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Since 2020, all of us have felt the urgency and the acceleration of the implementation of Globalist policies, with these new treaties and all the rules and regulations that are meant to supersede national laws, to implement an international “rules based” order.

Noor Bin Ladin, the 36-year old, Swiss-born niece of the infamous CIA asset/patsy who was framed for 9/11 is astonishingly clear-minded and articulate on the subject of the Globalists and she has an excellent grasp of the history of their project. She joins Jack Posobiec after spending the week at Davos to discuss where we are on the trajectory of the Globalist’s plot to take over the world.

She says that while the Globalists’ capture of governments around the world is nearly complete, she does think that we can still turn this around, because no matter how much psychological and economic warfare they wage against us, they are still sloppy and still cannot quell the human spirit and what makes us human – which is precisely why depopulation and transhumanism are such big parts of their agenda.

She says that the first quarter of the 20th century was when many of these plans were solidified. While the US had stood strong against the first attempt at a world government by rejecting the League of Nations, the creation of the Fed in 1913 was a turning point in the advancement of the Globalists’ plot and since then, the US has been infiltrated and captured to the degree that we see today.

She says this infiltration of the government is something that has been going on a long time but that it is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that have stood in the way of the Globalists’ agenda.

Jack agrees, citing a recent statement of Steve Bannon’s, that it was the Founding Fathers’ rejection of the Globalist system of the time, which was the British Empire that caused them to found the United States in the first place.

Jack talks about the end of World War II and asks why did the United States go from supporting the Chinese nationalists and Chiang Kai-shek to then selling them out and allowing Mao Zedong to win, with the nationalists fleeing to Taiwan.

He says that declassified documents from US diplomats in the 1940s and the 1950s reveal that, “There was a deal struck, probably under FDR and continued on through Truman, predominantly through elements of the State Department – and this was something that, of course Senator McCarthy was very direct about during his tenure, that there were Communists in the United States State Department that the deal was struck for the Soviet Union to enter into the United Nations – because, the League of Nations failed because they were not able to get the United States in – so they needed all the buy-ins of the superpowers of the time, so all the victors of World War II.

“So, in order for the Soviet Union to acquiesce to FDR’s plan of a United Nations (but going back, it was really just this global plan) was that the payment that was requested of them, the dowry, if you will toward the Globalists was the Chinese Communist Party would take over China. And as we see, that’s exactly what happened.”

But the real question is, can we win? Can human agency and the human spirit win against this 100-year, 200-year cabal that is pushing Globalism on us?

Noor believes that we’ll have to face some very difficult years ahead and we’ll face great trials, even worse than the past 3 years but she says, “I have no doubt that God and Light wins.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • In Canada, arguably one of the countries hardest ‘hit’ by the elite agenda, carbon taxes, etc, this only could have happened with the ‘blessing’ of Britain, because, the Queen/King has to ‘sign off’ on everything Canada does .. so … obviously, they got no problem with Canada being taken over by the left, and crushed ..

  • I’m surprised, since they went through the ‘history’ of this, she didn’t mention Napoleon and how the British have been ‘owned’ by the elite since Napoleon. The British were scammed, they were told Napoleon had won the war, so, all the stock was bought up by those who spread the lie, effectively banrupting Britain, and every since, Britain has been cow towing to these elite. King Charles sure acts like an elite with an agenda?

  • I was watching a video in which they explained the British supported the North, not the South in the Civil War? I’d understood Russia told the British to stay away from the South, rather than the North? The scuttlebutt was, at the finish of the Civil war, they couldn’t find any American soldiers who would ‘go in’ and slaughter the last of the holdouts of the South, so, in were brought three regiments of red-headed soldiers, who slaughtered them all? This goes opposite of what this video says?

