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    SGAnon discloses information related to the US Supreme Court, the CIA (Switzerland arm), the Chinese military and the patriots in China, as well as updates with Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and Ukraine.

    I’m going to reserve any comments or judgments for now.



    “This war is a war for our minds and thoughts, as we move forward as a civilization and it is also a very physical war to corrupt our DNA and affect that God Force connection…

    “This killshot that has been rolled-out on the world is far more than a bioweapon. It is one of the most complex weapons that has ever been contrived by sick, sadistic men and women and it affects every one of us, whether we received it in the arm or not.

    “Vaxxine shedding, with the same spike proteins and the same infectious nature of the spike proteins – what I understand to be a parasitic nature of those spike proteins – affects us all and is very real. 

    “Vaxxine shedding is how they were able to prime the population for what was going to be the next release of highly deadly COVID pathogen, along with other pathogens that the White Hat Alliance quickly destroyed in 2019 and 2020

    “We’ve had election fraud, we’ve had treason at all levels of society, aiding and abetting the enemy, giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war, acting as an enemy agent, espionage agent, espionage asset. We could list these charges all day and we could probably list three dozen – at least – separate United States Codes that have been completely trampled by a lawless government in the last two years.

    “But we sometimes fail to remember that the true crime and the true issue that will bring down the house is COVID-19 and the transhumanistic enslavement plan for humanity, utilizing dangerous frequency technology, they were going to mass murder most of us and mind control the rest.  A complete subversion of free will in this world.

    “This will be the crime that will tie everything together and that will give cause for justice that is needed at all levels for all different manners. This will be the issue that will invoke the White Hat military alliance publicly.

    “We have been living the first five and a half to six years of World War III up to this point. We are winning the war but that does not mean that we are not inflicted with casualties and suffering.

    “It’s my understanding that while the Alliance has been very successful in neutralizing many different apparatuses of the Deep State, including Deep State operatives and plants and assets, problems still remain. There are still areas of society that cannot be simply dropped through a military operation, because that’s not how they’ve chosen to do this.

    “They have chosen to allow them, to the greatest extent possible to destroy their own system, because we need to conserve all of our resources, strength, energy, etc. for unification and coming together when this does go fully public.

    “Today, we witnessed the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors unanimously certify an obviously corrupt election. The same day, the Mohave County representative stated that he was forced to say “Yes” to the certification or he would have been arrested and charged with a felony.

    “They are outing themselves at extraordinary levels. Our plan is working. Our plan is getting people involved in the civic scene. The plan to wake people up, not only to the level of corruption but to their need to participate actively in the re-shaping of this world is working.

    “It’s not without its losses. It’s not without its difficulties. It’s certainly not without its pain.

    “I’ll get to a couple of information drops to you all tonight; some updates from what’s going on in this war:

    “It’s my understanding that CIA assets out of Switzerland and the Mediterranean have now traveled to China, in an attempt to barter for money from the CCP, weapons from the CCP and to try and destabilize the situation in China to interrupt what is becoming a revolution over there. Chinese patriots in the armed forces of the Republic of China, headed by Xi are tracking these assets and intend to take them down.

    “Additionally, Turkey, with Russian economic and military backing now secured is going to launch a ground war soon into Syria that’s going to involve other parts of the Middle East, as well. One of the nations that will be drawn into the fray will be Lebanon.

    “Turkey is waging war on CIA terror networks, cells, weapons caches and more that have been hidden and stored along its border, within its border and in the unpopulated territories of other countries in the Middle East.

    “The CIA has tried to oust Erdogan no less than three separate times and is responsible for a recent terror attack into Istanbul. Those networks will not survive Erdogan, in the same fashion that the Ukrainian Nazis will not survive Russia.

    “Speaking of Russia, Russia is now preparing a new offensive, which will destroy the Ukrainian mercenary army’s ability to congeal and fight as a singular fighting force. The objective is now on the battlefield to splinter the mercenary forces and destroy them as individualized pockets, committing the least amount of Russian lives to the task.

    “As we’ve discussed several times on this program, a full-scale Russian invasion of the country of Ukraine is coming. But that invasion will only occur when the Russian military believes that it has taken every available step possible to protect its people, its territorial integrity and the lives of its soldiers to the best of its ability.

