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Clif High has said that, once this war is over, it will take a century for us to dig out of the disinformation that has been deployed against us our whole lives, particularly in regards to science.

Plasma Cosmology is an example of one scientific line of inquiry that has been egregiously suppressed by the Cabal. I personally believe it has been so brutally suppressed because it holds the keys to reconciling macroscopic and subatomic physics.

I stumbled onto Plasma Cosmology and the Electric Universe Theory 16 years ago, while I was writing 2012: Science or Superstition and in the early years of my website, I published many videos on the topic, including those from David Talbott and Wal Thornhill.

In this video by TheWhyFiles, it was interesting to learn how these theories have been developing, ever since I stopped paying attention around 2015, when the Globalist attack on humanity began to ramp up. That’s when my website went from being a science blog to more of a political one.

Of particular interest to me here, was to learn of the work of the SAFIRE Project and to learn of the Nobel Prize awarded in 2022 to Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger, who proved, once and for all that quantum particles are non-local, they don’t care about distance and they’re not limited by the Speed of Light.





Since grade school, we’ve been taught that gravity is what keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground. But what if that’s all been a lie?

Now, I’m not saying if you jump off a bridge you fall up instead of down but what if Newton and Einstein were wrong and what really ties our universe together is not gravity but electricity?

The Electric Universe Theory says that instead of gravity, the universe’s true attractive force comes from invisible electric currents that surround our planet, our solar system, the Galaxy and everything. We’re all living in one giant universe-spanning circuit.

Mainstream science ignores this possibility but ignoring the Electric Universe blinds us to an unknown risk. The myths of our ancestors describe cataclysmic global disasters in the distant past. They knew about the Electric Universe, too. Not from science but from experience. And our ancestors have sent us a strange but dire warning: Beware the shocking fury of Planet Saturn.

Standard cosmological theory says that the Universe was created during the Big Bang. For 400,000 years after the Big Bang, the Universe was mostly hydrogen and helium just floating around.

Then, gravity started to pull matter into bundles that became stars. Gravity pulled stars into galaxies. Gravity pulled galaxies into clusters.

After that, supernovas explode and the Universe is sprinkled with elements. Gravity causes these elements to coalesce into planets those planets fall into regular orbits around their stars and here we are – all thanks to gravity.

The current theory of gravity was proposed by Albert Einstein through his work on General and Special Relativity, published in 1915 but there’s a problem with this theory and Einstein knew it: gravity isn’t strong enough to keep all this stuff in place, especially on a large scale, given the amount of matter spinning around a galaxy and how fast it’s moving, everything should fly apart – but it doesn’t.

So what’s holding everything in place? Well, officially, it’s Dark Matter, which you’ve heard of but here’s a little secret about Dark Matter that they don’t tell us: There’s no proof it exists. Dark Matter is just a theory that’s used as a Band-Aid to explain the gravity problem.

But maybe there’s something else happening? Maybe our universe isn’t held together by gravity, it’s held together by electricity. The Electric Universe theory says that permeating space is a vast sea of ionized particles. These particles create an enormous field of plasma. Plasma is the Fourth State of Matter, the others being solid, liquid and gas.

Not only is our Sun mostly plasma, plasma makes up over 99.9% of the visible Universe. This network of plasma is so massive that it connects every galaxy in the Universe in a single electric circuit. This circuit not only conducts electricity over great distances but it transmits it faster than light – much faster.

If the electric universe theory is true it will change everything we know about physics and reframe our understanding of the Cosmos but what evidence is there?

Electric cosmologists have recently begun testing their theories in the lab and have produced surprising results but the real proof may not be found in cosmology but archaeology. The electric universe theory says that at one, time our night sky was a tapestry of glowing plasma but then, a drastic cosmic event changed our sky forever.

Our ancestors recorded this event in customs and in myths and symbology. But changes to the sky weren’t the only thing that they described. Hidden among the symbols is the record of a catastrophe, one that’s left scars across not just the Earth but every planet in the Solar System.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most iconic places in the world. The Colorado River Flows between the canyon walls and according to mainstream geology, it was formed through a complex series of tectonic events and erosion. But if you look closely at the River from overhead, you’ll notice its many branches and tributaries split at very odd but consistent angles.

This structure is familiar to electrical cosmologists, many of whom are electrical engineers. The patterns look just like current flowing through electronics. Specifically, junctions in the Colorado River follow rules for an electrical circuit and there’s a reason for that.

Even though the universe is an ocean of electricity, we don’t really see it because everything stays pretty well-balanced, just like you don’t see electricity flowing through a circuit – that is, until something goes wrong and everything goes haywire.

When the electrical balance of the Solar System is thrown off, it leads to violent arcs that travel from planet to planet and those arcs of current leave scars across everything they touch – scars like the Grand Canyon on Earth or the Valles Marineris on Mars.

