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    Scenes of vaporized homes surrounded by relatively unscathed trees are the hallmark of the devastating NorCal fires we saw last Fall and again, in the Carr Fire over the past week.

    We’re seeing the same eerie images of this anomaly, where upscale suburban homes are cremated, innumerable cars are “toasted” (requiring temperatures exceeding 2500ºF), yet nearby trees just inches away are left intact.

    This video shows a still photograph of one such home that was literally sliced in half, as if by some giant precision saw.

    It is disturbing to relate reports from people in the region, who have lost everything and who are convinced that Directed Energy Weapons are being deployed against their communities. One rumor circulating from the Q posts claims it is the State of California that is the perpetrator. The chronically insolvent State, having defied the Federal Government with its Sanctuary City laws that shelter illegal immigrants is being blamed for torching the Redding-Shasta region so that the State could get access to State of Emergency and FEMA funds.

    I’m not here to argue whether or not any of this is true but I do find it significant that so many Americans have so entirely lost faith in the authorities that they believe their homes have been targeted for destruction. This idea is unfathomable, yet the images give the appearance of illustrating these beliefs. And frankly, after 9/11, decades of wars based on lies, the sheer number of mass shootings and cover-ups – and that Mandalay Bay is actually suing 1,000+ shooting victims…one would have to be an idiot to trust the authorities.

    Last year, YouTuber, APlainTruth.Info posted 3 instances of large laser beams captured by cellphone cameras around the wildfires and INTruthbyGrace posted a video featuring scientific papers about the use of electrical fields for combustion synthesis in metals, aka “Smartfire Technology.” (Please see the links to those two videos below).

    The latter explains how these fires were being set by masers, the acronym for “microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. When the coherent radiation of atomic beam masers are applied to metals, the released oxides function as accelerants for the creation of fires. This can be done with all kinds of metals, due to the characteristics of their atomic structure (which is why you shouldn’t put metals in a microwave oven). Masers would help explain the toasted cars…

    She goes on to explain that most homes in California have terracotta roof tiles, commonly made from clay that gets its red color from iron oxide. When microwaves are applied to terracotta, the iron oxide releases oxygen, which fuels the fires. Significantly, the same cannot be done with trees because there’s no metal in trees to create the oxidizing agent to stoke a fire.

    Meanwhile, the Carr Fire is still raging in Northern California after several days. It has killed 6 people, destroyed 1,000 homes and damaged 200 more. We’re told that the 4,000 firemen, with the help California State Prison inmates have now gotten the wildfire 30% under control.


    1) Lasers: //

    2) Smartfire Technology: //

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    • Oh please. What idiocy that people will believe crop circles are made by laser weapons. They’ve been reported for hundreds of years, long before we had lasers. Sheesh. People need to do a little more digging before they’ll believe this about crop circles.

      • Kind of like lsd to college kids? Or going to eat and killing tens of thousands under the lie weapons of mass destruction in Iraq not to mention WE lit the oil fields not the irawies.. I know that one personally. Or how about a Vegas mass shooting with a drone caught on film with gun flashes? Or the twin towers thatt we’re destroyed to dust yet they found a terrorists passport in perfect condition? And last but not least THE ALL MIGHTY COVID VAX?WELL WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THERE? CONSPIRACY THEORY TO CONSPIRACY FACT EVERY DAMN TIME . GVMT IS OUR ENEMY

    • Hmm…it’s kinds crazy out there. Lots of unprecented stuff for our lifetimes happening lately

      Embassy staff getting attacked by ELF soundwaves
      False flag chemical attacks in Syria and Britain to start a war with Russia
      Las Vegas shootings
      N Korea basically surrendering to end that profit war
      Rogue missiles launched on multiple occasions
      Return to tariffs and goodbye to bankster WTO and regional trade treaties
      DEW attacks on natural resources and individuals worldwide
      Pedophiles being arrested worldwide
      FBI being gutted
      JFK now known to be two shooter incident
      Massive floods in the east
      Volcano forming new hawaiian island?
      Depopulation of the planet
      A Rockefeller recently died.

