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    James Corbett is a hero for putting this video together, which proves for the umpteenth time that the only meaningful purpose for watching the Criminal Mainstream Media is to study that which the utterly corrupt planetary government(/s?) either WANT you to believe or to study their techniques for confusing the Hell out of you, with their straight-up garbage.

    Unless you’re interested in that [email protected], I advise you to turn off the BS “News” – and to watch this extremely worthwhile clip, instead.

    The MSM’s recent “cyber hijacking” presentation of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 as a “World First” or, in any way, some kind of “newfangled” technology is as bogus as a $3 bill – and of course, it brings us full circle to the uncanny precision, with which United Flight 175 made a rapid descent, turned sharply and made a perfect 20-degree bank into the corner of WTC #2.

    A plastic-box-cutter-wielding non-professional could have never pulled off such a maneuver, let alone would the majority of the most ultimately-experienced of commercial airliner pilots: A computer did it!

    As 9/11 researcher Aidan Monahan states, this 20-degree bank began a mile and a half before the plane struck the building, which would have necessitated extreme precision, for the initiation of this 20-degree bank at the correct time, in a plane traveling at a speed of 799 feet per second – because one second off would have meant that the plane would have missed the building, entirely.

    This technology has been installed on most Boeing commercial airliners *since at least the mid-’70s* – purportedly, to thwart the many hijacking events, which indeed occurred with great frequency during that era. This would allow for a ground crew to override pilot controls and to rescue an imperiled plane from a hijacking and bring it to a safe landing.

    But obviously, this technology can work both ways and there are extensive films of tests done at Edwards Air Force Base and elsewhere, made DECADES AGO, of planes being flown by remote control, of having the pilot controls overruled by remote control and of the deliberate crashing of planes using remote control, as seen in the clip, linked below.

    Turn off the idiot box and stop letting your minds be hijacked by these criminal jackasses!



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