Alexandra Bruce
March 29, 2014

This is a jarring and heart-breaking report about a People’s Hearing, that was simultaneously held in Washington, DC while President Obama was in Europe, unconscionably justifying the the US’ war in Iraq, intercutting between the two events, while the POTUS said that “we” did not “annex” Iraqi territory or grab their resources – “we” ended our war with Iraq, [which was the second longest in our country’s history and was all based on lies, to begin with], leaving the Iraqis “sovereign”.

The “war” in Afghanistan is the longest; it appears to continue for the main purpose of protecting the poppy fields, while heroin addiction and death rates skyrocket throughout the Suburban US. What are we still “supposed” to be doing there, again?

Meanwhile, the corrupt, US-backed, Shia “sovereign” government of Al-Maliki appears to be more concerned with carving up and stealing whatever wealth remains in Iraq, while simultaneously crushing any opposition, such as movements for labor
negotiations or fair business practices, of any kind – similarly to Saddam’s regime – than with restoring stability and growth in their war-savaged nation.

An Iraqi woman at this hearing asks, “‘Sovereignty’ for whom? the 275-300 Iraq parliament members who live in the [newly-
and significantly-named] “International Zone,” formerly known as the “Green Zone?”

While the Al-Maliki corrupt government does its thing, 38% of the population lives below the poverty line, a much higher number than before the country was leveled by the US.

I had classmates from the Iraqi middle class, while at college in Paris and they were totally A-OK with me. Iraq was a modern secular state, back then, as opposed to the radicalized Shia-based government, that it is, today.

This is to say nothing of the depleted uranium dumped by US troops all over Iraq, which will continue poisoning the land and destroying the DNA of all present and future generations of Iraqis for hundreds of thousands of years, who have already, for years been evidencing major spikes of cancers and horrifying birth defects.

Personally, I agree with many of the speakers featured here: that what first must occur, in order to even begin to set things aright, is for *all US Government Officials who led Americans into the war in Iraq to be held accountable* for the unwarranted and [cowardly, undeclared], illegal war in Iraq. As Pamela Spees, Senior Staff Attorney at the center of Constitutional Rights says:

“Justice deserves an accounting of those who so perverted and twisted the truth and cavalierly drove this country into a war of
aggression, that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives of Iraqis and treated US Servicemembers like cannon fodder:

“Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleezza Rice and President George W. Bush.”

Iraq was completely innocent of any wrongdoing of any sort, regarding the 9/11 attacks, which the US Criminal Mainstream Media guilelessly attempted to convince the zombie viewers of the so-called “News” – nor did Iraq possess any weapons of mass destruction – or rather, have any *left over*, from those previously provided by the US, to their puppet dictator of nearly half a century, Saddam Hussein. This, after a decade of UN inspections had enforced the ruling that he to destroy them all.

If nations have karmic debts besides financial, then the United States most certainly has Hell to pay, as do its Citizens, for allowing this illegal war of aggression to be waged against millions of innocent people for over a decade. Our unconsciousness will result in a wake-up call that is, as yet unknown and which we will only begin to fathom, when it is directly upon us, whether it be the implosion of the dollar, due to the $6 trillion that was misspent on that undeclared war plus the $2.3 Trillion that had gone missing, as announced by Secretary of Defense, Don Rumsfeld on the day before 9/11, followed by something yet to be determined which took out the very accounting offices at the Pentagon, which were investigating this issue.

With an ongoing average of one US Iraq war veteran currently committing suicide per hour, we may be seeing the very first glimpses of a part of what this payback looks like. The internal suffering of young, decent men, being forced to carry out orders that they knew were WRONG, resulting in suicide has been ongoing for years.

On a brighter note, there are more mature nations, like Germany, Spain and others, who have slunk to unimaginable lows to emerge, in the present as true leaders of justice and rule of law – but not after suffering grievously for their sins, that they perpetrated against others, as well as on their own people. America may have to learn these lessons the hard way, as well –
unless the much-vaunted “American Exceptionalism” is, indeed a reality.

To me the most “exceptionalistic” things about America are the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which ultimately enabled it to become the astounding powerhouse of the 20th century.

Both of these have been trampled upon and all but destroyed by the past two Administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama – who have clearly not been working for the best interests of the American people but have apparently instead, been systematically doing everything in their capacity to tear it down, as if someone else were calling the shots.

We cannot have another member from their corrupt posse to take their post, such as Hillary Clinton, or the current path of self-destruction and the destruction of innocents, worldwide will continue to carry on, apace.

We need someone from outside of this Globalist club that would NOT turn the US into a 3rd World country, for the banksters to buy up, for pennies on the dead dollar.

I’d like to take a poll: Would anybody reading this support a movement to Draft Jesse Ventura for President? Answer “Yes” or “No” and I’ll count it up and send it to somebody who can maybe pull it off!

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