      If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds were at war with each other again. Trumpcard Rockefeller?

      We’ll know for sure if we have a new Asian Financial crisis.

    • Were in a microwave basically and we all thought global warming was caused by fossil fuels lol that’s only a fraction compared to communication lol. With new satellites they easily move this magnetic field where they want this planet going to get fucked if this continues smh, good and bad this technology is going to change soon but will still remain an field they can use but communication is moving toward holographic optics but this not like fiber optics it’s fricking the next step if u understand mind control technology, u have now magnetic fields to manipulate even process frequencies that are information we sense now with holographic optics they use the particles in the air to create what ever they want, get ready to see Jesus and every other belief come alive lol, you think people fight over religion wait till there believes manifest in there senses lol this why I’m breaking down my form of language this is why I’m breaking down emotions making them singular they are energy our thoughts are energy and we are magnetic resonance of frequencies and vibrations if u do not become clear what this language was designed to do well your own understanding will take you for a ride not very different then now really, only difference will be others will be convinced and fight for there faith like u have not seen this not going to be good if this goes that way and it’s not going to be bam in our faces this slow like feelers and manipulative, we are going to have to be clear and free of emotions, beliefs, and perspective if u do not want to be effected cause this tech worse then self image we created ourselves , that was just the programming the matrix is not technology the matrix is the categories and definitions given to us as self image to separate us by belief and perspective these are tools used by ourselves to feed what ever we feel( emotions ) these emotions are false separation in energy to separate yourself from energy that is the balance of life. This universe was created by magnetic consciousness they are one it is the underlying core energy to all order and cycles in geometry and mathematics. It created expansion which it fluctuated magnetic energy into vibrations and frequencies which created gravitational energy from expansion, which created orbits and structures in balance, to create vibrations in sound and light which created matter then us there a lot in between there but let’s just be basic lol all this to create us as a vessel to be part of consciousness so that consciousness can experience what it created if like to see that as god or whatever the point is it’s all energy, singular yet infinite. There are no emotions no categories no perspectives just balance it’s all equal, we only think it’s separated cause we ourselves are separated from one another⚛️🎆⚛️

      • YES.

        And you’re talking about what has been referred to as Project Firesign, which would be a 3D holographic laser, next-level upgrade of the 1980’s Project Bluebeam. Although the Firesign name is probably a hoax, the premise is true.

      • wow! i want to have a conversation with you in person sometime. all that you say rings true in a most profound way but at the same time, it rambled about and in this manner, hides a most profound truth in plain sight.

    • I’ll let the fire “experts” debate the origins of the Carr Fire in California, though Kootsie’s more natural explanation below seems like the most likely.

      But, where did the ill founded notion that California is a “chronically insolvent State” come from? I live in California and can attest to the fact that the economy here is strong and robust. It is the 6th largest economy in the world. We consistently have surpluses and a very large Rainy Day Fund set aside. added to every fiscal year.

      Whomever put that forth was probably thinking of one of many Red States and should have done some simple research on the Web to verify their statement. Which they would have found to be false.

      • California by itself has a GDP larger than many nations but the state government has chronically run at a deficit. Jerry Brown is now blaming it on Proposition 13, in which Californians voted to roll back property taxes.

      • has reported a very large (and so far) unreported electromagnetic event that occurred on 7/30 in this article here on their web site; click properties for actual link address if you need to inspect this prior to clicking…

        Any way to back track to the date that this house was sawed in half by what appears to be either satellite-based or HAARP?

    • …variously described as tornado or hurricane force winds arising out of the blue and every street from the Goleta to Santa Rosa to Redding conflagrations is swept clean when the smoke clears?
      Then there’s the helo shot of the school playing field in Santa Rosa that is scorched as if a straight edge were used?

      MEH…n balderdash.

    • One would have to be a progressive or socialist to trust the authorities. And given the stance of some of them aligning with the globalist cabal, they would seem to be on the same page with the depopulation agenda, which may be a factor here as well.

