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• The Konnech voting software case has likely revealed that the CCP and the Chinese military already have the keys to the entire United States infrastructure and to every moving part of your daily existence. Already, NOW.

• Sam Bankman-Fried is a con man who stole billions of dollars from millions of customers in a historical fraud. He is currently on a corporate media tour, receiving sympathy, praise, and applause.

• The Global Communist movement never stopped and Brazil is its current target.

Just the News reports that Twitter suspended the account of Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West on Friday. The action came at the end of a tumultuous 48 hours for Ye, after he appeared on InfoWars with Alex Jones to say there were “a lot of things” he loved about Adolf Hitler, whereupon Parlament Technologies announced that it had terminated a deal for him to buy the Parler social media app, although they later said it was “mutual”.

Ye said he loves everyone but that Jewish people are pushing pornography and scamming him out of contracts. He then went on to claim that Hitler invented the microphone and that the Nazis “did some good things. We gotta stop dissing the Nazis all the time.”

After Ye said “I like Hitler,” InfoWars cut to commercial break.

Ye had been suspended from Twitter earlier this year before Elon Musk took it over and he restored Ye’s account last month. Shortly before he was booted, Ye posted a photo if a swastika intertwined with a Star of David and suggested it would be used as the logo for his 2024 presidential campaign. Elon called this an “incitement to violence” and terminated his account.

Personally, I don’t think Ye should have been de-platformed for posting this image, which is actually the symbol of the Raëlian UFO Cult and is not anti-Semitic.

On a recent podcast, investigative journalist, Whitney Webb said, “We should not be feeding the rhetoric about, ‘Ha ha! Kanye West is so insane!’ Blah, blah, blah. There is obviously something that is using this for very, very sinister ends and we should be bringing attention to that information and into those agendas, because it’s intimately tied-up with the efforts to completely eliminate Free Speech in the United States, particularly online first and then, usher in what they have been trying to do for decades, now: a ‘pre-crime’ system.”

There is speculation that these outbursts are evidence of MK ULTRA mind control, especially after Ye revealed last month that his “trainer”, Harley Pasternak had threatened to drug him and to have him institutionalized.

Speaking of mental illness, Sam Bankman-Fried stole billions of dollars from his customers in a historical fraud, funneling tens of millions of dollars to Democrat candidates in the 2022 election (Elon tweeted on Saturday that it was more like $1 billion), officially becoming the second-biggest donor to the DNC. And somehow, he hasn’t been arrested yet. Instead, he is on a corporate media tour, receiving sympathy, praise, and applause.

Matthew Tyrmand was on with Steve Bannon a couple of days ago with this excellent overview of what’s going on with the stolen election in Brazil and how the Global Communist movement never ended and how their current target is Brazil.

Matthew’s insights here are spot-on. The only piece he’s missing is how China went from being a miserable backwater in the midst of a starvation crisis 35 years ago to become this technocratic juggernaut intent on devouring the entire planet and snuffing out all human rights. And the answer is that the bankster elite created this monster by having us deliver our entire manufacturing base and all of our intellectual property to them. 

Similarly, the Communist Revolution in early 20th century Russia was financed by Wall Street, as documented in Professor Anthony Sutton’s 1993 book, ‘Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution’, in which he wrote that, “One of the greatest myths of modern history is that the Communist Revolution in Russia was a popular uprising of the downtrodden masses against the hated ruling class of the Tsars.”

What we find instead, is that the planning, the leadership and especially the financing of the Revolution came entirely from outside of Russia, mostly from financiers in Germany, Britain and the United States, led by Jacob Schiff, head of the New York investment firm Kuhn, Loeb and Company. He was also a major contributor to Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign and an advocate for passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

This was the same cadre of central bank-tied agents who also financed Hitler – and that are now protecting Sam Bankman-Fried.

Similarly, Black Lives Matter, the Marxist organization claiming to fight the power on behalf of the powerless is backed by the most powerful corporations on Earth. In July of 2020, one hundred of the largest companies in the US committed to donating over $1.6 billion to organizations “fighting racism and inequality”.

So, when we look at what’s happening throughout the Americas and the world today, we can see that many of the destabilization tactics being used against us are at least a century old and they were deployed by the same financial elite group to create the Soviet Union and that BLM and Antifa are instruments of the descendants of these same invisible trillionaires.

