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In terms of its lethality, Fentanyl is an unprecedented development in the history of street drugs . In 2017, the DEA in New York City seized a total of 193 kilos of Fentanyl – more than enough to kill the City’s population 11 times over.

Vice/HBO investigates the shipping routes of the extremely toxic synthetic opioid, Fentanyl, which US Customs says is coming into the US exclusively from China and Hong Kong. In October 2017, US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the DOJ’s first-ever indictments of Chinese nationals, accusing them of shipping Fentanyl to online buyers in the US.

Yu Haibin, from the National Narcotics Control Commission, the Chinese equivalent of the DEA claims his agency has no proof these two have broken the law and says the US authorities’ unilateral indictment has complicated their investigation.

Yu, being the Chinese narc that he is, then takes a jab at the US, claiming that the increase of states legalizing marijuana is leading to an increase in the abuse of Fentanyl (which is not only untrue but the opposite of true).

What I found fascinating, in listening to both law enforcement officials was how overwhelmed I was by the sense that I could trust neither one!

Alexandra Bruce

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