This is one of many hilarious episodes of JP Sears’ ‘Ultra Spiritual Life’ series on YouTube, which sends up a certain kind of New Age sanctimoniousness that sometimes makes me want to live a Gluten-Free-Free life.

Relax. It’s comedy. Of course, Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance and -Sensitivity are real. There are many nutritionists and naturopaths who are qualified to insist that everybody, whether sensitive to these foods or not should avoid all grains that contain gluten, among other nasty foods, like meat and extracted oils, if they want to extend their longevity and quality of life (because delicious food and haute cuisine doesn’t count as a quality of life).

I’ll post something soon about the other foods that you must never eat, in order to avoid cancer and accelerated decrepitude. It will make you very, very angry. But for now, have a laugh.

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  • I would have hoped for a more thought provoking bit of levity. But, alas, not everyone can be as insightful as Saturday Night Live in 1975. A hatchet is a hatchet, but years ago I met a Polish carpenter in Chicago who could cut dove-tails for drawers with a hand-held hatchet. Unfortunately, JP has not yet reached that level of discernment. Thanks for the giggles, however.

  • I better contact Natural News and find out what this means…. Oh, wait, can’t do that, “GOOGLE” has become Natural News intolerant ….. And the moral to my story is, it’s time to become google intolerant……. I had o toss something into the salad for flavor, I apologize.

    • I’m really beginning to feel like I’m in a losing battle. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep doing this.

      • If you’re serious, don’t be! I love your presentations, and because of them I have gotten involved with Contact In The Desert (where I saw your film two years ago, and met you). As per fake news and censorship, I believe there is always a way. More than 100 years ago the Chattagua movement took place oriented around such figures as Fighting Bob (La Follette, Wisconsin Governor) which provided platforms for people to come together in summer camps to discuss the ills of the Robber Barons of the day. Daniel Sheehan spoke of them at Contact as a direction we should investigate and expand upon today. I must reiterate that your work with ForbiddenKnowledgeTV has inspired me to go in directions I didn’t know were available to me!

        • It’s nice to hear that something positive has come from my efforts.

          I am a human truth bomb. It’s not fun. No one will hire you.

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