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I’ve worked with hotshot TV spot editors and feature film editors in Hollywood who don’t have the native postproduction talent of the young Mouthy Buddha. His chops are impressive and this video is a syzygy of his editorial skills, his grasp of the subject of addiction, coinciding with massive advancements in the field of addiction science – and not a moment too soon!

Addiction is a disorder of the brain’s reward system which arises through transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms, that occur over time due to chronic, high levels of exposure to addictive stimuli such as eating, drugs, sex and high-thrill social activities like gambling, shopping, fast cars, sky-diving, etc. Addiction alters the gene expression of brain cells, greatly reducing the brain’s metabolism and creating a disease state.

In the 19th century, the British discovered the power of addiction when they used opium grown in India to debilitate a population, holding China in the palm of their hands (the latter will never forgive them for it). Some of the biggest family fortunes have been and are being amassed with the trafficking of addictive narcotics in both the Black Market and under the auspices of Big Pharma.

Addiction is such a powerful force that multi-billion-dollar Black Budget projects are financed by the trafficking of illicit narcotics, which is why the US has been occupying Afghanistan for nearly 20 years.

On the other hand, out in the open and in violation of no laws, the largest corporations on the planet are trafficking in non-narcotic high-fat, high-sugar foods and in digital gadgets and activities like video games and social media that are as addictive and debilitating as illegal narcotics.

Our civilization has now arrived at a point where most of us look around and see that two thirds of the population is somewhere on the spectrum between overweight and morbidly obese, which has occurred in under three decades. Nielsen just released a report which found that Americans spend an average of 11 hours per day interacting with media, with adults aged 50-64 surprisingly averaging highest, at nearly 13-hours per day! With the opioid crisis now responsible for shortening the life expectancy of younger generations and keeping an estimated 25% of the eligible workforce in the US unemployed, opiates are the quickest way to destroy the chemistry of the brain.

For the sake of our health and of living our God-given lives to our fullest, we must get a grip on both the epigenetic mechanisms of addiction and on the psycho-social-spiritual factors inherent to our culture that have made us so susceptible to these self-defeating behaviors.

On the mechanical front, it’s been determined that ΔFosB (Finkel-Biskis-Jinkins murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene homolog B), a gene transcription factor, is a critical component in the development of virtually all forms of behavioral and drug addictions. Addictions start and the associated compulsive behaviors increase with the overexpression of ΔFosB in the the forebrain region called the nucleus accumbens which proceeds to alter the structure of the brain. Perversely, the more pleasure one seeks by activating this pathophysiology, the more miserable one becomes. This was poorly understood until recently.

Finally and most importantly, the personal atomization created by a hyper-individualistic, consumerist culture needs to be balanced by more connection and camaraderie with our fellow humans and of course, with God. Mouthy Buddha does a great job of expressing much of this in a visual and visceral way.

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Exceptional, although it looks like a teaser for an Evangelical Christian infomercial. Other than that, it’s clear, easy to understand, and appears to be reasonably accurate.

    That said, seems odd to have a producer named mouthy buddha.

    Thank you

  • All addictions base on a hormonal struture, where adrenalin is the main boss.
    All addictions appear because of an emptiness inside the spiritual soul.
    Any human being lives by a blood circulation, where this blood contains a spiritual impact of denying the inner soul. Here appears the no-mind of denying the inner self and any addiction onto the outside of being.

    The only addiction neeeded is selfishness, wehre the soul is searching for self-love.
    So when the soul is empty, so without love, all addictions appears in order to destroy the spiritual/material body.

    Ask anyone: who/what do you want to be?
    The answer will be some kind of personality, where the addiction to become a president is just one of the millions of examples.
    Where is the one answering: I want to be myself, where he now is on the search for this self!
    He/she will discover that this self is present INSIDE any human material body.

    Searching for the mistakes of others can also be an addiction?!
    Now is this a good and needed addiction?
    In some way, I would say yes.
    Moreover, the longing for the own self is dominant though.

  • Absolute horror story that the most dangerous addictions come off as completely acceptable…pop-cereals-fast foods….
    Addictions to the other horror stories: cocaine, heroin & Pharma. Top all of that off with additions to everything else….phones, music, TV, clothes…….WTHell! We must wake up people…no one is going to help us dig our way out of this one…..who’s making the $$ off this misery!
    Just look down the road to the next decade if you are brave enough….
    not going to be pretty…..but I hope we are getting wiser!Good info!

  • I just received this message from a long time subscriber and supporter. It left me speechless:

    “Opium came from China and was distributed from India. The Chinese wanted to stop the growing of it and the distributor got the British to get them back growing it. This was called the Boxer War.

