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When Elana Freeland has discussed the “Space Fence” on Dark Journalist and elsewhere, I didn’t understand that this was the name of a new a ground-based system of S-band radars operated by the US Air Force out of the Reagan Test Site in the Marshall Islands. Its purported mission is tracking space junk to protect valuable space assets and it’s expected to become operational in 2018.

I discovered the official story about the Space Fence when I chanced upon this creepy Lockheed Martin video, that claims that it “will forever change the way we see the universe” (!)

The inauguration of the Space Fence will be just in time for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2018, which seeks to increase the global dominance and “lethality” of the US military with increased funding of space-related military programs.

Air Force Secretary Heather A. Wilson told reporters last Thursday, “We are moving forward with modernization in space, so we’re increasing our lethality in all of our areas of endeavor and we are shifting to space as a warfighting domain.” She also noted that Congress has proposed to increase the budgets of such programs beyond the levels being sought by the Air Force.

So, Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), aka “Stars Wars” is officially back! Elana Freeland has long expressed that the Space Fence is the successor of SDI and it’s notable that its new center of operation in the Marshall Islands was recently renamed in honor of President Reagan.

There are those, like Elana Freeland and Daniel Liszt who suspect that SDI and its successor projects have been a cover for much more advanced Secret Space Programs.

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  • Star fighting? Why must this be done?
    Because of the people on earth fighting each other, now the stars should do this the same as “stars”. Human stars are present on a stage, showing as the “leaders” how strong they are by killing………

    Our spiritual/material human body is made of spiritual energy by intelligence and intellect, where the material comes form the sun (C, H, O, N. He).
    Maybe it is possible to learn something from the sun.

    The sun lives by a certain process, which is named as tightening and fusion.
    That is the intelligence and the intelect of the sun.

    So all people on earth could discover how an inner fusion happens, which I also can name as self-healing.

    Universsal love is within the own spiritual/material body, where this body is a moment of time.
    And right in the midst of this moment, is found this universal love.

  • I worked for JPL in Pasadena for three months and saw a telex about “Star Wars”. (Can’t remember what it said, though!) I only got a glimpse of it before it was snatched off the machine. Interesting side note: While working there I found out JPL had a special department for investigating paranormal incidents.

  • The pollution inside the heads of leading poeple, is transferred to the planet earth and expanded into the empty space around the earth.
    The leading peolple are supported by pulluted sheeps, which is oranised as democray.
    This empty space is not al all empty, moreover full of universal intelligence of grave mass.

    Universe is a spiritual organism, wich was by some attraction force torn apart.
    This still happens in the same way, where the society torns apart the souls of new born beings.
    It is a religious affair.

  • As I have said before….The so-called SSP (SECRET Space Program) IS the “Chimera Group” and WILL BE DEALT A FATAL BLOW VERY SOON…This just proves it!

  • Like it or not global control is inevitable because of rapidly advancing technologies. There is nothing Americans can do to stop psychopaths with their hands on the levers of power, from themselves developing controlling technologies. Hence, from my perspective it’s better that our government be ahead in this venture than say a rogue nation led by a psychopath.

    However, I take little comfort in our initiative because as our former head of central government said, we are no longer a Christian nation, that is to say a nation which believes in final accountability according to the precepts and principals of Christian scripture. Thus the standard has been rent from it’s moorings and we are adrift in a sea of relativism and conflicting ideologies. What is one’s view of right may not be another’s and there are some already advocating annihilation of most of human kind for the betterment of human kind, other species, the planet and so on.

    The biggest enemy we have isn’t North Korea or Russia or Persia or any other thing than us, what is in our heads and in the heads of those we tolerate and elect to rule over us. If we elect more and more psychopaths sooner or later we are going to wreck the system completely and once broken we will never be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

    • Agreed. Sadly, as you pointed out, there are too many psychopaths in positions of power already. This and other technologies are in the wrong hands for sure.

      • The USA is in a state of state capture as is the UK and most of the west probably. Our governments are no longer able to act autonomously from banks and corporations.

      • No. The world’s Shadow Government is the rogue and it is run by psychopaths. The USA is the military arm. The UK is the financial arm. The rest of the West and the controlled East (of which I’d put Saudi’s Salman in the mix at this point) is under the thumb of the psychopaths along with their complicit ranks. A portion of the world’s population have been and are awakening to this reality, evidenced by the MSM’s slow, loud death and the false flag pushes we’ve witnessed everywhere. Everyone, simply EVERYONE on the planet is involved, like it or not, in the fight to rid our world of these psychopaths. Do some research. It will further your understanding. However, stop separating out a nation, creed, color, religion, et al. All are surface identifiers. When you do so you protect the real criminal perpetrators.

        Paraphrasing James Corbett on the failing oil economy: It’s NOT about oil. It’s about power, control, wealth. If you focus on oil you are missing the point.

  • Lots of industry specific language, and frankly, freaky statements cradled in marketing language which does not explain the one question I have, “What the hell does that mean because it sounds bad?”. And did the narrator say (5:57), “It will meet the WAR finders? fighters? operational needs?” If so, I thought the project was about diverting celestial bodies before they could impact the earth? WHAT A COVER STORY, I agree.

    Some of us have been watching this project develop for decades since Reagan gave his famous “we’d come together if…” speech. It sickens me that the so-called ‘leader of the free world’, Reagan and Ambassador Javier Perez de Cuellar were so easily frightened and duped by the Deep State. Their fear has landed the world here in 2018. Disgusting.

    I sent the video to a military radar expert for industry language interpretation and to read between the lines. All my questions lie there. Maybe doing so will yield more specific info.

    • Good point. He said “war fighters,” when this program is supposed to be about space junk and protecting expensive satellites!

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