Tore Maras says that she paid Hunter Biden’s main prostitute “a lot of money” to convince him to leave his computer behind, in order to free himself from the prison in which his father had built for him.

This video runs images from the new film, ‘My Son Hunter’ over audio from a recent Tore Says podcast, in which she described how she got Hunter Biden to leave his computer behind, how his sister, Ashley congratulated him for doing so and how Ashley soon followed suit, when she purposefully left her diary behind at the halfway house in Florida where she had been staying.



TORE MARAS: What happened was – and I don’t mind saying this – is that his phone had Tile and it would ping.

And I had someone that worked for me in California and has worked for me in other capacities that happened to be at a whorehouse that Hunter Biden was a few years ago. A legal one. It’s very elite-ish.

He [Hunter] left his iPad or his phone there and I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, maybe she could replicate it!” Then I thought, I don’t want to get her in trouble. She shouldn’t do something illegal.

So, I said to her, “Can you find out the list of the pimps, hookers that Hunter Biden uses most often?”

This pimp had connections all across the US, so I looked at the frequencies of him ordering certain girls and I noticed that he picked specific girls during holidays, like Easter time, September time, Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

So, I actually paid his prime hooker a lot of money and I was telling her, “I know you’ve been with Hunter for a while and I feel bad for him. Here’s some money. All I want you to do is tell them this all goes away if they accidentally forget some information somewhere, either at a hotel – but if you’re gonna leave a device with evidence – you should take it to like a Best Buy, you know. Tell him that he can free himself from this prison. Free himself from this prison if he just leaves things.

So that is the conversation I had with Mike a long time ago, where I told him that’s how I knew that Hunter was going around and he had information, because they looked at the stuff and there was a ton of text and everything that was coming in and on his laptop.

There’s receipts from him logging into his own dad’s CashApp to send himself money and at that point, I realized, damn, this boy is captive of his dad. He makes all this money and he’s begging him for a thousand dollars, eight hundred dollars for  – who’s in charge?

Like, I’ve sat and studied this whole thing that’s why I don’t put out a lot of articles. I feel, in a sense I know he’s done atrocious things but the bottom line: he’s trapped and Ashley – have you read her diary? Like, it breaks your heart; talking about her father touching her. Touching her when she was young.

So no matter what people might say, that he’s horrible, we have to remember they’re suffering too, in a sense. So, I tried to do my best and to bring clarity in and some truth to convince the hookers to keep talking to him until he does it.

And it was on New Year’s of 2019 that he was finally convinced and this is also demonstrated from the emails and texts. After his hooker binge and drug binge during the New Year time, I hear that the Feds rolled up on her…

In the text, he’s communicating with his family, saying, “I’m done. I’m out of here. I’m checking out. I’m just, I’m over this. We’re not doing – I’m not doing this anymore.”

And they were like, “I’m sorry you feel this way.” And he and Ashley colluded. I mean, what are the odds that he drops off the laptop and Ashley’s texting him, like, “Did you do it, yet?”

Okay, like I did my part, which is to bring the truth into the light, in a you know, more correct way.

And then, in March, she told him she’s so proud of him, because he had dropped it off, so you know, that was really exciting.

PATRICK BYRNE: Wait. So Ashley congratulated Hunter for having had the courage to drop off his computer, because she knew that he was dropping it off, with the idea that it would get out there into the world?

TORE MARAS: Correct and she was doing the same thing, by writing her diary and decided to drop it off, afterwards.

I mean, the storyline is there, if you have the patience to read it and that’s why the copy that I built was created in such a way that you can read it as a storyline, rather than just a bunch of random emails.

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  • No way to tell what is true and false but I do find the story credible – it could have happened the way she tells it. For me the credibility comes from remembering David Wilcock over 20 years ago talking about how the Illuminati families hold their children prisoners in numerous ways including torture, mind control, etc. He referred his readers to Svali’s articles which I found some to be fascinating. She describes herself as an ex-Illuminati who got out. David’s opinion was that there were many who would leave in a heartbeat if they thought they could.

  • False stories and false predictions, lots of hopium and Q-like theories. These are the things that come from “Tore Says” and I hope it stops showing up on this website.

  • I dont believe any of that youd think hed delete and edit thd contents before he did that so ad to avoud the death penalty the crines add up to multiple life sentences NOBODY WOULD DO THAT ARREST THEM NOW OR FACE DERILICTION OF DUTY

  • This doesn’t surprise me, I just felt Hunter was tired of being used by his father who I feel had done the same to him as the father of Cathy O Brian did to her!!

  • So what. . It is chinachinachina again. ? He is guilty and so is his father. Lock them both up and sort it out later. This is not about the bydens and china. This is about a global genocide event and a financial reset.

  • I always suspected this is why Hunter & Ashley purposely left the computers and diary at conspicuous places that would be easily found and expose the sordid dirty Biden Family Secrets. BRAVO for them, they are victims too.


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