      Yes, I said what I just said and stand by it.

    • And about CALIFORNIA…There is a Hidden history about it that certain “Europeans” don’t want ANYONE to find out about, and has been carefully described as just another “Legend”…When in FACT actually existed tens of thousands of years ago.
      It was an ALL Black peopled Nation ruled by a Queen called “Califia” , and might be just ONE of MANY reasons WHY they hate California.
      They exterminated the Black Raced people that once Flourished there
      There is a LOT of info about this civilization that PROVE it did exist..Here is ONE:
      There are LOADS of OUR-Story being to THIS DAY…Still being “Covered up” by White race….I wonder WHY???

      • How ironic, you imply blacks were genocided out of California by Euro-Caucasians. How then do you explain the fact that blacks are killing other blacks in increasing numbers in American cities? Oh I know, blame it all on evil, white, racist, devils, that explains everything.
        Blacks now make up 70% of Baltimore.Whites left because of the increasing violence being committed by blacks.
        Baltimore should be a black utopia. Instead we read these headlines.
        “Baltimore Citizens Urge “Nobody Kill Anybody” Ceasefire At The Start Of August”.

        Blacks are being promulgated with pure BS by fake players in order to create heightened racial tensions via divide and conquer.
        Did you get your information from the man who also teaches you how to pick up females? The former failed rap singer, producing such intelligent & uplifting songs such as “Wash Yo Ass”, K-Flex aka Tariq Nasheed, now suddenly a historian and professional researcher, audaciously taking credit for contributions made by other races?

        Oh and if you want to go there, there is ground-breaking history that asserts that Caucasians were actually the first humans in what is now known as the Americas. They are known as Solutreans. Do the research.

      • Califia is a warrior queen who ruled over a kingdom of black women living on the Island of California. The story of Queen Calafia was written by Spanish writer Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo who first introduced her in his popular novel entitled Las sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián), written around 1500.
        What proof do you offer that this is more than just a story?

    • Geeeee! I wonder if someone involved with the SECRET Space Program, or the so-called “Alliance” was behind this madness??? YES, there Pure Evil people involved with this kind of stuff…The so-called “New World Order” folks.
      They have “Laser Technologies” at their command, so it quite possible for THEM…SOON TO BE REMOVED THOUGH!

    • Bullshit by rube-riling ignoramuses with no practical knowledge of physics…

      Had a DEW “sawed” a house in half, the remaining roof-edge would not have the “torn off” raggedness seen in the photo.

      The KISS answer to the “clean cut” is that structure was a porchlike addition to a larger house structure.
      When the wind-vortex shredded the house, including the larger wall, that porch-piece had greater structural integrity to itself than to the larger wall.

      When houses are shredded by wind, gas lines are often damaged and release a stream of volatile fuel which result in fires – not necessarily from wildfires.

      Cars contain a lot of fuel in varying forms. Tires are a great source.
      Exposed to external heat from a house fire, the tires will eventually start burning and they alone will release enough energy to ignite other flammable materials in the car.
      The windows will simply shatter once exposed to enough heat – either from the external or internal fires.

      Even from the meta-view…
      If someone had such a DEW weapon, which would be very expensive, probably rare, and use enormous amounts of energy, what would be their motivation to zap residential neighborhoods? during windstorms which obviously was the major cause of the damage ?



      • Normally, the gas company will cut off any gas lines going to areas experiencing fires. They learned their lesson from the San Francisco fire in 1906, so that’s one of your arguments out the window.
        The maser is commonly used in CNC sheet metal machining because unlike mechanical machining, maser cuts require no deburring. Also quicker because you don’t have to mount a new tool, especially for sharp angled interior cuts. Your computer’s case was most likely made by a maser CNC milling machine. Masers are very common even in small factories and are neither rare nor expensive, so that’s another one of your arguments out the window.
        Fires never travel in straight lines on the X-Y plane. The only predictable motion of a fire is up (Z-axis) and outwards, so that house sliced in half should have had at least some fire damage to the upper floor. It has none, it’s just leaning over from structural failure.
        Honestly, I’d like to hear a professional firefighter’s opinion on those photos. In any case, youtr KISS explanation is invalid. The only rational conclusion I came up with is that those fires were not natural.
        Almost reminds me of Building 6 on 911. Not 7, but 6. The whole interior of the building collapsed but all 4 of the outer walls remained standing. Same anomalies on 911 as these weird fires where one car would be totally burnt while another one would be unscathed, and another one would have only half of it burnt where the damage did not follow the wind because the wind was blowing south that entire Tuesday. I know because I was there.

