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Is China fighting the New World Order?

That is the question!

ReallyGraceful has made another superb video that covers the Opium Wars, the early incursions of the Rothschild banking interests and the Rockefeller petroleum interests into China, to the Communist Revolution and the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, recalled quite differently by the Chinese themselves than from the Western Mainstream Media versions, leading up to the present day.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • It still baffles me that ANYONE still entrust THEIR “Power” and Hopes in ANY entity called GOVERNMENT (Govern-MIND)…or RELIGION (Same thing!)…When all the evidence of their failure is being exposed by the HOUR!!!
    Of course China is “Plan-B” (Along with FAKE Jew Backed Russia) of the NWO (New (OLD!) World Order…(Luciferian/Satanic)
    Hu-Man/Womanity are creations of “Divine Source Creator” which NEVER was supposed to be SUBJECTED!…AT ALL!
    All I saw with this video is just more of the same BS designed to “Confuse” sheeple into buying into a so-called “Good-Government”….which NEVER EXISTED since the “Fallen-Ones” created RELIGION=GOVERNMENT=MONEY (In that order too!)
    BOTH are the very creators of: “Problem-Reaction-Solution” and ” Divide & Conquer” Methods to keep their “Citizens” (Actually SLAVES!) under their control.
    Now using their SSP (SECRET Space Program or NOW called “SPACE-FORCE” by Trump) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and “Crypto-Currencies” (Fart Money!) to ENSLAVE the Sheeple…Understand ANYONE???
    Awaken My Brethen/Sisters…YOU ARE BEING CONNED!
    “Magnetic Energies” and “Melanin” will prove to be OUR “Powers” to become as OUR “Cosmic Families” Are….STOP FEEDING “RELIGION & GOVERNMENT”….BY NOT SUPPORTING THEM
    That is what is meant by “The KINGDOM is WITH-IN….YOU!!!

  • Yes thanks Alexandra, a wonderful video.
    My take is that The NWO, carefully guided by the Rothschild’s and faithfully followed by the Rockefeller’s, have put together a new game on the old chessboard.
    explains well how things are going in China’s search for dominion.
    A back-up to the Suez canal.

    This new Megacity of Neom will allow Saudi ladies to wear bikinis. It seems to me that the new king has thrown in his hand completely with the Rothschilds, who also engineered communism and China PDR.
    This might indicate that they have now finished with the war on terror, and they are going to remove Islam from the news. Then there will be the ultimate chaos that they are targeting, out of which the NWO is intended to rise. We must be getting close now.
    It is time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.
    The most likely place for us to gather in a suitable environment as far as I have found, is
    Hope to see you there – big audience available.
    Thanks for being

  • China had already attempted to drive an international currency, along with Brazil, Africa and a few other Southern Hemisphere countries, around 2003 (?), but our bankers came in to pressure the Brazilian President against this notion. They had been working with what they called “credits”, internally, even with their airlines. Well, once a few buckled, the effort fell. Now, China is gaining a better reputation with countries like Africa, than the US is, because they are offering infrastructure (roads, canals, schools, plants, hospitals), in exchange for natural resources.

  • A great site, have been sharing Lately all your stuff on my Face book page. You educate the masses….Thank you.

  • It is so refreshing to hear someone speaking the truth; the truth that will never be shared in America’s Schools.

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