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    Jack Posobiec breaks down the recent developments regarding Elon Musk and the Hunter Biden Laptop story:

    “The question before us, ‘Who are you, Jack Dorsey, Yoel Roth, Vijaya Gadde? Do you realize that there is a scenario whereby all the people that have died in Ukraine would not have died if you had not made these decisions as you did. Do you understand that? Can you live with that? Because you have to. And that’s something that you’ve got to look deep into your soul, deep into your heart and deal with, because you were the people who made this decision.’…

    “Do people even realize the level of what’s in there [Hunter Biden’s laptop]?

    “And by the way, when I hear conservatives talking about this, that in the new Congress this is going to be investigated, we need to understand that the laptop, itself is not the only thing we’re investigating. The laptop is a starting point.

    “The laptop is a starting point into Burisma, it’s a starting point into CEFC in China, which is the CCP. The CCP backed entities. We’re going to dig into all of this. And I want every single piece of it investigated. And if and when we find that it ties back to the Biden Family, when we find out how much money is moving hands, then we will know that those of us who were there in October of 2020, those of us who were there when it mattered in October of 2020, every day going through, file by file, phone call by pone call, voice mail by voice mail, text message by text message. That’s what we did. We released everything. And what did they do? They suppressed us…They banned us for it.

    “Understand, this is our history and we do have to deal with this and there needs to be punishments. There needs to be punishments for the people who made these decisions. They shouldn’t just be allowed to continue to operate, number one, in Silicon Valley. I hope that everyone fires them, I hope they get rid of them and then number two, if we had a real Department of Justice, that we’re looking at actual Civil Rights violations.

    “The question is, OK, you violated the Civil Rights of millions of Americans. Is there going to be an investigation into this? There should be. Is there going to be law enforcement involved in this? There should be. Because, what they did – and this is why, look – we shouldn’t put all of our chips into the basket of a multi-billionaire.

    “These platforms are public utilities. We shouldn’t just blindly trust Elon Musk. We shouldn’t blindly trust anybody. We should trust the American People and we should take control of our own Freedom of Speech…This is a fight that’s not going to stop. Ever. In our lives. Because that’s our system. We have freedoms because we fight for them. It’s gonna go to the courts, it’s gonna go everywhere. Never stop fighting for your freedom. That’s your job.”

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    • Speaking of freedom of speech, Elon is doing OK, but you will still have to verify your account on twitter, which if you aren’t careful enough to register with secondary sim, you could get screwed.
      Other than that, remember that there also are negative things he said and done, so do not confuse him as a savior.
      We still have to watch our own butt.

    • I would point out that Twitter is NOT a public utility ( if it was, it would have so many regulations on it that no one would use it anyway) but it wouldn’t have mattered because the fix was in on the vote, e?Celtic I can’t see to type for all the ads.

      People need to ditch electronic voting THEMSELVES by WRITING IN any race regarding which they care who wins.

      Vote early, vote slow.

    • Someone should tell Jack Poboiec that Americans or anyone else wouldn’t have to fight so hard for their Freedom ,
      IF the people who Read
      The T U L M U D stopped reading it and started to burn it.

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