        • I lived basically across the street (1/4 of a block away) at the time, on Cortlandt/Maiden Lane near the corner of Broadway, exactly aligned with Tower #2 (I lived there for 8 years on the top floor) but I was out of town that day and could not get there until almost 2 weeks later, when commercial airplanes were allowed to fly again. Building 6, as shown in Dr. Judy Wood’s ‘Where Did the Towers Go?’ looked like it has a round hole on the roof, just like when you were a kid and took a magnifying glass in the Sun and burnt a hole in a leaf, where the rays were concentrated…there was over 3 feet of white pyroclastic dust covering the streets and all of the rooftops. It looked like a giant ski slope out of my window and all kinds of sky and a view of the Hudson and Jersey that was never there. Utterly surreal. All the building were white. The neighborhood looked like the Ghost of Christmas Past. I could feel the confused souls flying around. It felt clean and holy, which was strange because the stench was unbelievable.

          • I think that Dr. Judy Wood’s research needs to be revisited in light of the anomalous California fires of the last 12 months because she’s done the best job of it. But WOW, Maiden Lane. I know exactly where that is. I was working from home that day and woke up at 9am without having seen or heard anything. My kitchen had a clear view of lower Manhattan from across the Hudson in NJ yet I made my usual coffee completely oblivious. My brother, whom I lived with at the time, had returned home from the city in a panic and told me what happened. Only then did I look out the kitchen and saw all the smoke coming from the WTC. Turned on the TV but channels 2,4,5,7,9, and 11 were all out. We both freaked out. My first thoughts were “Reichstag,” and “martial law” and I went out to get provisions. Filled up the entire car with cases of beer, cans of food, salami, and cigarettes. There were police checkpoints all over the place but I (a white dude with long blonde hair) got waved through all of them and noticed that only non-white looking men were being questioned or searched. I didn’t find out about the dancing Israelis until later. The silence was strange because they stopped all traffic coming into or from Newark and Teterboro. No air traffic save for F-14 Tomcats making absolutely senseless and useless manouvers just for show. The other parallel with the California fires was the disinfo campaign. I knew right from the getgo that the “official fairy tale” did not check out because I had studied artistic metalworking under my uncle, and my mom is a mechanical engineer (that’s how I know about maser cutting). Also the fact that Tuesday of 911 was an absolutely and anomalously clear day with no clouds or chemtrails so as to ensure the maximum number of people could see it was quite strange I thought.

      • Kootzie, go to you will find this weapon is very affordable as well as accurate and deadly from quite a distance

      • Clearly your head is up your a_s. All hardened material is dust and yet trees, shrubs and grass are flourishing? How do explain that Einstein? Suffice to say, DEW’s are quite real and in all likelihood being used to force the population out of more rural communities and into easily controlled and consolidated metropolitan areas which is part of the Agenda 2030/Great Reset plans where you’ll own nothing and be ‘happy’.

        Across the country local governments are being held hostage to the Fed’s for financing so they comply with their high density developments, busses, transit and ‘punishment of those who drive personal vehicles’. They don’t want people to be independent but to be subservient to the elite’s who don’t give a damn what they do.

        DEW’s are a means to an end to rural living. Another way is to force the absurd solar panels & wind turbines onto good farmland making it harder for farmers to produce crops. Control the food, control the population. These phony ‘green energy’ programs were never about solving energy or ending gas and oil, only to stop using cheap energy like gas, oil, coal.

