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Kash Patel joins Steve Bannon to say that the DOJ has been investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop for the past 4 years and:

“Mark my words, this investigation will be put out by the Weaponization of the Government Subcommittee and Jim Jordan, when they get the following document, the electronic communication, the EC, just like Devin and I got in RussiaGate.

“That is the singular document of the FBI that says where and when the investigation started. It will trace right back to Hunter Biden’s laptop. They will find information on it about China and Russia and Ukraine, which led to them to go and search for documentation relevant to that crime, which led them to Joe Biden’s door.

“And that’s why I have always said, when NARA said, ‘Oh, we’re missing one set of documents,’ I said, that is the biggest political coverup of a crime I have ever seen and it’s going to be a waterfall of documents. And they’ve come out.

“And that leads me to the intent portion, Steve: the fact that Joe Biden has all these lawyers who are around the documents and the investigation, let’s put that aside. None of these lawyers are telling him to shut up! He’s out there, literally lying and talking about ‘Consciousness of Guilt’, it’s a Federal term we use in criminal trials…”

Kash says that the discovery of “Six sets” of documents in 5 different locations indicates that there are thousands of documents involved and he suspects that the DoJ is trying to reverse-engineer the story so they can try to let Brandon off using the same mens rea argument that James Comey used to exonerate Hillary Clinton of similar crimes.

“There’s no way that Joe Biden can have 20 years of Classified information out there and the librarians at NARA – not the 10,000 FBI agents or the slew of other agencies, we have found out but the librarians at NARA – are we really to believe that they are the ones doing a book analysis and said, ‘We have an overdue book,’ in the form of Classified papers?

“Biden’s lawyers went to them and said, ‘Hey, you guys need to say this publicly so we can save face.”

As a former Federal Prosecutor and Public Defender, Kash Patel says that the key verbiage in Brandon’s statement during a press conference in California on January 19th was, “We found.”

“Biden and his camp found these documents. Steve, it goes back to the point we were talking about before the commercial break: what led Biden and his camp look for these documents in the first place? You think this guy woke up from a 19-year coma and said, ‘Oh. I gotta look for these Classified documents.’ No. The DOJ was on the manhunt of the Hunter Biden investigation and during that process, this is where these documents were uncovered and that’s why they set up the fictional date of November 2nd, with the librarians.

“That was the other part of the quote, where Joe Biden goes, ‘Oh, we called the librarians at NARA and said, here you go.’ No. Nobody’s asking the question, ‘Why did “we” find the documents?” You, Joe Biden and your camp? What were you doing looking for them in the first place? It’s not like they were cleaning out the broom closet…

“The Weaponization of the Federal Government Subcommittee not only issues subpoenas, but here’s what they do next, we talked about it on your show: they take their money. They wanna play hardball? No problem. You take the FBI and DOJ’s money by doing what we call ‘fencing’ and you put up pockets of money and you literally build artificial walls around them and you say, ‘Hey, Chris Wray, you can’t have your ten new escalades. Hey, Merrick Garland, you can’t have your $50,000 new coffeetable for your office.’

“These guys operate based on Taxpayer-funded corruption and the only we’re gonna get through that is by taking their money. It’s totally legal and the Speaker of the House can authorize it. We did it in RussiaGate once, to Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray, because Paul Ryan wouldn’t let us do it again – and I got a thousand pages of documents that people said never we’d never get, about the FISAs and RussiaGate and the Bruce Ohr 302s, Steele, Perkins-Coie. It’s totally doable.”

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