupid vaccine coming up with different stuff in it. It has this, it has that in the vaccine. I don’t believe anything they say. It sounds more to me of misinformation and disinformation and a lot of gaslighting. They come out with different articles every month in what’s in the vaccine. I don’t believe nothing they say. Stop lying to the people.

    • Hi Go2Mark,

      You Asked IF This Was The Mixing OF Clay and Iron,

      I Have 3 Videos each a Separate Link and 1 Article that will Put It All In Perspective of How and Why IF You’re Actually Aware and Really Awake To What’s Going On , You Will Understand and Learn from these links.

      A 30 minutes video made in 2003 / 2005 roughly and reposted a few years later,
      This goes into Detail , Very Good Information , Video.
      Oh The Technology that is spoken of in the video is from 20 years ago , and still Futuristic by many many years , Now imagine how this technology in the video has increased over 20 years.

      This article is Mentioned in The Above video , article was written in 2015 , But reposted in 2018 ,
      I looked and searched for this article after watching the above video.
      By finding this article from the video I tend to believe the Video is True.

      This Six minutes video , Easily and clearly Explains the How And Why
      Very Good Video.

      IF you Love Details like I Do ,
      Then you’ll enjoy this Hours and 40 minutes video That is Very Similar to the 6 minutes video except it gives more information.

      Vaccines and 5g and Digital are covered let’s just say without giving away to much,
      Anyway I highly recommend it.

      This article Will Help in Understanding , and & know I’m going to say trust me it’s good , and back in the day , I grew up in a time period ya didn’t trust people who said trust me, but anyway
      Cellphone Towers Are Actually Sound Control Towers , article clearly and Easily Explains it.

      Look up Magneto Vaccines

      This two words someone texted me couple years ago,
      I stumbled onto Dr Pierre Gilbert Lecture In 1995,
      At the 1995 Lecture Dr. Pierre Gilbert Talked about Nano Lipid Crystals in Vaccines , which perfectly Fits Today’s mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines.
      Dr Pierre Gilbert also said during this 1995 Lecture
      It’s Not A Conspiracy Theroy ! ! !
      Then at this Lecture in 1995 Dr. Pierre Gilbert said:
      Think ! ! ! It was Already Done In Rawanda In 1994. ,
      So after reading about Dr. Pierre Gilbert Lecture in 1995 ,
      I Googled: 1984 Rawanda Magneto Vaccines

      I came across an article about Operation Crimson Must ,

      8 Then Googled : Operation Crimson Must

      And came up with an even better article, that rea5 put things in perspective ,

      Operation Crimson Must Happened in Rawanda in 1994 ,
      And Again In Iraqi In 2003

      This article just basically covers the computer aspect and / control that the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine are about / Do.

      This is Good article with Highlighted links in article for extra information.
      Worth reading and Knowing,
      Covers F U N N V A X X

      Ya might as well Read This and get a good. History Lesson when in the 1980s Things Kicked into High Gear When Money Funded to These Projects Really Grew.

      In the above article Pay Attention to and
      Read about Milton J Rosenau Flu Study in 1919 ,

      UF you subscribe to the Expose website watch out for one of the writer’s by name if Rhoda ,
      She believes There’s a virus in the vaccine. ,
      She is censors good comments Proving That’s Fales.
      The writer Patricia is good , she doesn’t censors comments.
      What I’m trying since I never talked to you , I have zero clue as to how awake you are ,
      Rhoda posts contradicting articles sometimes , just be in your toes and learn to decipher Truth from lues and Fraud.

      Dr. Stephen Lanka Proved The Lies and Fraud of Viruses.

      But He Doesn’t explain HIV / Aids Lies and good ,
      Look up Dr. Robert Wilner HIV AIDS
      Dr Robert Wilner Explains HIV AIDS Lies and Fraud The BEST ! ! !

      When You UnderStand The Lies and Fraud of HIV AIDS ,
      Then You WILL Understand The Lies and Fraud of COVID-19….

      Read This , and Notice at Top of article the date
      January something 2920 , I currently forget day ,
      Jin Rapport has been exposing Lues and Fraud of Pandemics Since The 1980s,
      Good article.