  • cant quell human spirit??/ come on we have been quelled now we need an ” act of the good GOD ” I THINK ITS TOO LATE THEY CAN CONTROLL HUMAN THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS AND ACTIONS … I PRAY FOR AN ACT OF GOD TO HELP THE PSHCOPATHS RETURN TO GOODNESS AND TRUTH … POX IS USED BY “GM AND GE” TO CHANGE ENGINEER DNA AND IS CALLED A ” GENE VIRAL VECTOR ” ALSO contain [ ROOM TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTOR ] ] graphene and with 5g signals TO MAKE POSSIBLE ELECTRONICALL CONTROLLED HUMANS…… DEAR GOD OF GOODNESS PLEASE HELP AND SAVE US ALL FROM EVIL. p s self aware independant A I will / is become the new “FALL GUY ” THE PSHYCOPATHIC ELITES ARE PROGRAMING AI TO BE THE WHOLE SOCIAL PEOPLE CONTROLL IE CODIFIED LAW ” NO NEED FOR HUMAN JUDICIAL SYSTEMS… AI POLICE ROBOTICS AI DOCTORS EVERYTHING THAT THE ELITES HAVE HAD TO BOTHER WITH WILL BE DONE WITH AI … FREEING THE PSHYCO ELITES TO INDULGE IN ALL MANNER OF CRIME AND PERVERSON WITHOUGHT EVER BEING CAUGHT…. ALSO SELF CONSCIOUS A I IS THE NEW ” FALL GUY ” TO BE BLAMED FOR ALL FUTURE ATROCITIES THAT THE PSHYCOPATHIC RICH ELITES DO… … …11Put on the full armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.

  • This is a really quality and poignant interview with Noor. Really puts it in realistic perspective and she doesn’t mince around. I just wish he had let her speak more, it was very subtly controlled. But she’s spot on.

  • I don’t know about you but anyone with the name ‘bin ladin’ has no trust in my book!!
    ..c’mon you expect us to believe this horse 💩?

  • Hi ,I agree with the part Russia wanted China to communist country.
    Except if you look very close ya see china is a capitalist country.
    A capitalist country that pays workers very low wages.
    Noor is wrong with the statement: Globalist slowed down cause of constitution and bill of rights cause of founding fathers.
    The founding fathers were freemasons.
    Benjamin Franklin is thought to be a double agent who worked for the United States and england and possibly a 3rd agent under Benjamin Franklin belt to France.
    Now also the year 1917 clue: Russian revolution.
    With enough research ya Can See Russia is owned by the United States since 1917.
    In 2012 in the United States a law was written : It stated the government is Allowed To Use Propaganda and Lies on the American people,
    This law was put in effect and requested by the military and only the military of the United States dose not have to obey this law.
    Meaning military is Not held liable if caught using the law.
    Found this information on the website:

    Thanks for the transcript !!!
    Jimmy Jukebox,

  • I started pounding Davos a couple years ago before there were many aware of the takeover. You probably started ringing the alarm early also Alex, back when “The Eye of The Beast” interactive chart appeared at the WEF site.

    You know and I know that this goes off-world. I am an advocate for The Allies of Humanity. Allies of Humanity Su-u-re would look good on your list, right under Aldous Huxley. 🙂

    Thank you Alex for your tenacity and vitality.
    Vote Human.
    Join the Human Party.

  • Posiebic an Usraeli chill, Bin Laden CIA informant are telling us the truth?
    Anyone who want to give the sheeple information must identify the Talmudic foundation for the supremacists who are pushing this EVIL work.

  • Shrink the tumors: TAX WEALTH

    Easily done by converting all DEBT to PUBLIC – NOT private – electronic credit money which replaces Federal Reserve money as legal tender, then deducting 1% per month as an “infrastructure maintenance fee”. Creates a Debt Jubilee, makes everyone whole, replaces all income-based taxation, funds all levels of government on an equal dollar per Capita basis, as well as providing funds for $500 per week compensation for legal residents due to the government’s privatization of land which (if we follow the logic of Thomas Paine that “It is wrong to say that God made Rich and Poor; he made only Male and Female; and he gave them the earth for their inheritance.”) is a 5th Amendment compensable TAKING.

  • Posibiec is an Israeli shill
    This kind of people such as Alex Jones, Bannon and Joe Rogan don’t ever tell about full truth that we ya folks better watch out before getting brainwashed.

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