Brazil’s Lula da Silva is the corrupt, thrice-convicted felon who was sprung from prison and whose election was stolen for him by the Globalists using the same voting software that is stealing elections worldwide. Lula barely even campaigned, just like Joe Biden, who belongs in prison (or worse) and whose 2020 election was stolen the exact same way.

Like Biden, Lula ran on a “climate action” agenda and he’s a little darling of the World Economic Forum and the Globalist press. The only people these Globalists want in office are these totally blackmailed, controlled, criminal dead men walking, like Biden, Lula, Tedros and Zelenskyy.

They are thugs and they’re stealing the world out from under us. Just ask the Dutch farmers, 3,000 of whom are about to get their farms stolen from them by the Dutch government in order to comply with a bogus EU Global Warming mandate.

The World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, whose father was a Nazi and who represents the most powerful of the global elites admires Vladimir Lenin so much that he has himself filmed with Lenin’s bust prominently displayed behind him.

Globalism = Communism = The Great Reset = The China Model = The New World Order. These guys play the long game and all of this stuff has been scripted decades in advance. We are watching a movie.

In an important Substack post by Gus Quixote, he says that Michigan State University is Ground Zero in the CCP’s unrestricted warfare campaign against the United States – which has been very much enabled by the US Government and military over the past 35 years.

He goes on to say that Eugene Yu did NOT build Konnech on his own from the ground up, as he has alleged. Indeed, he hardly built Konnech, at all. Gus Quixote documents how the software was developed by one Lionel Ni, with grants from the Hong Kong-based Xinhua Group, led by Dr Jonathan Choi, who’s been photographed with all the usual suspects, like Dubya, Kissinger and Netanyahu.

Lionel Ni came to America as part of China’s earliest iteration of their Thousand Talents Program, which should be renamed “China’s Exfiltration of American Intellectual Property Program”. Lionel Ni was a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University from 1989 until 2003 and he developed a product called the “EMIP-1 Internet Emulator,” which became a critical component of data servers and cloud computing and which was always manufactured exclusively in Mainland China, although he always maintained his Research & Development facility in MSU.

In 2002, this EMIP-1 Internet Emulator was co-opted into Eugene Yu’s products and rebranded into Konnech. Gus Quixote laboriously tracks the technological developments of Lionel Ni while at Michigan State University and the monstrous number of US Government-backed and CCP/PLA-linked grants, gifts, and awards, including received by his department at MSU, including:

  • Five awards from Microsoft Research 
  • Twelve projects from the United States Department of Justice, including the FBI
  • Nine grants from the National Institutes of Health
  • Two grants from Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) had two projects; The United States Armed Forces clocked in with 18 grants
  • and the National Science Foundation may have funded the entire school with a whopping 79 estimated significant grants, gifts, or awards, some of quite considerable contributions.

Nearly ALL of this funding was for networking, bio/cybersecurity, genomics, machine learning, big-data, nanotechnology, social engineering, agriculture/aquatics, or biomedical technologies and many of them also included K-12 education add-ons.

Gus Quixote then suggests that through MSU, we may be looking at a digital infiltration of the United States that is the Chinese equivalent of Russia’s Solar Winds hack, the largest hack in history, in which 425 out of 500 of the top US corporations were hacked, all of the US Government was hacked, all of the military, the CIA, the NSA, DHS, CISA and which is actually ongoing. 

Gus Quixote then asks, does that then mean the FBI, DOJ, US Military, Facebook, Amazon, Google, National Science Foundation projects since Konnech’s plugging-in are all susceptible to having personal data leaked to Chinese servers and networks?

He continues:

“Eugene Yu claims that no Konnech products are involved in any way with the registration of voters. This is a manipulative play on words. PollChief does, in fact, touch voter registration databases on the county level. The PollChief software integrates directly with the EMS, regardless of what the scope of the services provided may entail and draws data directly from county databases, regardless.

“Another Konnech product, Abvote, provides voter services such as online registration, ballot delivery, and a voter information platform. It was licensed to another company, Votem in 2015, but is indeed a Konnech product.

