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Lebanese journalist Marwa Osman gives the best analyses and insights I’ve gotten so far into the shocking recent developments in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri was ordered to fly from his country to Riyadh and to announce his resignation, which has not been accepted by the Lebanese government.

We learn that there is a connection between Hariri’s forced resignation and the shooting death of Saudi Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd while the latter resisted arrest. The two had been very close friends since childhood and investment partners in recent times.

Like his cousin, Prince Muqrin whose helicopter was shot down by a Saudi warplane as he attempted escape to Yemen, Fahd represented the wing of the Saudi royal family who are opposed to Mohammed bin Salman’s power grab.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This was an excellent interview with details brought together which had not reached the West. It’s the best when English speakers are able to get a handle on what is happening from a local. I’ve also found it helpful to have a map of the region ready. For me, it brings clarity to a detailed discussion of locations and alliances.

    • Yes, it is a great interview. But, Marwa is Lebanese not Saudi and I don’t think she is talking from KSA. My friends in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia will not talk or email on this subject for fear, I have to wait till they come this summer to know deeper details.

      • Marwa is reporting from Beirut and despite her pious garb, which is not the norm for women in Lebanon, Marwa is very proudly Lebanese and proud of her country’s religious tolerance and its Christian Prime Minister, who she wants to see returned safely to her country.

        • I sent the video to a Middle East/African expert who lived and worked all over the region for decades, including SA and Lebanon. He found her report to be an op-ed piece based on her cultural leanings. He took a little time to explain the breakdown of Lebanese factions which as you can imagine is quite complex, as in any country. He commented that she had certain definitive allegiances which bias her reporting, yet she was able to give the Western listener a few morsels of worth and that was good.

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