Geologists say these canyons are formed by tectonic activity and water erosion over millions of years but electric cosmologists believe unbelievable powerful lightning creates the canyons, which are later filled in by water. The Valles Marineris canyon, which is as long as the entire United States doesn’t look like water erosion. It looks like something quickly and violently gouged out a chunk of the planet and parts of it have marks that look exactly like tributaries in the Grand Canyon – or exactly like an enormous bolt of lightning.

This entire region resembles nothing so much as an area zapped by a powerful electric arc, advancing unsteadily across the surface. These canyons are on rocky planets and moons all over the solar system, from Venus all the way to Pluto and beyond. Uranus has 27 moons. Its largest moon, Titania has a gash on it almost 1,000 miles long.

Electric cosmologists believe that interplanetary lightning bolts have hit the Earth many times in the past with dire consequences for everyone on the planet. They believe there was a catastrophic electrical event about 12,000 years ago. Survivors looked upon the scarred landscape and copied what they saw in hieroglyphics.

12,000 years ago is the time of the Younger Dryas, when it said the Earth’s Ice Caps melted within a week, causing a global cataclysm. This rapid melting of the Ice Caps created tsunamis 1,000 feet high and raised the Earth’s sea level by hundreds of feet. At the end of that catastrophic week, the surface of the Earth would have looked very different.

We know there was a rapid warming of the Earth after the Younger Dryas but nobody knows for sure what caused it. One theory is that it was a giant asteroid impact. Another theory is that the melting was caused by a violent solar event, like a Solar Flare or Coronal Mass Ejection but electric cosmologists say the melting was caused by a massive bolt of interplanetary lightning.

That would definitely explain it. Every culture on Earth has a flood myth. People living on every continent on the planet have written stories and made drawings of the global catastrophe. All scientific evidence says those myths are true.

But those same myths describe the night sky as looking very different than it does today. In the past, the Sun wasn’t the only prominent object in the sky and our nearest planetary neighbor looked much different today.

Venus is our nearest planetary neighbor but in the time of the myths, Venus didn’t exist yet. Our nearest neighbor was Saturn. Saturn was so close to the Earth that this was actually a binary planet system but that system didn’t last forever and legends tell the story of the time when Saturn and the Earth parted ways – and when that happened, all hell broke loose.

When Immanuel Velikovsky released his best-selling book, ‘Worlds in Collision’, he turned astronomy on its head.  Mainstream science says that our sky is an orderly place that’s looked the same for millions of years but Velikovsky found ancient evidence that tells a very different story.

Velikovsky used comparative mythology to examine different legends, searching for common themes. Besides the Flood Myth that all cultures share, Velikovsky found other common legends.

Gods were often described as immense celestial bodies presiding over a mythical Golden Age, where the planet Saturn was the most important object in the sky. The Egyptians placed their creator god, Atum at the Celestial Pole, the axis around which the sky turned. The Babylonians said their supreme god, Anu ruled from the Pole Star – but the Pole Star wasn’t a star at, all. The Pole Star was Saturn.

The Greeks and Romans also identified the planet Saturn as the primeval sun god who reigned over a Lost Paradise. The archaic Latin name for Saturn was “Sol”, the Sun.

In Early Greek, the planet Saturn, called “Kronos” was also named “Helios”, the Sun. Franz Boll was a German historian of science and his work is considered foundational in astronomy. He said Kronos and Helios were at one time the same God.

Saturn figures prominently in many ancient texts. Astronomical history from Greece, Persia and China all claim “Saturn ruled the world”. The Golden Age was called the “Reign of Saturn”. The original site of Rome was known as “Saturnia”. The Jewish Sabbath was “Saturn’s Day”. Popular Roman festivals honored Saturn as the “Father of the Gods”.

Velikovsky thought this was strange. How could a distant planet like Saturn be linked to the central axis of the sky? Because in ancient times, Saturn was much closer to the Earth and dominated the sky. During this time, the Earth and Saturn were a binary planet system that together moved around the Sun, because the two planets were locked, Saturn didn’t rise or set, it was fixed in the sky, just like the ancient Egyptians said.

David Talbott continued the work of Velikovsky. He studied ancient symbols from across the globe, which described how the sky once looked and it’s very different than the sky we now know. Going back through prehistoric times, we see the same image in every culture on every continent. It’s called “The Cosmic Wheel”.

The Wheel was the “Throne of the Gods”. We see the wheel in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. The Cosmic Wheel is seen in prehistoric Ireland and in the hills of California, across Africa, Scandinavia, around the Mediterranean, Mexico, Mesopotamia.