“Konnech also has online voting applications such as Votedge that connect wirelessly to a user’s phone which gives them the ability to cast ballots remotely.”

Based on his meticulous research, Gus Quixote believes that Konnech, the CCP and the Chinese military likely already have the keys in their hands to the entire United States infrastructure, and to every moving part of your daily existence.

Meanwhile, LA County’s charges against Eugene Yu were dropped by LA Superior Court Judge Anne Hwang on November 23rd, on grounds that they were not prepared to move forward with the case at the time.

Harry the Greek at reports:

“There is no transcript from Tuesday’s evidence hearing. The court reporter, Lauren Engel, was told not to transcribe it. Instead, the official court record, imaged here, says: 

“The Court and Counsel have a discussion off the record.’

“Five minutes later the defense attorney is walking out of court with a box containing a 350-terabyte storage device. It contains the voting records of all the verified and fraudulent voter registration profiles in the country. Those profiles can fix elections in over 1,000 Election Boards across the country. They use Konnech election software, according to LA Prosecutor Eric V. Neff.

“Bjorne E. Dodd was the Los Angeles Prosecutor. He is the Deputy District Attorney of their Public Integrity Division. Dodd was there to prosecute Jianwei “Eugene Wei” Yu for conspiracy and embezzling $2,640,000 from Los Angeles County, California.

“According to the court record, the Dodd never objected to surrendering the Konnech storage device. It was as if Dodd was representing the defendant, the Chinese spy, Eugene Yu.

“Dodd’s boss, George Gascon, works for George Soros, rather than the people of Los Angeles. Defense attorney, Alexis Wiseley, walked out of the courtroom in disbelief and a smile from ear to ear. The case was over before it started.

“Konnech CEO Eugene Yu never had an arraignment or plea hearing.

“Konnech partners with the United Nations Carter Center to help write certification results in Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Democrats use Konnech voting machine systems software to maintain a majority in the US Senate. Again. Like in 2020.

“There was Another evidence hearing today. The Prosecution has been ordered to return his cell phone, the one Yu left behind while he was trying to flee the country from the airport in Lansing, Michigan. 

“He said he didn’t want to be tracked, according to the Ingham County Prosecutor in Mason, Nicole Matusko.

“This transcript verifies that the LA Prosecutor made no attempt to object to returning the evidence seized in Michigan at the home and business locations of Konnech, their CEO, Eugene Yu, and another Chinese spy, and his wife, Donna Wang.”

Wang was a Professor at Michigan State University for 25 years, before she abruptly resigned last month and Konnech’s US headquarters in East Lansing, Michigan was closed on October 14th. 

Their whereabouts are unknown, according to Harry the Greek.

LA County’s dropped case provided enough evidence to establish for certain that everything housed by Konnech and/or Michigan State’s computer science department — and possibly the entire university research system — is at dire risk.

Is this the last we’ll be hearing of Eugene Yu?

The COVID hoax is what the central bankers are using to cover-up the implosion of the US dollar, as Ed Dowd explains here.

We’re in an information war and it’s basically impossible to know what’s really going on. Like, is that really Joe Biden acting as the current president of the US or is that a rubber-masked actor – or is it 4 different rubber-masked actors – composited with CGI *playing* Joe Biden, as alleged by many, including a former CIA Director of Operations, who publishes the Spookd blog and who claims that Joe Biden has been in the Walter Reed morgue since January of 2021 after he died of a stroke.

Everything I’ve discussed up to this point is 100% solid and verified and meticulously researched. But now, I’m going to go off-road. And I’m not saying that I agree with what I’m about to say or that I endorse the people who are saying it. I do not. I’m putting ideas out there as artifacts of the information war that we’re in and how we really don’t know what’s going on.

So, some of you watching this now are aware of SGAnon and he was actually on AMP with James Grundvig, that got a ton of views. So, SGAnon has claimed that Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are working together with Trump behind the scenes to take down these central bankers who are the Deep State.

So, how would his story square with the unprecedented protests in China, calling for Xi Jinping to step down?  

Mike King at agrees with SGAnon, that Xi is Trump’s ally in a fight to save humanity from these genocidal Deep Staters. Now, I personally think that Mike King is horrifically anti-Semitic and I don’t support those views but I’m sharing his statements on Xi and these protests because they align with SGAnon.  