    “When we arrive at that point, I would say is anyone’s guess. With Putin’s recent missile barrages targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure, it would seem to not be long in the wings.

    “Additionally, the United States military is now in private contact with justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. They are being told that the United States military combat and command is watching what the Court does with this particular case. It is my understanding that the Supreme Court will hear the Brunson case. Provided that we see something like a 9-0 decision in that case, it becomes a very legitimate reason for the military to step in and begin the removal of the unlawful government.

    “I have no other confirmation on how that will play out, if it will play out or whether or not we will even hear of that verdict being reported to us. We know that the Supreme Court has been seeing and adjudicating many issues in this journey that we have been on since 2020 on a National Emergencies docket, designed to preserve the written record for history.

    “At one point, National Emergencies decisions come to light and at one point, the military seizes control to ensure that that occurs is anyone’s guess.

    “Additionally, we’ve been seeing in the narrative that US Big Tech, along with the DoD are being publicly painted together and linked. This is right on the heels of the US DOJ, FBI and others having been shown for the last 8 weeks to be wildly corrupt, wildly one-sided and willing to do whatever it takes to protect the Manchurian government.

    “Tying Big Tech, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to deep intelligence assets, such as CIA and DARPA will show that the US intel community has violated essentially every oath imaginable, because they are going to be publicly shown to have undertaken complex, decades-long campaigns internally and illegally in the domestic USA and in countries around the world.

    “Everything is coming to a head, Folks.

    “We are arriving at that point where the Deep State will have very little to no cards left and they’re going to have to make and out-and-out power grab. They’re going to have to do something unforgivable, whether it’s a false flag and a power grab, whether it’s a false flag and attempts at rights suspensions. Its anyone’s guess. But they are running out of cards.

    “We have outvoted them, even with some of the fraud and we knew that in certain areas, the fraud would be such and it would be delayed such, that we were never going to win them.

    “But understanding that we have them backed into a corner, both in the narrative space and the awakening space and the sharing of information, as well as in the literal, physical boots on the ground field, they’re going to have to do something existential for themselves. And I believe I know what that is.

    “I’m now of the belief – I know many of you are having a hard time hearing this – but I am of the belief that we are entering a second attempted plandemic in the United States of America, where the Biden administration and corrupt government agents at all levels, across all areas of society will invoke a public health emergency, in an attempt to stop information coming out regarding essentially everything else that we’ve discussed, both in this file and in files past.

    “I believe the vaxxine requirements, in some form or fashion have not been hard the last of. I also believe that the United States military will step in to prevent the country from being exposed to a mandatory genocidal weapon.

    “How it devolves from there, how the Supreme Court case may tie into this and how a 119th Congress may tie into this is anyone’s take and I would encourage each of you to give a little bit of thought and research to just exactly that.

    Operation Dark Winter was a simulated operation where a vial of smallpox escaped from containment and was let loose in a metro area. It’s my understanding that we have neutralized nearly all of the truly virulent pathogens that the Deep State has created but they have other pathogens that are still nasty, that are under their control and could be released. That’s why this is such a delicate situation, even to this point.

    “I’d like to tell each of you that even though it seems harsh, going through something like that again will piss off every single sleeper out there. Even the sleepers, even the woke Communist grocery store clerk, the 24-year-old who doesn’t know any better will be angry and upset – deeply, movingly upset – at something like that coming down the pike again.

    “We’ve gotten the Patriots mostly united. We’ve got differences of opinion about the nature of the Earth, we’ve got differences of opinion about the nature of this operation but most of us will admit that Donald Trump never left, certainly as Commander-in-Chief and that the military is active in some form or fashion, running some sort of large, worldwide coordinated military operation.

    “Now that we have that common understanding, mostly amongst patriots and anons everywhere, it’s time for us to bring the Communists, the college kids, the intellectuals who have been in Academia for far too long, drinking far more than just water, we’re going to make them into patriots, too.

    “And so, understand that even though there’s unpleasantness ahead, we have tribunals that are scheduled for the summer of next year, summer or early fall next year. Those tribunals have been reported by Mainstream Media outlets, as well as the Nuremberg 2.0 Crimes Against Humanity group that exists in multiple countries throughout Europe, United States and others. I’ve also heard that through my mentor.

