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    It’s shocking that there is even a company big enough to acquire Monsanto but that company is Bayer and the deed was done last week. Monsanto, the hulking mega-corporation synonymous with GMOs and Roundup and having itself been on an acquisition tear since the 1980s is possibly the most detested brand on the planet. It will now cease to exist and become ensconced within a company most well-known for its innocuous aspirin. James Corbett explains why this is not OK.

    If someone had told you twenty years ago that the company that commercialized chemical warfare and the company that commercialized Agent Orange were going merge and control a quarter of the world’s food supply, you may have been scoffed at as tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy loon. However, Monsanto CEO Robert B Shapiro clearly stated this plan all the way back in 1999: “We’re talking about three of the largest industries in the world: agriculture food and health that now operate as separate businesses but there are a set of changes that will lead to their integration.”

    Corbett says the “integration of agriculture, food and health is the goal and once that goal is reached, the entire life-support system of the human population, including all our food and medicine will be in the hands of a few mega-corporations” and how a quote often attributed to Kissinger although unverified is nonetheless true: “He who controls the food supply controls the people. He who controls the energy can control whole continents. He who controls money can control them all.”

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