The image represents three objects: Saturn, the large planet farthest away, a dark planet is closest. This was named Mars and in the middle, a glowing object. The energy of the three objects washed over the Earth. The energy gave humans lifespans of hundreds or even thousands of years. This time had been called the “Golden Age of Heroes”. Civilization flourished but then something terrible happened.

Many ancient cultures describe a Golden Age that ends with a War Between Gods, leading to a catastrophe on Earth. Myths around the world tell of mighty gods that ruled the heavens. This was an era of chaos and each god vies for supremacy, one God conquers another, then the next God conquers him – and the favorite weapon of the Gods: the thunderbolt.

In Hinduism, the Mahabharata tells tales of a lost age, where gods waged war on each other in the sky, using what can best be described as “energy weapons”. In Greek mythology, the god, Zeus wielded a celestial thunderbolt to wage war against the Titan, Kronos. In Roman mythology, Zeus was named Jupiter and he was at war with Saturn.

The arrows of Apollo, the Trident of Neptune, these are all connected to thunderbolts, so when our ancestors said the gods waged war in the sky, they were interpreting actual celestial thunderbolts that they witnessed jumping between planets that they had named after the gods.

But what caused this war between the gods and the cataclysm on Earth? It was the glowing middle object in the cosmic wheel, Venus. But Venus didn’t form like the other planets, it was created much more violently. A chunk of Jupiter was ejected from the center of the planet. This matter took the form of a giant comet. This comet would eventually become the planet Venus.

And this event is also reflected in legends around the world: the Greeks had the myth of Zeus birthing the goddess Athena from his forehead. She emerged fully grown and radiated brilliant light. She then uttered a cry that shook the heavens and the Earth – and remember, planets and gods are one and the same and Zeus is Jupiter.

The Maya and Babylonians had myths about Venus being a fiery or blazing star, just like a comet. The ancient Egyptians had a myth about the goddess Isis, who was associated with Venus she was transformed into a fiery star that descended to the Earth.

At some point, the Earth, Venus, Mars and Saturn drifted too close to each other. This led to massive bolts of lightning between the planets and this lightning blasted craters in the Moon and tore through the Earth to create the Grand Canyon.

Ancient cultures recorded evidence of the lightning and other plasma discharges the Lascaux Cave in France has cave art that’s 17,000 years old. These images are extremely detailed, very realistic and very accurate, so why does later art become crude, with men being depicted as stick figures? It’s because these are not drawings of men. Notice how the arms always appear outstretched and there are dots on either side of the figure. These are the same all over the world. So what is this?

The answer comes from Anthony Peratt, a plasma physicist. Peratt shows us an animation of a plasma discharge. The central column is the axis. Around the axis is a torus, or donut-shaped ring of charged particles. The top is called a “champagne glass”, the bottom is called a “squashed bell”. To an observer, the shape is transparent but there are places where the plasma is most dense.

This is the shape drawn by ancient cultures around the world. The reason they recorded it is because they would have seen this as a giant glowing object in the sky. These plasma discharges would have been loud and bright and violent and could have easily been construed as “gods battling in the heavens”.

Eventually, the lightning stopped and the war ended. Saturn, Mars and Venus moved into their current orbits, giving us the sky that we know today. Now, it’s an amazing story but it goes against everything we’ve been taught about gravity, the Solar System and all of mainstream cosmology.

In order for this theory to be taken seriously, someone would have to prove it – so someone did.

Modern science tells us stars are powered by nuclear fusion at their cores. Hydrogen atoms are fused into helium, which produces light and heat. Scientists who support the Electric Universe Theory disagree. They believe electricity plays a bigger role in the Cosmos than mainstream theory suggests. The energy of the Sun is not being driven by fusion but by a powerful electric current that permeates all of space.

Over the past decade, experiments by an international team called the SAFIRE Project have put the Electric Universe Theory to the test. Their goal: Recreate the plasma environment of a star in a laboratory chamber on Earth. Inside their high-tech facility in Canada, the SAFIRE team built a plasma reactor, they filled it with low pressure hydrogen gas, which mimics the early Universe, then they introduced an electrical current, creating a glowing ball of plasma.

The plasma quickly self-organized into stable, donut-shaped vortices called “double layers”. These double layers formed electrified shells that trapped electrons and ions and hydrogen atoms inside. It made a baby star.

The team measured effects within the reactor. Never-before-seen in any lab on Earth, the electron density matched the measurements made from spacecraft sent to study the Sun. Also, the SAFIRE plasma sustained enormous electrical fields, up to 8,000 volts per meter – but also, a steep drop in voltage off the surface of the plasma, which sounds technical but that’s exactly what happens in the Sun.

The reactor core reached temperatures of over 880,000 degrees Centigrade. That’s hotter than the Sun’s surface. The plasma thermal radiation was uniform, just like the Sun.

