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The Hungarian language is mysterious. There are unsettled debates about it but it’s generally thought to be related to Finnish and Estonian, as part of the Uralic language group that originated in Western Siberia. This makes Hungary a linguistic island, surrounded by nations speaking languages of the Indo-European group.

What is known is that the Mongol invasion during the early 13th century was so brutal that it left a mark on the Hungarian psyche that exists to this day. This bruising was compounded by a war with the Ottoman Empire that raged for almost 200 years during the 16th and 17th centuries, followed by Nazi- and Soviet occupations during the 20th century.

In short, the history of Hungary is defined by violent invasions but they have a strong culture that goes back to the 9th century and they want to keep it. 70% of them recently hit the polls in droves to re-elect the government of Viktor Orbán, which seeks to prosecute illegal migration – but Emily Maitlis from the BBC is not happy about it.

Actually, all of Globalistan and its Mainstream Media propaganda machine are calling on Hungary to repeal its “Anti-Soros” law, which threatens to incarcerate workers of the mostly Soros-backed NGOs that are helping refugees to enter the country. The Globalists are accusing Orbán’s Fidesz party of “xenophobia” because they don’t agree to absorbing limitless war-strafed and poverty-stricken asylum-seekers into Hungary, which has a total population less than half the size of New York City.

The EU is currently seeing a political backlash against Angela Merkel’s 2015 decision to open the continent’s doors to refugees. A deal made between European leaders on Friday will allow migrants to be distributed on a “voluntary basis”— not in forced relocations, as Merkel had previously advocated.

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  • There is a bullying aspect of political correctness. I have been a civil rights advocate all my life, and I agree that Hungary has the right to maintain their culture. The refugee problem has been created by colonialism which goes into countries and disrupts with wars, sanctions, drugs, and other means. Underdeveloped nations are used and abused. Bully nations create chaos in order to maintain power and economic superiority and then those disrupted nations spread chaos. This is designed and resistance is necessary.

    • Thank you, Patricia. I was similarly educated to despise colonialism and to support the people’s right to self-determination. This BBC harpie is probably being paid by an entity affiliated with George Soros to carry on like that.

      Unlike Britain, Hungary did not participate in colonialism. They have no karma in this garbage that’s going on and they do not deserve to be saddled with human wreckage not of their making.

      Historically, Hungary is a country that has consistently been overrun by more powerful forces and yet, they’ve retained a strong identity and they produce a crazy per capita amount of geniuses. Let them do their own thing. I see them as an endangered species that needs protection.

      I say this as a total mongrel with 3 passports who enjoys living in proximity with people from many cultures. This doesn’t mean I think that all places should be like NYC and that all unique cultures should be obliterated and be made part of Globalistan.

      The Soros-engineered migrant crisis in Europe was intended to destabilize Europe, similar to the “Open Borders” paid-movement in the US. They want to destabilize the West and take it over.

  • We know them, those wo want diversity in Europe, to enslave the nations.

    “What the heck is Barbara Spectre’s motivation” (6 min.)

    Barbara used to be named Lerner (while living in the States)
    Immigrated (!) in Sweden, she added Spect-re to her name (Barbara Lerner Spectre).
    Is this the opposit of re-spect?

    1° Máxima
    Máxima – ‘The Dutchman does not exist’ / ‘De Nederlander’ bestaat niet (>>

    2° Mona Salin
    The following year, she got a question from the newspaper Euroturk: What is Swedish culture? She answered: “I’ve often had that question but I cannot figure out what Swedish culture is.
    Sweden: Leading Social Democrat “The White Majority is the Problem” (1½ min.)

    3° Stefanie von Berg
    Stefanie von Berg (Grüne) freut sich, das Deutschen in 30 Jahren in Hamburg in der Minderheit sind. (1 minuut)

    4° Magdalena Andersson (Zweden) on refugees (4 min.)

    5° Frans Timmermans
    Europe will be diverse, or war! – Frans Timmermans (1½ min.)
    “Look well upon Mr. Timmerman’s face, as this is the face of a traitor.”

    6° Federica Mogherini
    The refugee crisis puts our identity to the test – Federica Mogherini in the EP (11 min.)

    7° Barbara Lerner Spectre (1 minuut) (< 5 min.) (6 min.)

    8° Nicolas Sarkozy
    Gepubliceerd op 30 jan. 2013

    Through their forcing of immigration, integration and assimilation into all white countries, and only white countries, they have shown their intent to destroy the white race in whole. They are deliberately inflicting on the white race conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole. (2 min.)

    9° Emmanuel Macron (6 m in.)


    They all want diversity in Europe, so they can keep the people enslaved:

  • There was no Nazi occupation. The Nazis were there because Hungary was on their side. Why? because the victors in WWI chose to punish Hungary by reducing it to a third its original size, and in so doing, trimmed away all the contributing cultures and ethnicities within its borders, isolating Hungary as a linguistic island and monoculture. This was excruciatingly painful, and is to this day. Hungary went with Germany in the war because of the expectation that, had they won, Hungary would be restored.
    That same punitive triumphalism in Germany set the stage for Hitler himself. More succinctly, were it not for that western triumphalism, there’d have been no WWII

  • I have to call that woman a bitch. She is not a reporter. She is acting as judge and jury of a country that has every right to make its own decisions about its culture and destiny. I’m glad he stood up to her. And btw, will she be doing her part by welcoming any immigrants into her own home? I don’t think so.

    • Being half Hungarian, PHolme, I completely agree with your sentiment re ‘defend yourself’, BUT please, drop the us n them, left right labels.
      The dynamic to which you refer is ‘corporatist thug’ politics which makes for a one wing entity…and, as we know full well, one wing flight either spirals into the ground or, on the ground, is capable of only going round in circles…as evidenced by the ‘spin’ principles they use.

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