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by Greg Reese

The dark cabal herding us like sheep is only able to maintain its power by staying invisible. The most effective way of maintaining invisibility is, and always has been, the art of dividing the masses. This psychological operation known as Divide & Conquer has been deployed for all of recorded history because it works. Especially with organized religion, which is ruled by dogma rather than a personal relationship with god.

Dogma is a belief doctrine dictated by a church. And if you are born into a dogmatic family, then you are raised to believe their dogma. As a result, you will see all conflicting religious dogma as evil, you will be divided and conquered.

The main religions used to divide and conquer mankind are the three Abrahamic religions.

Judaic dogma teaches the Jew that they are a member of the chosen race destined to rule over everyone else as a teacher of god’s law. Islamic dogma teaches that all of mankind must somehow submit to Islam. And while there are reportedly forty thousand different denominations of Christianity, most Christian dogma teaches that Christian’s will live in paradise for eternity while everyone else burns in hell.

Many people raised in these religions have been able to personally connect with god and liberate themselves from the divisive dogma. But many others are stuck in group-mind-think. They conflate holy scripture and a priest class with god and put their faith in a doctrine written by man. It has become the ultimate form of mind control and so whoever controls the holy land, controls the world.

In Revelation 2:9 of the King James Bible it warns of, “the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” We are beginning to see this today with the Zionists, who say they are Jews, and are not.

With the help of the United Nations, the British Crown, the Vatican, the NAZIs, and the Rothschild banking dynasty, the land formally known as Palestine was conquered with bloodshed, lies, and bureaucracy. The Zionists, who claim to be secular, declared the land to be Israel, home of the Jews and successfully thrust the once thriving Middle East back into the Middle Ages. The relatively peaceful region was soon transformed into an unending war zone. Decades of US war crimes radicalized many of the Muslim population into becoming terrorists.

The creation of the State of Israel in 1948 would have never been successful if it were not for the Jewish Holocaust. Even though the Palestinians had nothing to do with it, the Holocaust was effectively used as an emotional excuse for what would otherwise be an illegal land grab. And while few deny that Hitler was murdering Jews, many have pointed out that six million would have been logistically impossible. So why the number six million?

For several decades preceding World War II, the Zionists repeated the mantra; Six Million, referring to the death of six million Jews. A six followed by six zeroes can also be read as sixty-six, which can be read as two-thirds. Certain radical sects of Judaism and Christianity believe that two-thirds of the Jews must perish. It appears as if the Zionists created Israel as a sacrificial altar to make this happen. Repeating the lesser-magic mantra of what they want to make manifest.

Today we are seeing Zionists begging for genocide. Calling out to “Kill them all” and gas-lighting us into thinking there never was a Palestine, while saying we should “Flatten it” and turn it into “Glass”

We are seeing Christian pastors cheer for mass murder. Pastors saying that “Israel should make the Gaza Strip a parking lot.” And several Evangelical pastors who speak as if Christ will only return if we provide him the blood sacrifice taught in their extreme dogma.

As Israel pushes forward, radicalized young Muslim men who have had their homes destroyed by American bombs are now spread throughout Western nations. The stage is set for the holy war and many are willing to murder in the name of their dogmatic beliefs.

Extremists of all three religions are being used by the hidden hand to foment this war, while the Catholic church has been making preparations for a one-world-religion solution.

Divided we will be conquered. But united we could learn to live as one. In peace. God help us all.

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  • This bunch has wanted a war with Iran, for years. And they all claim that Iran is backing the Houthis. The Houthis, have been at war with Arabian pigs, for many years. But the Israeli and US Satanists (Zionists) want to take over the entire Middle East. And for you clowns to keep saying that it’s Iranian backed , it’s easy to see that you are Controlled Opposition. Are you making good money? I’m sure all of you all will be doing better once we take over Iran’s oil fields. How stupid or controlled are you anyways? Thanks, Capt Joe.