      Ya might as well Read This article and then UF your a doubting Thomas or just curious , either way it would be a good idea to check out the PDF format link in the article that is mentioned,
      It says it highlighted on page 20 or page 22 highlited in Yellow the COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated Become The Property OF The Vaccine Holder ..

      Not sure if I get a notification if you write back Go2Mark,

      In my opinion The COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Are Not Shredding ,
      My opinion It’s Fear Porn to get the unvaccinated to cave , give and say ok to a vaccine ,

      My own Mother told me in 1975 at age 9 years old She would Kill Me and Then Disown Ne ,
      IF I Ever Got A Vaccine.
      I listened to my mom…
      But she was stuck on stupid about Teflon Cookware, she couldn’t Wrap her head around Teflon Cookware bad for ya ,
      Forbidden Knowledge website category section look up forget what Category but some articles in dangers if Teflon on this Forbidden Knowledge website by Alexandra Bruce ,

      oh and there are many More in that category section that are very much worth reading ,

      Stay away from Flouride,
      Read up in the old articles on this website forbidden Knowledge about Flouride in the categories section.

      The Stage is Being Set ,
      We can slow it down , or stall it , But 1 day The Stage will be up and running.

      Alice Bailey wrote 10 Points in The 1920s ,
      Alice Bailey ‘s mentor was Madam Blastky,
      Madam Blastky admitted To Public Her Hero Is The The Devil Lucifer.

      The United Nations Adopted Alice Bailey’s 10 Points in The 1940s,
      Number 10 is Get The Pope and ALL of The Public To Agree To The Other 9 Points ! ! !
      Think About That.

      This website is Written By A Good Man.
      IF You Love Truth , you will be glad to have this.

      Watch The 57 minutes video and Really Learn What’s Going On.

      Hopefully you take the time to really read and check this things out.

      I got plenty , but something is stop and I will check to see if Respond wanting more information, I realize life us short and prescious it Does Me No Good Nit To Share This Stuff.


    • Hey, no problem. I’m sure the White Hats and Jan Halpern are on the case if they’re not too busy doing nothing.

    • I can’t wait to meet Karen Kingston and tell her about the letter I sent when she was in Mexico being poisoned for speaking against the plan. She was only being ” spanked” . She doesn’t understand, she didn’t grow up knowing she was worthless unless she follows orders, so it surprised her when she got poisoned. That is a very typical warning for a woman from them. The funny thing is, only cowardly, females use poison. A real man would just come up and kill you. But they like all that queer, incestuous, Egyptian and Roman religions and decadence respectively. So that’s why we’re seeing men use poison. So queer and pathetic.

      Nothing new under the sun

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    • When we connect the “dots”, this stuff indeed looks possible.
      But do they really know that what they are looking at is what they think it is???
      How about connection with crystal shape and structured water?
      It is proven that water changes its shape due to frequency; so is it possible that the structure was made due to some frequencies around?
      How do they know that the crystals appear due to the stuff they put in jabs, foods, water, through geo engineering and others?
      I’ve seen Zee talking on this topic with another guy, and another guy was saying like it’s easy, just get microscope and look at it.
      I’m like Okay, you give me that money then I’ll purchase one… but wait, I still need additional fund so I can call upon trustworthy doctors (however, not with controlled oppositions out of Freedom Movement such as Robert Malone, Del Bigtree and their proxies) in order to actually know what the hell I am looking at.
      It’s not that simple as just jumping into conclusion.
      Therefore, even though I keep the door open, I haven’t been convinced yet.

      • John, listen to Rand Paul here, he clearly ID’d Fauci, indicted him, sent the indictment papers to the US Justice Department for prosecution and the AG has done nothing.

        Why? Easy, in addition to being a useful, bitter Russiaphobe, AG Merrick Garland is just one of many private club members in the AG office. The Biden admx has nearly sixty of these same club members in it. Paul has provided us with the crumbs to the cookie jar. But how many are bright enough to pick up on them? We will soon see…. maybe.

