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    I joined Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt last Tuesday night to continue a discussion of the JFK Assassination Files, UFOs and the redacted Jim Garrison files that have yet to be released by the CIA.

    The latter set of records may not just reveal attempts by intelligence to infiltrate and destroy Garrison’s investigation, they may also reveal that Garrison focused his investigation on the aerospace wing of the National Security State…and possibly reveal clues as to what he discovered.

    Former Director Woolsey has been trotted out recently with that old Russophobia chestnut; the absurd notion that Lee Harvey Oswald was a KGB officer, not a CIA Asset (…i.e., that the “evil Russkies” assassinated JFK, which makes no sense).

    We cover more JFK/UFO connections and Liszt shows an interesting photograph of George Joannides with former Deputy CIA Director Bobby Ray Inman. The latter went on record to say that the US Government had recovered and reverse-engineered crashed UFOs. The former (Joannides) has since been revealed as being in charge of the propaganda op that developed Oswald as the designated culprit in the JFK Assassination.

    There’s a pending court case in Washington DC brought by several journalists and researchers to get the Joannides records declassified from the intelligence community and into the public record.


    PS: This is a segment from the film about Dr. John Mack’s investigation of a 1994 multiple-witness UFO case in Zimbabwe:



    PPS: This is the book I was talking about, ‘The Excycles’ by Mia Adams (aka Linda Cortile):

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