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• When your taste in music is this bad, you need to be disbanded, for the sake of humanity. The World Economic Forum met in Davos this week, with low attendance – meaning that those who DID show up are hardcore Globalists. We’ll take a look at some of these hardcore Globalist members of the American delegation.

• And the same Deep State that installed Brandon now needs to remove him, so they can get a head start on rigging the next election in 2024. Who will replace him?

• Pfizer claims they did not defraud the government with false clinical trials. They claim that they performed the fraud that the government ordered.

The Masters of the Universe have been gathered at Davos this past week but apparently, something is rotten in Switzerland, as it’s been reported that 50% of those invited did not show up, which is good news for us plebs.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that some of the billionaires boycotted the event because they don’t like the programmable Central Bank Digital Currency.

So when we see members of the US delegation who did go to Davos this week, in spite of the fact that its members have been implicated in the COVID-19 global PSYOP and the fact that their zero carbon agenda is destroying the economy and destroying peoples’ lives, throwing the world into chaos – on purpose – and how their ESG investment guidelines are taking gas cars off the road and railroading us into electric cars, which are neither energy efficient nor ecologically-friendly – at the same time that they are taking electric power plants offline – what it all really means they don’t want us driving, period.

Actually they don’t want us alive, at all.

So, the first thing the World Economic Forum wants to do is to stop free speech. Because the more people understand that it is these oligarchs who are ruining our lives and that there are many more of us than them, it’s Game Over for them.

So when we see members of the US delegation who did go to Davos this week, in spite of the fact that the WEF has been outed and now more people understand that what they’re up to is genocide, when we look at the American attendees, we know that we’re looking at the hard core and it’s very instructive of how they are not our friends.

For example, we saw West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin breaking his Oath to support and defend the Constitution and the 1st Amendment against all enemies foreign and domestic.

We saw FBI Director Chris Wray confirming the revelations of the Twitterfiles and freely admitting that his agency uses big tech to violate the civil and Constitutional rights of Americans.

As Joe Hoft from The Gateway Pundit writes, Wray is famous for running a coup against the sitting president of the United States and lying about it to Congress. Wray also ran operatives in his FBI-planned-and-funded the fake kidnapping against the Michigan Democrat Governor. We also now know that Chris Wray was running FBI operatives in the Trump crowds on January 6th in Washington DC.

And we know through the Twitter Files document drops that the FBI was illegally censoring conservative voices through Twitter.

The FBI later attempted to discredit the journalists who released this information, saying, “It is unfortunate that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency.”

Yet there was Chris Wray on Wednesday, telling the Davos audience that the future of national security involves a partnership between the government and Big Tech.

So, despite the stunning revelations about illegal online censorship from the Twitterfiles, which confirmed our worst fears, where we saw our laws being broken by our most powerful law enforcement agency, we can see here that they have no intention of stopping.

We also had other Americans there, like Richard Edelman, CEO of the world’s largest PR firm talking about doubling down on censorship and advocating for the legal tactic of corporate censorship and advertising boycotts.

This censorship regime is not going away, unless we literally go to war over it.

In my opinion, the House should resolve to condemn the World Economic Forum and declare it and its participants at odds with American interests. Which is, sadly something that they won’t do.

On the upside, we do see some renegade billionaires, like Elon Musk and Peter Thiel out there pushing back against Davos.

Musk has been tweeting against the World Economic Forum all week and last November, PayPal founder, Peter Thiel delivered a keynote speech at the Stanford Academic Freedom Conference, in which he warned that we must never underestimate the danger of a One-World, totalitarian state and how the political slogan of the Antichrist is “peace and safety” and how perhaps we would do well to be a little bit more scared of the Antichrist and a little bit less scared of the Armageddon that these Globalists are always harping on.

But perhaps the best news of the week, especially as it relates to the WEF is the fact that their little princess, Jacinda Ardern, the former Young Global Leader resigned this week, just as the Globalist confab was in full swing.

Wall Street insider, Ed Dowd thinks that part of why she’s stepping down has to do with the number of her fellow Kiwi citizens who she killed with the genocide jab.

Brandon has spent nearly one third of his presidency at his home in Wilmington, Delaware but the Brandon Regime is claiming that there are no visitor logs for Brandon’s private home, which is a lie, because the Secret Service logs this information as a matter of course.

Hunter Biden paid his father $49,910 per month rent to live at his home in Wilmington. And because Hunter paid Brandon $49,910 per month, he had access to the home and to all of those classified documents that have since been found strewn about the house, because Joe never did anything to secure these documents.

But despite the fact that Hunter Biden was paying him $49,910 per month, Brandon’s Tax Return from 2017 only listed $19,800 in rents received. There is also an application for a background check that Hunter Biden filled out in 2018, on which he claimed that he owned the house but that Brandon simultaneously claimed on his Tax Return belonged to him.

As a way to discredit Donald Trump, the Brandon Campaign website had proudly posted Brandon’s tax returns. However, three weeks prior to the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, the tax returns were removed from the website. What does that tell you?

It tells Zak Paine aka RedPill78 that the Brandon Regime and the people within it were very aware of these classified documents that were being haphazardly stored everywhere and they knew that this information about Hunter’s hush-money payments, the money-laundering payments to Brandon were probably going to come out. So, ahead of time, they removed the Tax Returns from the crucial years of 2016, 2017 and 2018 from the Brandon campaign website and they attempted to cover it up.