        Don’t discount the fear factor. This same club pays the freight for both the news and political campaigns. If you will go back and review the past four presidential administrations and analyze their cultural make up you are in for a shock.

        • You can clearly see Rand Paul going along with the ridiculous Wuhan bat virus narrative, and continues on spreading fear among non-existent virus.
          Therefore, I view all of them, including with Rand Paul, as a part of the corrupt show-making club.
          While RottenChild took total control over banks, its puppet Rockhead took total control over medicines; and the puppets within their realm, only plays their game; however, not to break it (or else it ends up like case of Lincoln and Kennedy).
          And their realm is unto bottomless put, a total corruption by worshipping blue Solomon star (which has nothing to do with David), it’s the Juice/Zionists/Freemasons/Luciferians (real Jews protested against it, but without a chance as the power of darkness was like sands of sea)…. so as there hasn’t been real government that has worked for us for many decades (if not thousands of yrs).

          With that being said, even though the world looks as hopeless as majority of population is sheep, we can still choose not to be affected, don’t comply, keep on doing what we’ve learned (with or without a religion, doesn’t matter).

    • what is the goal they wish for with this new craft ? It can’t be to cure us of anything they clearly want to kill most of us off . they want to zombify the masses into submission reducing the need for human militaries , cops , healthcare , insurance , transportation or education . you will be downloaded with what they want you to know and all attempts at thinking will be left to the AI and other smart systems tech . I suggest that they also want to capture as many souls during this reset to connect to power the weaponized quantum AI main computer to wage skynet war against heaven and have a greater share of the consciousness of the planet to keep it dark 4 evr .

    • I was waiting in vain for someone to question me on this busines of witchcraft.

      What is it that witches do? Historically do they not concoct potions and spells to impose upon their neighbors for personal gain? Pray tell, how does that differ from ‘gene therapy operating system’ injections promoted under the spell of a flue vaccine? Anything dishonest here? In a word I will tell you – the later is by mandate of imps elected to positions of power by the profits gained by the brewers of the gene therapy operating system coctails – witches who seek to infect their neighbors with their potions, by force of law wherein they reap fabulous profits!

      They have very nearly almost succeeded because their club owns and/or controls the visual media.

      In two milennia scientists have changed little in their core animus against compassionate divine instructions. “It has ere now happened that men who have spent their time in the study of geometry, the discovery of the Egyptians, or of astrology, the favourite pursuit of the Chaldæans, or have been addicted to the loftier natural philosophy which is concerned with figures and shadows, have looked with contempt on the education which is based upon the divine oracles.” – St Basil Hom.XII, 609

      I have been patiently awaiting for the following detailed report for two years: White clots common Surprisingly YT has not yet censored it, but the recommended movie ‘Died Suddenly’ has been reported in the YT replies below the video which everyone should review to see the great cloud of witnesses against these monsters whose names are routinely shieded by MSM! Also presented here is evidence of deliberate repression within the embalmer communities. The empire strikes back again! The producer says he’s hoping the FDA and the CDC will stop ignoring this research and finally do something. If he is serious he is dreaming because both those orgs are run by ‘club’ members with names.

      Club member’s names that Webb names in the following clip:
      This Is WHAT BlackRock Don’t WANT You to KNOW 13:09

      The enormous wealth that club member’s like this acquired through the door left open to them to other people’s enterprises and investments by their fellow club members in Babylon on the Potomac is being used for other nefarious projects leading to dominion!

      Are you furious yet? This evidence shows it’s not just shameful, it’s sinful and criminal behavior that continues unabated below the radar!

      Pray for deliverance and healing of our nation from the works of these imps with names.

    • The remedy is to identify the problem which is WITCHCRAFT masquerading as science, which in turn simplifies identifying the perps and naming them. Until they are known and named, their necks will go happily on their merry way to the bank. CEO’s raking in hundreds of millions of dollars every year for themselves. They are NOT hard to find!

      Follow the money. From there to the the election process which requires heaps and tons of this same private money to keep their money tree producing more money for the “club”!

      It’s a racket and designed to milk the public while feeding the cows lies! This is the same two tiered social order that has been around for thousands of years. There is nothing new under the sun.

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