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Russia gave their opening argument at the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention today in Geneva.

Russia continues to express concerns over United States militaristic biological activity, specifically along Russia’s border, mostly in Ukraine.

This conference will last until December 16th, and hopefully will bring about changes to the BWC that allows the rest of the world to hold the Deep State accountable for the creation and release of C19.


from the Russian Mission Geneva:

Ambassador Gennady Gatilov at the Ninth Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) Review Conference:

Russia, as a depositary State of the BTWC, consistently implements all its provisions.

The Russian Federation for a long time has been openly expressing criticism and concern over military and biological activities carried out with the direct assistance and participation of the US military in laboratories outside the US, including former Soviet Republics, far from the North American continent and close to Russia’s borders.

At the Consultative Meeting of States Parties to the BTWC on its Article V, Washington and Kiev failed to provide comprehensive answers to the legitimate questions we posed.

Russia is convinced that the effectiveness of the Convention would be greatly improved in the case of the adoption of a universal, legally binding, non‑discriminatory protocol, relating to all Articles of the Convention and involving an effective verification mechanism.

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