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    On Saturday, President Trump joined the family and friends of Diamond & Silk in Fayetteville, North Carolina to celebrate the life of Ineitha Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway, who *Died Suddenly* on January 8th after taking the vaccine, as recommended by her hero, Donald Trump.

    Her sister, “Silk” aka Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway is seen here speaking at the memorial service, basically telling Trump to his face that the vaccine killed Diamond and that there needs to be an investigation into why people are dying suddenly and dropping dead from the bioweapon shot.

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    • “I can’t Breath!” Remember George Floyd? Classic symptoms of Fentanyl Overdose/Poisoning.
      I don’t believe that this fits the symptoms of recent “Died Suddenly” because of the Vaxx reports, because Ms. Diamond simply does not fit the political profile of your classic Vaxxer. Her husband would know, and he is “street” enough to suspect the truth. Diamond was not a Fentanyl addict, so she either acquired it accidentally or someone else decided to “take her out” for personal or political reasons.
      My qualifications? 70 year old and still around Retired professional criminal and former heroin/opiate addict for over four decades.

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