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    It seems that anyone who is aware of the status of machine learning, neurotechnologies and Artificial Intelligence is very concerned about the ethics and the future of these things.

    Many of the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence researchers and humanitarian organizations are concerned about the potentially catastrophic consequences of allowing lethal autonomous weapons to be developed. When one sees these Micro Air Vehicles programmed with swarming software and armed with a few grams of shaped explosives, capable of blowing a targeted person’s brains out, one understands why.

    This video was made by an activist group, that wants to get world leaders to support an international treaty limiting lethal autonomous weapons with this petition on and by encouraging regular folks to send it to their government representatives by sharing this video under the hashtag #bankillerrobots.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Injustice is mental/emotional health problem unaddressed by those sponsored by those who are sponsored and conditioned by the oppression to follow orders.

      Population control and Racist AI tie into this the same as other war machines.

      Mental/Emotional instability exposes itself by the misuse technology and science to oppress the “undesirables”.

    • Blindly following orders is why the military is corrupt and totally f*ed as an organization – too much greed and lust for power.

      This guy is twisted and someone needs to send a slaughterbot to kill him, because People DO kill people – the corrupt, perverted Leaders kill so many innocents. We MUST stop the military, the NSA/CFR/CIA/NRO – these perverts are traitors to humanity.

      nationalism is obsolete – it’s just another divide and conquer strategy by the pervs in power, like Muslim/Jew, black/white, Republican/Democrat, Gay/Straight. It’s a F*KING LIE!

      Join, collaborate in love, and until we remove ALL weapons from ALL gov’t, police, and people, then we all need to be armed. And we need to start ending the evil reign of American power.

      • Doc–slight alternation “evil reign of ‘worldwide’ power” supported by the military arm of that evil regime, the US, and all the countries/persons who participate in and support the financial, propaganda and political aspects of the Shadow Government power structure worldwide.

    • Sick, twisted, ultimately paranoid military, money, developers, users. WETHEPEOPLE MUST DEMAND A HALT! Eff these sick minded fools…

      • This is like the smartmeters, control all the world power with computer systems, turn off power anytime they want, burn your house anytime they want. Want to move people from any location just use DEW which connects with all your smeters, smart appliances, cars; all have “zigbee” chips for a direct hit. You know that smart house thingy! Very special. Oh and not to forget your computer is bugged.
        Is this what you call “A Wonderful Life” or what?????

        • Just think, smart vaccines, plus chipped kids, smart medications, smart foods, chemtrails, cell/mast towers. Yesterday I saw an elderly woman getting a cell call to remind her to take her pill. It helps her because she forgets. Too much aluminum, maybe. They can either lower or raise her frequency by using her cell phone. Funny, “cell” isn’t that part of your BEING.
          fu*k Can you image if they wanted to terminate her because she’s too old, can be done. Was since the year 2000. Systems are in place.
          What you hear on the net is only ancient tech. It’s what they want you to know. Remember the military industrial complex created the net. It’s all about controlling information.

          • “It’s all about controlling information”
            It’s about power. Controlling information via communication is one of the tools. And, yes, the population is given antiquated technologies for pacification but only after they can be counter-measured.

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