And then, also found evidence of higher energy in the plasma corona, just like the Sun – and it goes on and on. The SAFIRE Project had created their own mini-sun – and they did it without nuclear fusion. This was done using only electricity – and most shockingly, the reactor was changing elements, like iron and tungsten into other elements, like magnesium, calcium, titanium and 17 others.

This is a process called transmutation the SAFIRE Project had repeatedly transmuted tungsten and iron into more than 17 other stable elements. All these phenomena are exactly what the Electric Universe Theory predicts: that stars are not driven by internal nuclear fusion, after all – but by electrical discharges flowing through cosmic plasma.

Now, more experiments are needed but the SAFIRE reactor hints the ability to pull energy from the quantum vacuum. Nikola Tesla also believed this was possible. If the SAFIRE technology works, it would lead to unlimited clean energy for the entire planet. Scientists who try to create free clean energy always seem to get hit with a lot of bad luck.

So, we have experiments that validate the Electric Universe Theory, with how stars are formed and it’s an amazing discovery but there’s one more experiment we need to do, in order to prove this thing – and it’s a tricky one: we need to prove that the energy moving through the cosmic plasma can move faster than light. Now, Einstein said this was impossible but it turns out that Einstein was wrong and last year, somebody proved it.

Einstein hated quantum entanglement. What is entanglement? This is when two particles transmit information to each other faster than the Speed of Light. Really, they transmit information faster than anything. Entangled particles transmit information instantly, no matter how far apart they are.

Alright, I’m going to try and keep this simple, so physicists: don’t bother leaving comments. This isn’t a video about Quantum Mechanics.

When two particles become entangled, they’re now linked. Now that they’re linked, their movement cancels each other out, meaning if Particle A is spinning up, then Particle B is spinning down. This is called “conservation of angular momentum”. If one particle is spinning clockwise, the other has to be spinning counterclockwise. Make sense?

But remember how weird quantum particles are? We don’t know what they’re doing until we measure them. Until they’re measured, they’re doing everything, all at once. And this is called the Wave Function.

Now, you don’t know anything about a quantum particle but once you take a measurement of that particle, you now know everything about it. This is the wave function collapsing.

The electron decided to act differently, as though it was aware it was being watched. Now, that’s weird enough but entangle two particles and weird becomes sorcery.

Alright, so you’ve got two particles that are entangled. Now, you separate them some distance. The particles can be on separate sides of your lab or separate sides of the Earth, it doesn’t matter their length. Now, let’s measure one of those entangled particles, to see if it’s spinning up or down.

Again, we don’t know what it’s doing yet. It’s doing its quantum voodoo thing. It’s spinning up and down at the same time but when we measure it – boom – its state freezes and now, we see that it’s spinning up. Fine. That means its partner must be spinning down. We check, yep, it’s spinning down and the second particle’s wave function also collapsed, though he didn’t touch it.

Now, let’s separate two entangled particles by a long distance. We’ll put Particle A in New York, we’ll put Particle B on the Moon. Particle A’s wave function collapses. This time it’s spinning down, so Particle B is spinning up. We check our equipment: both particle wave functions have collapsed at the same time. Like, the exact same time.

But that can’t be. Nothing can move faster than light. Light takes 1.28 seconds to get to the Moon but that other particle, the one on the Moon, it didn’t wait 1.28 seconds, it collapsed instantly. Now, let’s put Particle A in Tokyo. We put Particle B on Mars, collapse Particle A – boom – Particle B collapses, too, instantly.

Now, on average light takes 12 minutes to reach Mars. The particle didn’t wait, it knew its partner in Tokyo collapsed, so it instantly did the same.

We put Particle A in London, we put Particle B in the Andromeda Galaxy – that’s about 2 and a half million light years away. We collapsed Particle A in London. It takes light 2.5 million years to reach Particle B but Particle B doesn’t doesn’t wait 2.5 million years to collapse. It doesn’t wait 2.5 minutes. Particle B 2.5 million light years away collapses at the same time – the same exact time – as the particle in Tokyo.

Well, this is what Einstein hated. Nothing can move faster than light, so something must be off. So, in 1935, Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen wrote a paper, saying that quantum mechanics was incomplete. That’s why Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”. That wasn’t a complement.

In the paper, which became known as the “EPR Paper”, Einstein said that somehow, the particle state was determined before they were measured. He didn’t know how, he just believed that’s how it worked. He called this a “hidden variable”. The hidden variable has to be there, because nothing can move faster than light.

Einstein believed everything was local. If particles could communicate instantly over vast distances, that means they’re non-local and that makes no sense. And that’s how things stood for about 30 years.

Then in 1964, John Bell proposed the thought experiment to show that entangled particles don’t care about distance, they don’t care about the Speed of Light and they don’t care about Einstein’s feelings. Particles can communicate instantly no matter the distance.