  • This is a classic example of a “sweeping conclusion” that doesn’t deserve a response, but it’s so inane I couldn’t help but address it. Because people coalesce and organize times of worship, prayer, community outreach into an organized community of devotees with their belief system at the core, you say that they are ruled by dogma?? The whole point of an authentic religion is that they believe in something wholeheartedly….it’s not up for grabs by the relativists who have no absolute center and so live drifting in and out of conflicting ideas and beliefs saying “Oh that’s your truth, I have mine.” I always ask these people if they believe that it’s true that that everyone has their own truth. They will say yes, of course. I then proceed to nail them on their mindless contradiction. Anyway That’s what a “dogma” is – unwavering belief and it’s not limited to religions… Their challenge is to present their belief to the rest of the world as truth which demands that they live up to their claims. You are no different, as your dogma is what you present here. And you say, “As a result, you will see all conflicting religious dogma as evil, you will be divided and conquered.” Another outrageous sweeping conclusion…You may be describing people who have no education, have grown up being abused, and are part of some hybridized religious group that name the name of God, or Christ, or what have you, but having unwavering convictions doesn’t mean that you can’t sit down with someone from some other persuasion to have an intelligent conversation.
    And to say that these people you speak of have no relationship with Godl….well, you’d have to be God to know that. Absurd.
    Then I’m afraid you are really lapsing into a bad place intellectually here when you say: “The main religions used to divide and conquer mankind are the three Abrahamic religions.” I would have to repeat the old adage that “they who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat its failures. Any cursory examination of history will show that people who have adhered to the Christian faith and were part of Christian churches like the Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches are responsible for developing the American Constitution, that, while not perfect, has proven to be the most successful form of government that human beings have developed. Also, the idea of the university and the first university were begun by Catholics, the first hospitals were developed by people of faith, Most of the children of the nobility during the Middle Ages sent their kids to monastery schools because they were the most effective in existence. Many of the great scientific minds of before, during, and after the Renaissance where Catholics like Galileo Galilei, René Descartes, Louis Pasteur, Blaise Pascal, André-Marie Ampère, Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, Pierre de Fermat, Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, Copernicus, Alessandro Volta, Augustin-Louis Cauchy, Pierre Duhem, Jean-Baptiste Dumas, Alois Alzheimer, Georgius Agricola and Christian Doppler to name a few who saw Christian theology as the great handmaiden to all of the sciences. I could go on here talking about how you’ve also conflated so many things is this rant, it’s not funny.

    • Jo Jo,

      – Three Questionable Thought Systems –

      Satanism // Talmudism // Koranism—although
      Satanism isn’t a religion – as the Founders had
      defined it in the Bill of Rights – because it is
      Religion !,
      and not constitutionally protected
      speech ( just as PORN is not protected
      “speech,” but inimical to decency and
      civilized society—study my essay,
      “Sex Ed. 101” ).



      Regarding Talmudism, study the books ! :

    • Perhaps one day you’ll be able to see that ALL religions have been taken over by Satanists. I said, “…all religions “. Thanks, Capt Joe.

  • Rees isn’t a man of God, he’s a chaos daemon of satan. I’m sick and tired is Rees’s Neo-Nazi doctrine calling the Jews satanists. I’m an Israeli Jew with a D.N.A. results from 23andMe, proving I’m indigenous to the land of Israel. Saying “it’s not the Jews it’s the Zionists” is just a bay-pass to the Neo-Nazis.

    • Daniel, as a former Christian Zionist I would urge you to do your own homework, because “Christian” and Zionism” in its popular meaning are not compatible. Many Jews recognize this as do many Christians, and many more are coming to realize the truth. I was lied to by more than one pastor who owed their degrees to the futurist theological purveyors, but they did NOT do their own homework. They rather parroted what Doctor Overalls taught them down at the theo cemetery they attended. You can unravel their yarn once you begin putting the pieces together. Judge a tree by its fruit. Some of the most vicious and argumentative people you will ever met are Christian Zionist zealots. Dispensationalism has a short pedigree and you can trace it. I have, so have others. It is anything other than historic Christian doctrine.

    • Daniel Bach,

      Confusion Reigns Because
      the Ten Commandments
      have been ripped from the
      PUBLIC Square, and from
      PUBLIC Schools—then,
      there is this :

      — About that MONSTER, Bibi : —

      Forwarded Message :

      October 7th was a DEEP-Fake, False
      Flag—to justify mass murder for another
      Expansionist-Israel Op.—just as
      were the First and Second Gulf Wars,
      using white Christian men as PROXY
      combatants (( Evangelicals being the
      worst suckers of all, for Talmudic
      Judaism )).



      Helena, you opine in here, :

      “Fatal Flaw – never overestimate your success. Fatal Flaw – In a 2001 video, Netanyahu is discussing his strategy for bombing Palestine; ‘To Strike Them Several Times So that The Strike is so Painful, That the Price Is Unbearable’. This resonates with his mindset, his abject hatred, his desire for death so strongly, so discompassionately, he reveals a dark, dark soul, indeed. Finding the ability to side with such a monster is core to the protests staged across the GLOBE.”

      Well, Bibi is also quoted as saying to
      his Party’s members – very concerned
      about stories of Israelis shadowing
      “Arab terrorists” in the U.S., just before
      9/11 – that they needn’t worry, because :


      Then, we have this quote, to identify that
      MONSTER even more deeply/resolutely :

      America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up,
      and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but
      the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and
      control… This is what we do to countries that we hate. We
      destroy them very slowly.”
      – Bibi Netanyahu

  • I for the most part love your posts, but must confess this one kinda way out there and don’t agree with much of your analysis up to the point I quit reading. Regardless … thanks for your posts which I more often than not enjoy !

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