Mike King says that what’s happening in China is a fake “spontaneous uprising”. It’s a “Color Revolution” with what he calls the usual corny party theme – in this case, blank sheets of white paper, which he says is being staged by the corrupt anti-Xi, coastal establishment, the “Shanghai Clique” and their western Deep State allies. 

He says that Shanghai is the “epicenter” of both the brutal Covid lockdown policies and the emerging protests. And that the same way we saw the Democrat governors, like Cuomo, Newsom and Whitmer tyrannically shut down their states and impose mask mandates, etc. and how we also saw the same EXACT thing in Brazil, where the Leftists governors and mayors tyrannically imposed lockdowns, while President Bolsonaro refused to take the Death Shot and refused to mandate it and Bolsonaro actually passed a law that would make doing so an act of discrimination, which is why the Globalists needed to get rid of him. So Mike King says this is what we’re also now seeing in China. 

He says:

“The regional Shanghai-connected bosses throughout China imposed these horrible restrictions on their own initiative and the purpose was to incite a rebellion which they hope to steer into the overthrow of Trump’s powerful ally, the ‘authoritarian’ Xi Jinping. See the trick? It won’t work of course, but hopefully more of China’s traitors will be smoked out and rounded up by Xi’s White Hats, as was the case after the “spontaneous” uprising in since-pacified Hong Kong — the ‘Umbrella Revolution’.

“There are many sincere but ignorant mouthpieces from Conservative Inc.  now seizing upon these fake protests for the purpose of supporting their all-along opposition to lock-downs and ‘anti-Communism.’ Ignore these provincial clowns, who are so lacking in intuitiveness and inquisitiveness that they fail to take notice that they are making common cause with the Soros fronts and The New York Times.

“Then there are the CIA-affiliated disinfo specialists who convincingly dwell amongst us on the quote ‘far right,’ but whose true purpose is to target Xi. The fast-growing Epoch Times — with its bizarre anti-China / anti-Xi obsession — falls into this category. Ignore these types as well.”

So, I’m not saying that I believe this or that you should believe this. I’m just illustrating how we’re in an information war and that we really don’t know what’s going on and how you shouldn’t believe anyone, including me (although I do my best) and that verifying information is now everybody’s full-time job.

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  • God already saved it – Man rejects His plan and instead, chooses the dark side and all its ugly consequences. It’s simple cause and effect.
    “Righteousness exalts a nation,”

  • Thank you so much for you work, Alexandra !
    One aspect of the information war is to maintain at all cost DUALITY on ou planet. The predators of Man Kind absolutely need men to oppose each other, they need Man to fight against Man in order to maintain this law of DUALITY that makes UNITING FOR OUR POWER impossible.

    Not participating in the duality system would be a game changer.

  • Speaking of Anti-Semitic, in 69 years I never was until I saw the makeup of the entire Biden Administration; those statistics are improbably coincidental.
    Trump used to wonder whether Biden was ignorant or intentional in his precise destruction of America. I’ll wager that he doesn’t wonder any more.

  • Well, so much for free speech at Twitter. I doubted that E Musk would allow actual free speech, and now we know that he will pretty much do what is politically-correct, and not offend his / our overlords. What “Ye” said may not be accurate (except for the Jews and pornography and their dirty dealings), but that’s not a good reason to shut him off.
    BTW, there’s no such thing as “anti-Semitism”. Semites are those who speak Semitic languages, so that includes Arabs, etc. Labeling someone “anti-Semitic” is akin to accusing someone of being a “conspiracy theorist”–they are simply labels that cause the shutdown of the one trying to get to the truth or spread the truth about an issue. There is such a thing as being horrified, disgusted, or angry about the evil-doings of Jews, but that doesn’t make one “anti-Semitic”.

  • Brilliant!

    Overwhelming, and they have yet to play their ace. I will not say exactly what it is, because even Alexandria would not post it, but I will categorize it. It’s both religious and “scientific”!

    Chew on that for awhile.

  • it’s not easy to understand what’s going on planet earth full of xxxCorrupted psychopaths,,, spiritual wars… evil vs Good. Ultimately God/Good wins but so much injustice and sufferings on earth.
    God save the World ! Please Mister God

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