But the cool thing about Bell’s thought experiment was that it was actually testable in the real world, with real particles. In the 1970s, experiments were done that showed Bell was right and Einstein was wrong.

And then in 2022, Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger closed a few loopholes with the earlier experiments. They proved it in a lab and settle the argument once and for all: Quantum particles are non-local. They can exchange information instantly. They don’t care about distance and they ignore the Speed of Light. This was so groundbreaking, Aspect, Clauser and Zeilinger won the Nobel Prize in physics for this discovery.

But now, here’s the big question: how how are the particles communicating? Through what medium? Sound is the vibration of air molecules. Air is the medium. Sound works in water, too. Water is the medium. But sound is slow. Radio waves are fast. Their medium is the EM spectrum. Radio waves move at the Speed of Light – but no faster.

What is the medium for quantum particles, that allows them to communicate instantly? Just like the Electric Universe Theory explains the formation of galaxies and explains the composition of the Sun, it explains this, too: The medium is the plasma that fills the entire universe.

Physicists Nikolai Kozyrev and Nikola Tesla called this The Aether. Kozyrev and Tesla both felt that we can tap into the energy of this aether or plasma; that energy is in water, in air, in the vacuum of space. It’s all around us. This is Zero Point Energy. That’s why programs like the SAFIRE Project are so important and getting more attention.

The Electric Universe Theory has been considered a “Fringe Theory” and this is why SAFIRE conducts a lot of their work in secret, because it’s possible they made the most important discovery in history. Their technology would usher in an era of prosperity for our civilization not seen since the last Golden Age, when Saturn ruled the sky.

The Electric Universe Theory gets a lot of science right. The Electric Universe answers questions that Einstein couldn’t answer. So let’s recap: The early Universe was just hydrogen. Gravity played a role in compressing the hydrogen into stars but it was really electricity carried through cosmic plasma that fired up the stars and keeps them going today. According to this theory, 3,500 years ago Venus emerged from Jupiter as a comet. It made a few close passes to the Earth and caused all kinds of havoc. Our solar system was like a billiard table: planets bounced around and eventually settled into their orbits. Saturn, once part of a binary system with the Earth found a new orbit, further out. Mars, too was pushed away from the Earth as the planets moved away. Unbelievable lightning arced between them, carving great canyons, like those seen on Earth and Mars and everywhere – and all of this was documented by our ancestors in ancient drawings, like those of the Cosmic Wheel or the Stick Man with the two dots.

Finally, to test all this, the SAFIRE project created a ball of plasma; essentially, their own mini-Sun. Their Sun is hot, stable and shares all the characteristics of other large stars – and this is all achieved with electricity, not nuclear fusion. And if it works, it’s the secret to unlimited free energy.

Now, I love the theory, I love the legends and I really love the science – but is any of this real? Well, probably not. The truth is, Venus was probably never a comet. It’s been observed in the sky as a planet for thousands of years, well before when Velikovsky said it emerged from Jupiter.

Speaking of comets, do you remember NASA’s Epoxi Mission in 2005? This was also called Deep Impact. NASA smashed a probe against a comet to learn about its internal composition. Well, Electric Universe kingpin, Wal Thornhill made a lot of predictions about comets, especially this mission. He said there would be arcs of electrical energy before the impact,  equipment would fail, x-rays would be emitted, along with bolts of lightning – but none of that happened.

Supporters of the Electric Universe Theory – and there are a lot of those – will point to the predictions that Thornhill got right, though I can’t think of any of those off the top of my head but those supporters will ignore the things that he got wrong, which was just about everything.

While Thornhill has been called a physicist and electrical engineer but I can’t find evidence of his credentials anywhere. The only thing we know for sure is that he was a computer salesman for IBM. Now, Thornhill was once criticized for not making his scientific research available for peer review. He said there was no need to, he had no peers.

And all the ancient myth connections to the Cosmic Wheel and all that stuff about Saturn, that was all cherry-picked. Our ancient ancestors were aware of Saturn for thousands of years. Rings weren’t discovered until 1610 by Galileo but the planet was out there – way out there.

The SAFIRE Project is also suspicious until their data is shared and their experiments confirmed by other scientists, we have to assume their plasma reactor doesn’t work. If their machine showed even the smallest possibility that it might work they’d be swimming in billions of dollars – but they’re not – they’re constantly looking for money. I wouldn’t say the SAFIRE Project is a fraud but Lowell Morgan would.

When Sapphire was launched, Dr Lowell Morgan was the only plasma physicist on the team and he wasn’t impressed. He exchanged a few emails with science YouTuber, Professor Dave about his experience:

“The EU [Electric Universe] concept is fraudulent, being promoted by several people as real science to the general public. They don’t really know any physics or mathematics to speak of they have all the usual trappings of crackpot scientists.”