    • Not even Dresden burned so efficiently. The big question is who is attacking California, Greece, Canada, etc. and when will they step it up a notch and take out people as well. You can dance around the story that this is only a brush fire but the facts show that this is a military level attack on people and their property by an unnamed power using very sophisticated technology.

      • That “unnamed power” has pretty much been “named” since 1913 when they got “The Federal Reserve Act” ILLEGALLY signed into law. Those two families are the Rothschilds and Rockefeller’s and they have been controlling the U.S. and Europe ever since. A Rothschild was once quoted saying “Give me control of a Nations money (they own the Federal Reserve, it’s NOT a government agency, no more “federal” than Federal Express) and I care not who makes it’s laws”. Well there you have it and these open ended “wars of mega profits” chasing a “shadow enemy” continue as well. They got 19.5 years of profits out of Vietnam, another war started on a lie-The Gulf of Tonkin Incident”- which never happened. 9/11 was the lie or catalyst for the “middle east Vietnam” which we are 17 years deep into and counting,and the Rothchild’s and Rockefeller’s are still raking in the mega profits. This deadly accurate laser spoken of in this article has been around for decades, it’s just now they think they have the country “dumbed down” enough to use it right in front of them and they won’t notice how a house just “burns up only half of it and in a straight line” from a wildfire, or how a car can be gutted by fire yet the trees next to it are unscathed. Their dumbing down operations through the schools and universities have people not questioning ANYTHING anymore, whatever is written on the Presstitutes “script” each night at 6 & 11 is taken as gospel fact. I said “script” because that’s just exactly what it is !! Here’s an example-

        • Agree with everything that you said. One one edit: “dumbed down” also includes mind controlled.

          Tavistock specializes in it and sends their army of specialists into every segment of society including education, industry, government, political campaigns and more to push agendas, agitate, and create change – which changes minds. One of which is to overwhelming create a cognitive dissonance between parties like the alternative media, MSM and government about any claim made on alt media channels.

      • The secret government is doing the attacks, and when they go big time, their going to say it’s ET. Just like the Criminal Intelligence Agency has been doing since it’s beginning, it went from OSI to Nazi, with paperclip. The thing is how do you get rid of the bastards? They basically control everything, they grow poppy’s in Afghanistan import all around the world to make their money. You’ve heard of above the law? They think they are. Kind of like some politicians, most not all. Anyway I’m rambling, sorry. But yes I agree with you about the “unnamed power having sophisticated technology” and using it on us.

        • “How do you get rid of the bastards?”

          Evidence for their claim of authority that was never delegated to them by the consent of the people. In this case, U.S. Forest Service is doing the Totalitarian tip-toe in state territory.

          The Global Supertanker Boeing 747, 19,200 gals, refills in 30 mins., 600 mph., 45 min turn-around time form McClellen AFB to Los Angeles and back. Used in Chili and Israel. Not California. As far as i can tell, the masses of enablers have been programmed for decades in the public fool system & Hollyrude, with the Pyramid mind-set. Top down, hive mentality group-thinkers, have surrendered state rights, and the people’s rights, without so much as a glance back.

          The U.S. Inc. Forest Service is all over CalFire and City Fire Depts., – as of yesterday, the Satan cock-suckers are hob-knobbin, land grabbing, and usurping local authority even at the Volunteer Fire Department level. . . while the villagers applaud them and welcome them w/open arms.

          I’m requesting from the Secretary of State, evidence of public record that the U.S. Forest Service is licensed to do business in California.

          The U.S. Forest Service has not given permission for California’s Global Supertanker to come to the aid of California’s people even when being burned alive. All i can come up with is, the U.S. Forest Service being an extended agency of U.S. Inc., masquerading as delegated authority in international waters – but not on the land in America.

          Can’t have it both ways.

          Order Followers – the most dangerous thing on the planet.

          • Man alive your right. Check out missing persons and retired whistleblower service people and what they experienced in the cascade mountains, ect

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