As Wayne Allen Root says, the same Deep State that installed Brandon now needs to remove him, so they can get a head start on rigging the next election in 2024. Enter Brandon’s mishandled classified document scandal.

Suddenly documents just happen to be found in both his University of Pennsylvania office and his Delaware garage. Who found them? Why would corrupt Democrats decide to publicly report them? Why wouldn’t they ignore them, or cover-up the scandal, as usual? Why indeed. Because they want Brandon out.

Think of all of Brandon’s crimes. Ukraine. China. Bribery. Extortion. Hunter’s laptop. The rigged and stolen 2020 election. Open borders. The 5 million people who have illegally entered our country in the past two years and the 100,000 Americans dying yearly from fentanyl. All the deaths from Biden’s vaccine mandate, The humiliating retreat from Afghanistan.

And after all of that, Brandon will be forced out for classified documents in his garage? What? For Brandon, the end is near. Soon he will either be impeached, indicted, or forced to resign in disgrace.

Wayne thinks that the Obamas are behind this and that Obama has been running Brandon’s presidency behind the scenes from the start and he thinks that this is to make room for Michelle Obama as the Democrat’s presidential candidate for 2024, which would actually be the fourth and fifth terms of Barack Hussein Obama.

Others believe that Gavin Newsom is being groomed for the role of administering the final death blow to the US and it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

On the other hand, for all of this talk of “getting rid of Brandon”, the FBI have still not done any searches or interviews regarding the classified documents.

There have been no pre-dawn raids with CNN news crews, after four sets of illegally-obtained classified documents were found in three personal locations, at least one set moved at least two times – and kept for 6 years – and covered up for two months – and also, Brandon admitted he knew he had the records next to his Corvette.

In an interview from earlier this week, Sasha Latypova told Dr Jane Ruby that the DoD tried to pass off a few trays of the vials of the experimental shot – the zero-liability EUA version – they tried to pass them off as the so-called “FDA-approved” Comirnaty®, to overcome the Servicemembers’ resistance, because EUA – Emergency Use Authorized – version cannot be mandated.

But Sasha has the receipts, the shipment information from Pfizer, right down to the zip codes and no Comirnaty® products have been shipped.

So the military pretended they had the Comirnaty® shots but it turns out they mislabled them and tried to pass them off, because they were that desperate to inject and to injure Servicemembers.

We saw similar levels of profound, systemic treason in the Konnech “voting software” (datamining) case, which revealed that the CCP and the Chinese military may already have the keys in their hands to the entire United States infrastructure, and to every moving part of our daily existence – with the support and the blessing of the US Military and the Federal Government.

As has long been evident to those with the eyes to see, the US Government and the US military do not represent or defend the People of the US, they do the bidding of the central bankers; the Globalists.

America was too big and too powerful to be invaded from without, so it had to be invaded from within. Other countries all over the world have been similarly captured from within and this is the horror that we are living today.

The good news is that we are now waking up to this, which is the first step to stopping the crime.

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  • A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.

    – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • During the struggle between Chosroes Parvis & the Romans, Mohammed rose to power in Arabia. He challenged Rome in 630 AD., by an invasion of Syria, and soon after led an army of 30,000 men fanatical even to death when fighting for their faith against Persia. The Persians exhausted by foreign wars lost their capital city Ctesiphon. The Muslims gained one of the richest prizes in the world, with wealth of four centuries of Persian Monarchs.
      Persia suffered defeat in the battle of Nehavend & the Empire of Persian Iran came to an end, now ruled by the Abassids in 750 AD., that went on to build Bagdad & made it the capital of Abassad Empire and adopted Shiism as the religion of the State.
      Point is, be careful who you think your enemy is. Like you stated “they walk among us freely, they speak in accents, works secretly & infects the political body”. What have we witnessed through Obama working secretly with Sanctuary Cities. Who do you think these migrants were…Why do you think we (supposably) invaded the Middle East… Who got scattered around to infiltrate Europe, Canada & United States. This is what is called “Muslim Invasion.” While clowns are always speaking about the “Jews” while ignoring the fact is, it was always the Semite Arab Muslims that are the “Jews” that got thrown out of Spain & other European Nations, Jews are a cover story, to keep us in confusion.

      • here we go again…
        Rothschild is NOT a Muslim, Rome is NOT from Islam yet it was corrupted since its beginning by its own.

  • Amazing. Can’t believe Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema were there. Traitors.
    Let them know how you feel and share this information.

  • Hi,
    Finish the race website did an article today of a picture of hunter Biden driving the same Corvette car that documents were found in.
    Global research website said in today’s article China is not a socialist country it’s a Capitalist country for a long time, very good article.
    P s.
    Thank you forbidden knowledge website for all you do also.
    Oh yeah health impact website did a similar Article on the topic of Hunting Kids it’s also some good information about hunting kids by the elites on Justice For Poland website yesterday roughly.

    Thanks for the Transcript also !!!
    Jimmy Jukebox

  • One would have thought that such pretentous aristocrats as the Davos crowd would have had a string quartet playing Beethoven or Schubert.

    but perhaps it is better that the names of these Immortal Masters, Beethoven et al, should not be defiled by being associated with these depraved monsters


    The Justice Department? Nope! The FBI? Nope!


    Anything wrong with this picture?

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