Dr Morgan eventually left the project:

“I quit for several reasons. One, they could no longer pay me and two, they’re just amateurs and I was tired of working with amateurs. They’re bozos.”

So, why would a legitimate scientist get involved with this in the first place?

“It all began with Velikovsky. I read ‘Worlds in Collision’ in 1960 and thought it was a great yarn but any implied physics was wrong.”

The Electric Universe Theory is considered “pseudoscience” but you know how I feel about that word – sometimes pseudoscience, plus time equals science.

As you know, I try to find all sides to a story if I can and whenever I cover alternate science, I also give the point of view of the skeptics but that’s when, with this episode, I started to get upset. Some of the videos I found that debunk the Electric Universe Theory are aggressive. If you’re open-minded to an idea like the electric Universe, then according to some YouTube scientists,  you’re a moron, you’re a nutjob, you’re a toddler.

If a snake oil scientist is taking advantage of people by charging them money for nonsense, then call them out. I support that 100%. But attacking the believers, the victims I don’t agree with that, at all. You persuade with compassion and kindness, not with insult and condescension.

And there are other debunkers who think Velikovsky, Thornhill and other proponents of the Electric Universe Theory should be silenced and that their research should be removed from the internet. This is to protect us from – you guessed it – disinformation. Protecting people from disinformation is censorship – and there’s no place for that in science.

Scientists tried to censor Velikovsky book, ‘Worlds in Collision’. It was a New York Times Bestseller. The scientific community did everything they could to remove it from the charts and eventually they succeeded. Velikovsky’s ideas were too dangerous, we had to be protected from disinformation, so – poof – the book is gone.

And look, Velikovsky was probably wrong about everything: the comet Venus, Saturn, the electric Sun, all of it, probably all wrong – but it’s okay to be wrong, that’s how we find out the truth.

In the words of a great scientist:

Carl Sagan: “Science is a self-correcting process. To be accepted, new ideas must survive the most rigorous standards of evidence and scrutiny. The worst aspect of the Velikovsky Affair is not that many of his ideas were wrong or silly or in gross contradiction to the facts. Rather, the worst aspect is that some scientists attempted to suppress Velikovsky’s  ideas.”

Scientific ideas must survive the most rigorous standards of evidence or scrutiny. Well, scrutiny means your theory has to withstand aggressive debate.

Take climate change. The climate is warming up but is it happening quickly? I don’t know, some scientists say no. Is there anything humans can do to stop it? I don’t know, some scientists say no. There are two sides to this scientific debate but only one side is allowed to be heard. That’s not science, that’s censorship.

Now, I don’t know who’s right. Neither do you but who cares? I just want to know the truth, don’t you?

Carl Sagan: “The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion or in politics but it is not the path to knowledge and there’s no place for it in the endeavor of science.”

Now, what about certain experimental medicines that a lot of us have been taking? Those medications work well for most people but not all people. But we don’t hear much about that. There are two sides to this issue, as well but there’s no debate allowed. Look, I can’t even say the ‘V-word’ on this platform. Now, that’s not science, that’s censorship.

Science is now used to give more wealth to the wealthy, science is used to give more power to the powerful and science is now weaponized to turn half the country against the other.

Again, I don’t care who’s right, I just want the truth. But science isn’t about truth, not anymore. Promote the right science and get a book deal, a guest spot on cable news and highly-paid speaking engagements. Promote the wrong science: lose your reputation, lose your career, get de-platformed on social media. What would you choose? So, scientists without accepted and conventional ideas stopped asking questions.

Carl Sagan: “And the history of our study of the Solar System shows clearly that accepted and conventional ideas are often wrong and that fundamental insights can arise from the most unexpected sources.”

Carl Sagan was correct, accepted science is often wrong. So here’s something to keep in the back of your mind: when there’s a mainstream scientific view out there that suppresses debate and censors scientists that disagree, that mainstream scientific view exists for money and for power, not for the truth and on that there is no debate.

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  • I’m guessing that the place we call as Earth is a part of bigger Earth.
    Used to think it’s ridiculous theory, but started to make some sense that way.
    Simple as moon light – how the hell can the light be cold? – unless it’s a light in plasma… then what is the thing called Moon that we’re seeing? A reflection or plasma holograph.
    And what are they guarding at Antarctica? Is that the actual centre of this smaller Earth or a gate way to the bigger part of Earth?
    Looks like we didn’t ask enough questions while we were in school, neither were we encouraged to question about everything mostly due to fearing others will call us stupid (or it’s systemically designed that way).

    • Absolutely. I am friends with Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her group. I visited them in France back in 2007.

