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    Wow! Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele knocks it out of the park at CPAC!!!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Acording to wiki Nayib Bukele, full name Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez was born on 24 July 1981 in San Salvador.[21] He is a son of Armando Bukele Kattán, an imam,[22] and Olga Ortez de Bukele.[21][23] Bukele’s paternal grandparents were Palestinian Christians from Jerusalem and Bethlehem. His maternal grandmother was Catholic and his maternal grandfather was Greek Orthodox.[24][25]

      Lets look at the surnames. Ortez, Kattan first.
      “The surname Kattan was first found in Mecklenburg, where the name Katt contributed greatly to the development of an emerging nation, and would later play a large role in the tribal and national conflicts of the area. Over time, the Katt family name branched into other houses, where their influence continued to be felt because of the important role they played in the local social and political affairs.” [] Notice that the Kattan family crest has three six-pointed stars, telling us these are crypto-jews.

      Ortez has many variants, including Ortiz and it is old Spanish royal bloodline. We can read at that “The surname Ortez was first found in Asturias, where the Christian Reconquest of the Iberian peninsula began in the eighth century. One of the earliest records of the family was Sancho Ordóñez (c. 895 – 929), King of Galicia from 926 and until his death in 929. He was the eldest son of Ordoño II, (c. 873-924) who king of Galicia from 910, and king of Galicia and León from 914 until his death. Later, Sancho Ordóñez (before 1042- c.1080), a count who lived in the 11th-century. His father was Ordoño Bermúdez, an illegitimate son of King Bermudo II of León.”

      So in both lines Nayib has royal blood, both lines being crypto-jewish, since Ortiz family are converos from Spain [phony Christians] which we can read at wiki: “Officials of the Spanish Inquisition in Toledo, Spain, wrote in the 1590s that “this surname Ortiz, although they have few sanbenitos, is in this city a very converso lineage and surname”.[1] []

      Nayib’s father’s name is probably also another surname veiled as a first name. Armand family is an old French ruling family: “The name was first recorded in the cartulary of the abbey of Saint-Bertain, during the year of 806. Throughout the centuries the family prospered, expanded and grew in size. The family, as a noble family of France, confirmed with letters of patent and heraldic cap, contributed largely on the political as well as the cultural scene of the regions in which they settled. In return for their contributions many of the different branches were granted titles of nobility.” [].

      Lets look at all the religions that Nayib’s bloodlines confessed to: they were first jews, then ‘coversos’ (phony Christians), Palestinian Christians and also Greek Orthodox. To top it all off, Nayib’s father became an Imam.
      What a joke!
      They proclaim of being members of whichever religion brings them some comparative advantage, some short term benefit to their family in the new territories they invade (spread to like mycelium) which then become integral part of their global trade and global finance. They are neither jews, nor christians or muslim. What they are is an old godless global Phoenician network of families marrying exclusively each other, meaning they are globalists to their core and had been ruling the waves with their Phoenician Navy for millennia. These families cooperate as long as they need to subdue local population or any potential competition. That is why Alex Jones promotes this Salvadorian family in the US, he belongs to the same network of ancient ruler families, who rule through lies, misdirection and mutual promotion. Obviously the “old money” (Phoenicia based trillionaire families, spread and rooted firmly across all continents) cooperates with the “Nouveau riche” cabal of newcomers that go by the name WEF-club in creation of this phony theater for the masses.
      … As if globalization is something yet to be realized in the future,
      … as if these families haven’t managed the globe for millennia now.

      The Old money network of families uses the wannabe-club of fresh trillionaires to take the heat (wrath of people) off of them. Those newcomer trillionaire networks which manage to divert people’s attention away from the old global network of hidden ruling families (hiding out in the open through the use of theatrical productions) are then allowed to become full-fledged members of global ruling caste.

      Apropos the so called “fast and clean” turning of El Salvador from most dangerous to most safe place of the ‘western world’ I would suggest this explanation:
      the very same families who control drug market inside El Salvador and are part of the ‘west world’ drug market have simply manufactured this success story to hoist their guy – Nayib – firmly onto El Salvador’s throne. Same families which control the military and the police and all the competing drug cartels can stop drug related killings by simply internally declaring (behind closed doors) a moratorium on drug related killings. At the same time they send loyal military on photo shoot expeditions and publish feel-good stories about “president’s” success story of never-seen cessation of drug killings in the media controlled by them. What these Salvadorian ruling families did is they stopped giving orders to their cartel members to kill other drug cartel members … or, said another way, they did the don Corleone maneuver of cooperation within the “network” while pushing their common poster-boy onto the public scene. As long as he – Nayab Bonaparte – manages to cling to the throne – regardless of which economic or judicial harms come to ordinary Salvadorian’s way of living during his rule, the local cartel wars will remain mute.

      Phoenicians … who are they?
      … And where did they go?

    • Problem – reaction – solution ?
      The blueprint for the next stage of “authoritarian” “democratic” regimes drafted in the Rockefeller 2010 document ?

    • the cleanup of once lost el salvador is one of the benefits of having defunded the CIA . how much more change can we expect for freedom lovers from curb stomped democracies when allowing fair elections enables the flow of human spirit to spread . with mexico as a stronghold for these cross border operations the spoils of war are funding the complicit district of criminals . lost america will only be solved when we take down mexico first . trumptard can shove his fence up his gold plated ass saving america is on nobodies radar going into election season why because it funds the war party machine and money no matter how dirty will not be refused by them ever no amount of hootin and hollerin from AJ will change that fact .

    • uh huh sure, how believable. Yet another “leader” delivers trigger words to blind the sheep masses into believing he’s the saviour. Half arab ruling a Hispanic country, nothing to see here just like the heavy presence of arabs in Brazil government and their corruption.

      • Yep, & just like the heavy presence of Arab’s in Chicago’s South Suburb’s, Huston & every major city in the United States. The Arab’s told us long ago “we will over populate you” look at England & all of Europe.
        We here nothing about what these Arab’s are doing to the Irish in Ireland, in today’s time (and even the past).

      • I guess you’re not impressed. I have to admit, I am. I have a question for you: What specifically is your complaint? Did you think what he said was true, or not?

        I do wonder why a country would feel the need to turn to bitcoin as a national currency, however. Especially once the country understands that they can fund themselves, why would they resort to someone’s computer (crypto) program for funding? It is only the effort of individuals in the economy that creates value. This is the real source of funding, because value would not exist without the work and the signature that promises to fulfill the obligation implied. All the duplication of claims that are spun off of the original loan contracts are totally without merit. THIS is the explanation for $15 quadrillion in derivatives (financial) claims that are set to implode the world in a massive default and collateral confiscation. [refer Alasdair Macleod, ]

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