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Not having seen the fires and the damage in California firsthand, I’ve remained on the fence about the involvement of lasers, masers or other Directed Energy Weapons in these fires, as claimed by so many, including by FKTV subscribers from the affected areas who have written in.

The use of DEWs sounds crazily far-fetched, even after seeing the Fire Captain talk about how he thought this was the most plausible explanation for the pattern of destruction, the likes of which he’d never seen in his 30-year career.

The arguments in this video are moving me over another notch, though. I now agree that directed microwaves (masers) might possibly explain the fire patterns we see in the Anaheim Hills mansion shown here, especially on its terracotta-tiled roof.

The creator of this video shows us some recent scientific papers about the use of electrical fields for combustion synthesis in metals. When you apply microwaves to metals, you accelerate the oxidation reduction process.

Terracotta roof tiles are commonly made from clay that gets its red color from iron oxide. If you apply microwaves to terracotta, you release the iron oxide, the oxygen of which functions as an accelerant to feed a fire. This is called “microwave-assisted combustion synthesis” and you can do it with all kinds of metals, due to their atomic structure.

Significantly, you can’t do this with trees because there’s no metal in trees to create the oxidizing agent to fuel a self-sustaining fire. Scenes of vaporized homes surrounded by unscathed trees are the hallmark of the devastating California fires we’ve seen over the past month.

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  • thank you for all the investigative information, and the truth… live west of santa rosa, 6 days previous to the fires, was the heaviest spraying of geoengineering i have experienced in 30 years. so thick could not sleep outside on the deck, had to come inside. this was the accelerant required for the metal burning DEW displayed in the fires. have photo of the geosunset on the previous tuesday. thank you.

  • Its OBVIOUS anymore that the so-called “SECRET Space Program” is the group called by the name “The Chimera Group” Cobra mentioned about…Completely “Souless AI’s ” that have NO compassion for mankind or the planet we live on…the “Day of Judgement” is coming SOON for this renegade operation!

  • Slight correction to this: “1100ºC –
    1200ºC (2012ºF – 2192ºF),
    which is the typical temperature
    of a house fire”

    …which is off by a thousand degrees according to this:

    There’s a video, from early on, done by a woman who speaks of ‘contained oxygen rich’ fires as being the only way to get temps up high enough to melt glass (2700F)…like kiln type contained and decidedly not open air sourced temps.

  • Not to be a naysayer, but keep in mind these “terra cotta” roof tiles are also made out of a fibrous plastic synthetic, “faux tile”. But again, they also have a high fire rating or they couldn’t be used as a roofing material, or at least I hope not.
    Also, trees burning from the inside out might be explained by the water they uptake which surely contain all kinds of minerals and nano metals.

  • Very interesting; if I understand her correctly, they need not have used directed energy weapons per say, but rather the surrounding cell towers. Is this 5G at work? You can also see how the metals in chemtrails would provide the perfect “medium” for these microwave weapons.

  • Very interesting. The recording of that house is quite telling. Clearly, something unnatural appears to have happened.

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