    “So understanding that, or understanding that, as a Deep State player that your time is coming, you have to do as much damage as you can on the way out. And it’s my belief that we are allowing that, to a certain extent, so that the sleepers will come around and be so dissatisfied with the current government, the Biden government, the Manchurian government of the United States, that they will begin the process of discovery and awakening for themselves.

    “And who are they going to come to? They’re going to come to you. They’re going to come to you, because you’ve been the one telling them how crazy things are behind the scenes for however long that’s been. And while they love you and they know you mean well, they just don’t believe anything you say.

    “They will be very interested in what you have to say, if something of this magnitude is to happen again. I believe Q reminds us that this is going to come around at least one more time. Q’s most recent drop stated, ‘How do you protect your DNA?’ And then, two lines later, ‘Protect your DNA,’ almost as a warning.

    “Protect your DNA, so you can ascend. We’re coming into a part of this journey that’s going to be very difficult. We’re going to be presented with some of the same lessons again. We’re going to be shown some of the same problematic traits again. And it is the COVID Treason that will bring down the house.

    “It will bring down all companies that have imposed vaxxination mandates, it will bring down all banks that impose vaxxination as a requirement to access funds. It will bring down all entities that impose vaxxination as a requirement to participate in commerce. That includes government entities. It will bring down everyone.

    “We won’t have to charge them with just election crime. We won’t have to charge them with Treason in the election space. We will be charging them with all of it and we will escalate all way up to the greatest of the crimes – and those will be the ones we display for the world to see – the level of depravity and evil that existed while we were going through an awakening process.

    “I believe, in time we’re going to understand why it had to be this way. In time, we’re going to understand a great deal of why it had to go this particular route; why the sleepers were as asleep as they were and how we can ensure that this never happens to humanity ever again.

    “I’d like to end a little bit on a message of hope. Our hope is found in the Source of All Creation, that we have a direct tie to. Our hope is found through spending quiet time with the Almighty, through appreciating our children, our families, who give us such joy and fulfillment, even if they annoy us and even if they don’t believe us, we know that the love we have for them still exists, regardless of whether the opinion we share are the same or not.

    “We are winning, surviving through, living through and awake for the journey from darkness to light for the human civilization. We are privileged. And even if we cannot share our excitement, our passion and yes, sometimes our grief with our family around us, we are nonetheless grateful for being given the opportunity to see things with such clarity, to have such focus and purpose of drive, to feel such unity with one another.

    “To know what they’ve done to our children and our world, to know the things they’ve done to our Earth – and to us! We’re privileged to see that made right, in realtime.

    “So I give each of you my love and encouragement tonight. Enjoy the time with your families. If you’re all really stressed-out, upset, worried, existing in a state of fear, take a few minutes away from all of this. Appreciate the things about your life; how delicious your iced cold drink tastes, how wonderful the air feels outside, as you get big deep breaths, knowing you didn’t take the shot – or maybe you have taken the shot – knowing you’re going to be OK.

    “Appreciate the small things. Take some time away from all of this, because this will all be here. This is the war for mankind’s future. I assure you, it’s not going anywhere. But remembering that this journey is for the ascension of us all helps put it in perspective when we’re having trouble appreciating the circumstances that we’re going through…

    “There is a purpose, there is a unifying factor – or factors – that are at play with all of the things going on and we are winning this war.”

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    • you’re full of BS, as usual. There is one only source of truth and you ain’t it meditate on that statement and maybe you’ll figure out who it is. I AM THAT I AM. everything else is smoke and mirrors, including you.

    • Guess what? Censorship is alive and well right here on Forbidden Knowledge. I just talked about the British Crown owning America, and what we need and my comment disappeared. Wake up people. ANON is a Psy-Op to make us stand down. We need to pick ‘em off like squirrels. That all I will say this time. Too bad for humanity. They’re all traitors or they wouldn’t have a channel. Capt Joe Kelley.

      • The software put your comment in a moderation queue, not me. Usually, it puts comments there that contain the F-word or “hate-speech”.

        It was curious, indeed that your comment ended up in that folder, since it contained neither profanity nor hate.