      • You were Amerincan… I cannot say the same about her and her group, that I rather analyzed as brainwashed flying monkeys at the time. She was a guru surrounded by blind admirers, with a mission of teaching the retarded French how to think right (like her) and wrote paranoïa is the right attitude for protection against ennemies.
        The French-bashing (and the “other”-bashing) was a big part of her business, and her materialistic thinking prevented her from understanding basic concepts that others knew by experience about vital Human powers, no matter how hard you tried to convey them in tentative english. Things she had not yet found out herself or by her channelling were simply declared non-existant.
        She reminded me of a painting “teacher” who arrived at a place where I had been painting portraits for years and declared : “first we are going to paint with black and white only, because we have not learned colors yet”…

        Finally I got definitely banned from her forum some years later because I dared to disclose that the Germans were not the ones that created WWI…
        Months later, she published on her forum exactly the book I had been banned for disclosing (written by 2 british historians), assessing it was a new “must read” for everyone.

        • Yes, Laura was a bit didactic and paranoid and always getting into trouble with authorities who accused her of being a cult but she certainly didn’t act like a cult leader towards me or at any time during the week I spent with her and her group.

          I didn’t experience anything like you did. Yes, I’m American but I’m half-Brazilian and I spent my high school years in Brazil and one year of university at the Sorbonne in Paris. My parents also lived in the UK and Mexico, so I used to go “home” to these countries, as well. I speak 5 languages, so I’m not a very typical American.

          I never participated in the Cassiopaea forum. Starting in the late 1990s, I was an avid reader of her website and her books and I accepted the invite to visit their big house outside of Toulouse. There, I met a group of some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, from all over the world – lots of Americans but also Cubans, Israelis, British, Argentinean, etc. I shared a hotel room with the French girl, who abruptly left in the middle of the week-long event. Her parents called her and told her to leave because they thought it was a cult. It was not a cult, in my opinion.

          They wanted me to join their group and go live with them. I wasn’t interested, despite loving everyone I met there plus everybody chain-smoked cigarettes, which I abhor.

  • Thanks for bringing up the topic. For years I’ve favored the “electric universe” maybe because I’m alternative and the Big Bang like the big Bank is impossible but still pushed. Also quantum physics never made it past the theory stage. I read about that with the carbon warming debacle. So, is the electric universe going to replace quantum physics and the big bang, apparently not any time soon. But do we need all the answers in one fell swoop or should we recognize that we are
    piecing together the puzzle and quantum fits in somewhere as does gravity as does electro-magnetism. Let’s avoid scientism (basically religion) if at all possible and respect how science got started in the beginning with approximate measurement up to the point of the unknowable. We also don’t need to colonize knowledge to one particular persuasion, nor monetize it. Let’s leave room for wonder.

  • Ball lightning a readily observable natural phenomenon that is mostly ignored by the big heads in fizzics since it cannot be explained and doesn’t comport with our known laws so it must be impossible . The plasma ball is a self sustaining mini sun fairly safe to handle if you stand far enough away from it and could be a useful source of power if it doesn’t blow up and kill you and if we could reproduce the recipe in a lab like cold fusion but without the radiation byproducts and the fusion but definitely green and sparkly.

  • First – Thanks Alexandra !!!!
    HECKLEFISH !! “Lizzid Peeple”!
    I’m a big fan of The Why Files.
    The Electric Universe or Plasma Cosmology is a more plausible theory than the Big Bang(ing) Dark Matter stuff. Which we STILL can’t find after spending several billions on experimental detectors and Rub Goldberg mouse trap gadgets looking for it.
    EU isn’t the perfect theory, either. But, it opens the mind to new ideas.
    Remember when science thought the geocentric model was the definitive map of our universe?
    Some folks who have commented here still “believe” that to be true. Ya know, flat earth. Firmament. The earth is only 6000 years old. No such thing as dinosaurs.
    Oh, and, any photos and film taken from 55,000 feet or above (like from military aircraft) are faked by … a secret society. ‘Cause … Of course they are. To cover up the fact that the Bible is a history book, not meant to be the story of God (old) and Jesus (new).
    Thousands are in on the great secret! Pilots, scientists, mathematicians, land surveyors, bridge builders and every military who fly planes or fire ballistic weapons (cannons and such) with a trajectory farther than five miles with precision. And, many more.
    But … They ain’t tellin’ NO ONE. Pinky swear!

  • This current and ongoing confusion is exactly what the central bankers who control the money flow, desire. Humans are so mentally manipulated they don’t know what or whom to believe anymore. Many of them just give up and shut down. Many people out of fear will revert back to age-old stand-bys, mind control programs provided for us, long ago.
    Science has definitely been retarded from advancing as well as physics. Research that could have been used for good, for helping heal our planet, is being diverted into artificial intelligence in order to control and replace us, and bioweapons to cull us.

