Ryan Higa, a “Golden Haired” YouTuber who gets millions of views with his very West Coast Asian sense of humor has just released this send-up about How to be Politically Correct (“because we all know the worst thing you can possibly do to someone in 2017 is offend them!”)

These are the Three Golden Rules:

1. Avoid discussing a trending topic because if everybody’s talking about something and you talk about it, it’s bound to offend somebody.

2. No more jokes because everything is offensive. It’s not rocket science.

3. If you don’t want to offend someone, don’t have any opinions.

Well, Now I know why it’s getting harder and harder for me to publish this blog! 🙂

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  • To be Politically Correct in today’s world is really a form of self castration and a loss of another freedom of expression…

  • If you can’t laugh at your self, you should not be able to at anyone else either. Old rule of thumb . Get real, keep an open mind, not an empty one…… And thank you for the memory’s, that’s an old Hope joke. (Bob Hope) LOL!

  • Brilliant! Thanks for demonstrating so clearly that LAUGHTER is the way out of this madness. Thank you for making me laugh out loud! Big thumbs up!

  • Smart. Good video. Not really funny because it’s too sadly true. Although, he hits the subject squarely and did a well-rounded job of presenting the material, it’s not funny. At his age he’s likely drowning in the PC crap, unlike the prior generations who could still tell a joke in public. I can guarantee that his generation’s grandparents continue to ask WTF is wrong with you all? It’s a joke, not an indictment! The kids can’t tell the difference. The majority of those grandparents and parents, unfortunately, are not awake and can’t see the MSM entrainment efforts to control the minds of their offspring.

    If you stop thinking and asking questions, if you take a position of BELIEF in something, anything your learning and growing ceases. Examples abound. You are now a being who will know nothing more until you open your mind and step out of that belief. You are, therefore, easy to figure and control by those who would do so. The State is well aware of what they have been doing to close the minds of the last two generations, move them to compliance of thought and away from critical thinking where questioning authority is the responsibility of every human.

    Becoming an MSM entrained automaton devoid of critical thinking skills, accusatory of everything surveyed that is not in agreement, wrapping up in emotions rather than understanding and (the worst part) being totally unaware of this imprisonment is a mental illness, one artificially created for you to secure power for others. Apparently, it requires about two generations to proof the product completely. We see the result in 2017.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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