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If you want to know the hardcore Blavatskian Theosophist view of human pre-history, Phillip Lindsay presents a very orthodox view as he joins Forum Borealis to discuss his lifework, accompanied by a mesmerizing montage of footage from Lindsay’s documentary, ‘Hidden History of Humanity’.

Theosophy is a spiritualist movement founded by Helena Blavatsky in the late 19th century, who sometimes referred to it as “Esoteric Buddhism”. The central tenets of Theosophy, as laid out in The Secret Doctrine derive from Blavatsky’s translations and interpretations of ancient Tibetan Buddhist scrolls she called the “Stanzas of the Dzyan”. Some think this probably referred to parts of the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhist wisdom that are called “secret” or “inner” teachings.

Buddhism itself, having been founded by a Hindu prince contains many Vedic precepts, including the concepts of Karma, the Yuga system of time cycles and the belief in the extreme antiquity of humankind, going back millions of years.

Many Theosophist ideas run counter to Abrahamic and scientific beliefs but one need not feel the need to accept or reject these philosophies of human evolution, etc. while the two embark on an exploration of such topics as Lemuria and Atlantis, Shambala and Agartha, past and future rootraces, giants and how the Yugas compare with Ancient Greek and Mayan calenders.

Lindsay answers such questions as: Did we coexist with dinosaurs? When does the Aquarian Age begin? How will our civilization collapse? and the two discuss spiritual adepts like Roerich, Gurdjieff, Lama Govinda, Sri Aurobindo, Michael Cremo, Rudolf Steiner and others.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Still wondering why such intelligent people use the term “mankind” instead of “humankind”. At least Lindsay stresses the term “humanity”, that is a beginning. Why have I been aware of this language disparity for at least 25 years, and so many scholars I observe and listen to, still use exclusive language, not inclusive.
    Otherwise, this info is fascinating, so thanks so much, Alexandra!

  • Does PHILLIP LINDSAY include the Pythagorean connection with Blavatsky? A secret order has recently (this century), published a much wider picture of esoterica which states that Blavatsky was advised to limit her message to the west and that while eastern adepts did also achieve great heights, the bigger picture has only recently been released in free PDF books at:

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