    But before Afghanistan was Burma. They grew poppy and it was taken through Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam on Mule Train. France was sent to Vietnam to keep the drugs coming. They couldn’t do it so they were sent home and we were sent in.

    When I went to Danang, it was a harbor surrounded by jungle in 1966. The next year when I came back, 1967, I was amazed that it looked like the Port of Portland. Cranes that reached the sky and docks for ships to tie up to and load up.

    The drugs were now being carried by 10 ton trucks on a nice paved highway, paid for with US Tax money.

    The CIA gave heroin to the Army and if they survived and made it back home would make a market for drug sales in the US.

    It worked out just fine. My son became a drug addict and did 8 years in Leavenworth. He’s been out now for 5 years and works with me and is off all drugs.

    If one was to remember, I believe in the ’90s or so, the news media would make a big deal about meth. But nothing was said about heroin or cocaine. Why was this so? Because meth was made in peoples’ houses and basements. That slowed down sales for the CIA drugs.

    Oh well, enough.”

    • CIA imported cocaine into the states via several key secondary flight paths and airports, like Mena Arkansas. That’s where Gov Willie and lawyer Hillie got their supply (documented and proven). I can supply these sources if anyone wants them…

      The Clintons were key CIA assets at a time when Poppy (love that name!) Bush, Ollie North and Pegasus were running cocaine around the world.- source on this is Chip Tatum whistle-blower

    • Maybe it’s drug money that’s been keeping the lights on while our taxes are going to the banks. It’s a perverse sort of cannibalism that has been put in motion.

    • So well said. Thank you.

      And lest we forget Air America, The San Jose Mercury expose of the 80s crack cocaine story, and, of course, Slick Willy, 41, and Ollie importing S American cocaine through the CIA base at Mena, AR.

      Who is the #1 drug cartel in the world? The same folks who rigged the “surprise results” of the 2016 election, to put their most highly qualified tin-pot dictator wannabe puppet precisely where they wanted him. He’s done an excellent job at dismantling the corporate regulatory functions of the government. “Let them drink lead”

      And he has no idea that the global drug cartel is pulling his strings. Not a clue.

  • Absolutely spot on!

    It became apparent to me a long time ago that humans are both addictive and hypnotic. We can become addicted to any sensual stimulation and once addicted we become bored again and thinking more will help we double down.

    Years ago I was addicted to professional football back before it became perverse and corrupt. Nobody got rich playing or coaching football, they just got dirty with mud. It was a part time employment for fat old men trying to relive their college football days and for pathological reasons too.

    Some were angry and it gave them an outlet to vent their anger and since football is a violent sport it was perfectly suited for this therapy. But, one need not play it to get satisfaction. More than one coach was excessively obsessive. One of the most famous of them drove his wife to drink and himself into an early grave. He is highly esteemed today as a great leader, but he was a little unhinged and a poor example in my opinion.

    A lot has changed since then, but the more they changed in some ways the more they stayed the same in other ways. Their addiction to violence is matched by fan addiction to violence and everybody except the fans gets rich.

    If one knows much about the personalities, many have been paid fortunes, but are still miserable and poor. I don’t mean to suggest that this characterized all as many really remarkable and well balanced men conducted themselves honorably.

    I would second the suggestion to connect with our Creator, but would add also connect with the earth which is our beloved home during our short stay. Turn off the electronic gizmos and get some dirt under your fingernails.

  • Is ANYONE “Grasping” that is GOVERNMENTS…That help traffic these “Addictions”…With LOADS of Help by the “Bankoholics”, who “Launder” the money for these addictions???
    The one about HOW the British doped-up the Chinese is ONE of the best ones…THEY ARE STILL DOPED UP!!! The Bankoholics got them to help form the BRICS alliance (Laugh!!!)

  • Interesting article and absolutely needed at this point. I think it would truly simply the article for folks to be able to identify and take it to the next level when instead of calling the initial precursor for addiction “epigenetic mechanisms”, and “addictive stimuli” we call it what it is. Trauma, PTSD, trauma. The cascading follows quite nicely from there. The overall umbrella of addiction primarily starts in childhood with fight, flight, freeze being implemented as a way to “survive” with addiction in the family unit and society at large. Overall, great exposure article to this epidemic of today’s society.

    • Yes you are correct and one size doesn’t fit all. Parental abuse/neglect is epidemic and unless we slow down the pace, the rush everyone is in to get what we want, it isn’t going to get better. Lust for stuff and debt is a terrible master.

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