    • My humble opinion is that ANON is a psy-op to make us stand down. There’s at least 100 million armed people in America and we need to start picking off anyone wearing a uniform one by one. Set traps for the FBI swat teams and work ‘em like squirrels. Nobody is going to save us. This is a wicked horrible country with monsters controlling us. If anything, this will be to throw some under the bus and the top dogs ( pussies) will remain in control just like they have been for probably 8,000 years. They own the military, and all security (NSA, CIA, FBI, NRO, etc., etc.). Unfortunately, the rest is under mind control and have been brainwashed . This Representative form of government came from the Roman slave system. All Representatives are corrupted, blackmailed or threatened with death. The American founding fathers were Agents of the British Crown and FreeMasons. You do know that the Queen’s or Crown’s color is purple, don’t you? Now understand that the American Symbol is a bird with two colored wings. One Red. And one Blue. Now squint your eyes and watch them blur to purple. Get it? This country was created to continue to rule the world covertly from London……What we need is direct democracy. And anyone like Alex Jones or Mike Adams, who claims that is Mob Rule without even a discussion, is controlled opposition. And yes, it is mob rule. The whole damn mob of us daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs. If you can’t see it, then prepare for the extinction of the human race. I’m certainly not depressed or have suicidal tendencies. So if I get suicided, it’s the Grey Hats. You know, White Hats and Black Hats with squinted eyes. Or it would be easier to put me under the jail under the Congressional Traitors Building. Thanks for listening to my opinion. Captain Joe Kelley.

    • All of the evil that has been done to us; but, i ask; what evil have we done to our fellow man; have we cheated, committed fraud, extortion, or lied; dishonoured our loved ones; just maybe if we repent and take the speck out of our eyes, then maybe God will remove the Log of corruption;

    • I think all of this is BS. Made up stuff to screw the minds of those who read it. All of it except the transhumanistic enslavement plan for humanity, utilizing dangerous frequency technology. That ringing in your ears is it in the background. Remember the ’40’s? Photos of monkees with their skulls shaved off with wires attached? No wires are needed nowadays. They have those 5G towers everywhere sending out the frequencies needed to ruin our lives. Those towers will need to be torn down one day in my opinion. Get your welding torches and saws ready for when they ramp up the tones in your ears!

      • Exactly the jabs chemtrails and 5g is the only real statement in this pile of juvenile idiocracy. There is not 1 single granule of genuine hopeium that exists. The ‘deep state” is the state. We are in the book of revelations and Jesus Christ is your hope.

        • Really because I’ve had that ringing in my left ear for 10 years and my doctor said it from the ear atrophy.He sold his office and maybe bed to India prior to the plandemic. IT feels like an attack for sure though😳

    • WOW! A lot of this resonates with me, but as usual, we are still waiting. I just wish Q and the White Hats had warned us about the “jab” early on when it would have made a difference. Now that the damage has been done, they are against it. How convenient. Were they complicit in the crime? You can’t have it both ways.

      • I am sorry you and apparently many others who did not get or did not listen to the message. I’ve lost friends to these *&&^ shots, even one of my children is fully jabbed and feeling the side effects. There was plenty of warning, that is why so many of us did not get them. I lost my job and have not been able to get rehired because of it, becasue I knew , because I took heed to the warnings. But at least I didn’t have that *&&^ injected into my body,
        Don’t rely on any one source , ultimately you are responsible for searching out information, no one is going to ride a white horse to your house and hand you a written report. Nt trying to be an ass, but you have to take some responsibility for your choices, and btw, there are many things you can do to mitigate the damage done. Research it.

    • Alexandra:
      Your Disavowal / Disclaimer of “I’m going to reserve any comments or judgments for now.” answers many questions that have arisen in my heart concerning the veracity of the entity known as “SG Anon”. Thank you.
      As a recovered four-decades long-term Heroin addict, I cannot allow myself to indulge in Hopium, even lightly-adulterated Hopium.
      Hopium can become even more disastrous than any other Opiate.

      • Sometimes I wonder if FK is a ‘hopium’ site as well. So many stories of Trump doing this, and nothing ever occurs. I read now only for entertainment. Create your own reality. It usually turns out better.

      • Why do you think he talks so slow. He gets paid by the minute. So drag it out slowly and try to brainwash us like National Pubic Radio. Capt Joe Kelley.

    • I have much to say against this guy (or wanna be agent Smith) and Q, but I suppose most of us already know that he speaks of only a half truth.
      Q is seemingly an AI that works for the matrix as to enslave us.
      Just follow the facts no matter what whether you are religious or not, and free yourself from the matrix.

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