  • Much as I respect Alexandria’s constant digging into disinfo, sometimes you can try to cover so much so fast you have no time to dig deeper.
    I have to disagree on the EU stuff. I’ve watched every video and report on thunderbolts channel for years, time and time again seeing their predictions verified and compared to quotes from mainstream journals confessing how many parts of the Official model are not panning out.
    There WAS an electrical arc before Shumaker-Levy hit Jupiter.
    EU has said for ages comets are NOT icy snow balls,…which is still the lamestream dogma. Even after landing on them and finding comets to be rocky objects with complex geology…with NO snowy icy structure…they still bleat on about water sublimation causing cometary tails…not electrical plasma discharge as they approach the Sun.
    Did someone get to Alexandria?
    Or is mounting confusion in the Collective Mind increasing, with everyone’s subconscious doubts and beliefs bubbling up to the surface due to the increasing space energies flowing in from the galactic current sheet (see SuspiciousObservers channel).
    “Matter” is electrical charges that bundle up into elements, from the underlying “Ether” of undifferentiated plasma ocean of flowing charge. In other words, “reality” is like a computer program in RAM; looks solid when you’re in it, ….and made from it… but it can shift and change stations quickly. When you come down to it “matter” is smoke and mirrors.
    De Grazia, another EU polymath and close friend of Velikovsky, called these sudden rapid changes of paradigm Quantavolutions (“punctuated equilibrium”).
    We are in one such ramping up time of channel change, electrical surge, whether you see Astrological age changes, or Yuga cycles…

    “And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
    The cloud-capp’d towers, the gorgeous palaces,
    The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
    Ye all which it inherit, shall dissolve
    And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
    Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
    As dreams are made on, and our little life
    Is rounded with a sleep.”

  • Yes gravity is a lie. The secret elites who run the world and media lie about everything. They are enemies of God and God’s people. The Biblical creation in Genesis holds the truth of Earth, heaven, sun, moon and stars and the firmament. There is no outer space and planets. The Earth is the center and it’s not a sphere. There’s no curvature. The sun and moon are lights making a circuit above the earth in which we get our day & night. The stars are lights at night not suns and plants millions & billions light years away. Now as far as electricity, I agree. We live in an electric world.

    • Right on Holly. I was going to post that the globe-earth lie and the absence of the Creator in the discussion is crucial to understanding not just that “we” are electric beings and gravity is bogus but a lot of other things as well.

    • Oh please, the bible myths, really? The bible is what has gotten us in the current situation. Observe all 3 Abrahamic religions on a global stage.

  • Before we even begin to investigate the Electric Universe, we need to put away the childishly delusional notions of a “Planet Earth” and a “Solar System”. Our earth is fixed, absolutely immovable. It is also planar, not spherical. The sun is small and revolves overhead within the solid firmament, only a few thousand miles above us. Everything that masonic astronomy teaches the mass is a LIE.

    • Right on Timothy. I posted a reply to Holly to that effect. To believe the things that a spherical rotating globe must do in our present modern faux astronomy is beyond belief.

  • Dr. Joseph Farrell wrote in one of his books that tornadoes are electro-magnetic storms. A stalk of grain does not get jammed through a piece of wood, the atoms/particles or whatever separate and the two things share the same space for a time and get melded together. Is magnetism missing in the Electrical theory? This is a great article, thanks!

    • Thanatos,

      Would that P A I N be so readily dismissed,
      by claiming it to be “belief and imagination,”
      as Bibi and Biden try and take the once-
      CHRISTIAN West to war—for a FALSE Flag :

      Forwarded Message :

      Dear Dr. Miller,

      — Doltish, Stupid, Moronic, Teddy-Bear-Signaling, War-Monger Glenn Beck —

      He hasn’t any CLUE,
      as he can’t see, hear,
      feeeel, The False Flag
      —used to
      both facing criminal charges in their respective nations.

      How many were rebelliously voicing
      their opposition to Bibi’s defanging
      of Israel’s Supreme Court—to pro-
      tect himself from JAIL ?


      • Excuse me, the “once Christian West”? If people don’t attend church, it doesn’t mean that culturally, they are immune from old beliefs, such worshiping Judaic gods and believing they “must support Israel in order to recieve the Judaic god’s blessing.
        Are you denying the enormous support for Israel held by the majority of Christians?

  • The future was here ages ago we had it all in Atlantis before the alien invasion . The sciency truth interferes with the planned destiny of mankind by the ruling class . Energy the thing that will set us free is forceably suppressed to retain control over us and limit our freedumb . A new but not new free energy device containing 2 plates one a right hand spin metal the other a left hand spin metal together they extract energy from the aether from charged particles known as neutrinos that we have been swimming in all our lives . This home made free energy device is waiting for mass production it will power your home ,car and aircrafts and the good news is the patent has expired so it can be produced freely if national security will allow it or the failed green economy will allow it and all the other carbon life to freely exist .

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