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We’ve all heard about Project Bluebeam and the coming fake alien invasion. Episode 2 of the Tore Says Show ‘Fall of Babylon’ Mini Series shares some technological details of how it would be pulled off. (The mini doc begins at 8:16 minutes into this upload).

‘Fall of Babylon’ Episode 2 is an information overload of images, soundtracks and text that is more like a multi-layered, interactive game than a documentary. It caused me to research the headspinning details presented.

I’ve transcribed the fast-moving text that I was able to catch, below but I still have to go back and only focus on the soundtrack and another one, only focusing on the images. It is very, very dense.

The images and the soundtrack and the fleeting text all relate to each other and they all refer to the technology that will be deployed to stage a worldwide fake alien invasion, using a combination of VLFELF and holograms.

The VLF and ELF ground waves will be used to attack specific areas of the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during religious experience. These electromagnetic frequencies will be blasted at the human population to overwhelm them with incapacitating vertigo, aka a “Road-to-Damascus Experience”.

In conjunction with these brainwave entrainment frequencies, hyperrealistic holograms will be projected in the sky by satellites.

We are told that most of the thousands of satellites now in orbit around Earth already have this hologram technology onboard and the “projection screen” for the holograms is being created with chemtrails.

It’s also implied that the James Webb Space Telescope – which orbits the Sun, not the Earth – will be involved with this grand production.

The important message here is: if and/or when this PSYOP is rolled out, do not believe your eyes and do not believe your fake “religious experience”, either.

Much of this material sounds like the seven-page document titled “Salvage Program” leaked by the Anonymous hacking group on October 18th, 2016.

The document was allegedly produced by the Benenson Strategy Group, advisors to the Hillary Clinton Campaign and it presented different strategies to scare people away from the polls and to keep them from voting for Trump. This was after her favorability ratings had crashed to 12% (according to this document), due to the revelations from WikiLeaks.

Although it is probably a hoax, it contains a lot of information that is true. When I originally published this information in 2016, a military contact of mine forwarded it to his admiral friend. He told me the admiral hit the ceiling because some of the information in the document actually comes from a super-secret Special Access Program (SAP).

Joel Benenson, the founder of the Benenson Strategy Group was the chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. According to FEC filings, BSG received over $2.5 million in the year 2016 from the Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign. (This does not include possible payments made by her super PACs or the Clinton Foundation).

The Salvage Program report queried respondents as to what it would take to keep them from voting on Election Day.

The “Non-Recommended Salvage Options” describe the pros and cons of several named PSYOPs, many of which we’ve heard rumors about for decades – and some of which have actually since been deployed and are ongoing:

Red Dawn, which is an invasion of UN troops from the Canadian Border; Cobalt Rain, which is a dirty bomb attack; BL Riot, which was the George Floyd/BLM riots that were rolled out in the summer of 2020; Zikpocalypse, which is a PSYOP using the ZIKV bioweapon, instead of the SARS-CoV-2 bioweapon, which was used to steal the 2020 Election; Sharia Escalation, which we’re just getting into now, with the Israel-Hamas War and the “Day of Rage” riots and the 300,000 Muslims who have illegally crossed the Southern Border, hundreds of whom are in the FBI’s terrorist database, which is setting us up for a scenario of 100 Gaza Attacks being committed within the US and finally; Unnatural Disaster, which is a HAARP-based weather warfare attack:


The tenacity of Trump voters was considered to be such that the Benenson Group advised a peculiar “Final Solution” to stop Americans from voting: a false flag extraterrestrial invasion using advanced 3D laser technology called FIRESIGN.

It featured this graphic of a hologram projector with the description below:

For almost two decades the Department of Defense and NASA have coordinated on a black book project under the codename FIRESIGN. FIRESIGN’s aim is to create a religious “awe effect” in enemy populations to create an instantaneous psychological soft-kill (abject submission). The operation uses high powered lasers to project realseeming images on the sodium layer 100km above the surface. These images can cover hundreds or even thousands of square miles and can appear completely real, three dimensional, and can move. These visual cues are augmented with pulsed ELF electromagnetic emissions (see: PROJECT SANGUINE) that attack the specific areas of the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during religious experience. In limited tests, subjects have been able to be overwhelmed on both axis of vastness (an overwhelming of the subject’s frame of reference) and a powerful need-for-accommodation. The mix of these two will produce inaction, lack of focus on self or individual interaction, and gross transformations in mental equilibrium (a Road-to-Damascus Experience).


The document claims “The ability to produce these effects across 23% of the continental United States is the objective of FIRESIGN and field tests in the Levant have proven successful.”

Back in 2016, the following nihilistic paragraph made me think this document was not believable but after the endless PSYOPs that we’ve been inflicted with since then, it almost makes it seem more believable:

“The aftermath of FIRESIGN will be the psychological subjugation of areas where uprisings are most likely to occur. The induced trauma of FIRESIGN will provide ample cover to government and NGOs who will be ‘providing aid’ (psychotropic to induce docility) and counseling services which will ensure further domestication.”





Project Bluebeam is a continuous experimentation of the Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments. The collective plan is to create a world wide light show with accompanying electronically driven patterns. The PULSE wave would make people think God is talking to them.

“THEY” have four steps to prepare:

1) The first step concerns the breakdown of all archeological knowledge. There will be quakes in various regions which will reveal unusual items which will be used to support their coming lie.

This falsification will be used to make the population believe that the religious doctrine has been misunderstood.

2) The second step is the gigantic space light show. 3D optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images.

3) The third step is telepathic electronic 2-way communication

• ELF (Extra Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency) will reach the people of the earth.
• Inside their head, the messages will pour in. When the project is activated, a “messiah” will appear in every country, representing each country’s biggest religion
• Thus Muslims will see Muhammed, Christians will see Christ and so on. All religions’ gods will melt into one god. Jesus will be melted into the new world religion leader.

4) Electronic universal supernatural manifestation designed to deceive will create the following illusion:

• Make mankind believe an alien invasion is imminent.
• Make Christians believe a Rapture is imminent.
• And aliens have come to rescue the people of the world.
• Convince all that a global satanic supernatural force will manifest worldwide.

Able to travel through optical fiber, coaxial cable, electric and phone lines – are everywhere and inescapable.

Like some weird EVIL Matrix.

How could they create such a huge production? [Watch the James Webb Telescope. Due to launch 2013. Trade Show Holograms].

Holograms are located on a large percentage of our satellites. While these projects are super top secret, the evidence for their existence is overwheming. Billions of dollars, Euros, Yen, etc have been spent sucking thousands of electronic satellites and probes into our upper atmosphere.

But HOW will they project this image in the SKY? YOU ASK? Chemtrails serve many uses. Chemtrails prepare the “SCREEN” in the upper atmosphere.

Hey did you know… the UN says 2009 is International Year of ASTRONOMY. Preparing you for the New World Order to come. They even made us New Space Currency. Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination (QUID). No sharp edges.

Fully wired GPS, Debt, Monitored actions. “None of the existing payment systems we use on earth – like cash, debit or credit cards could be used in space,” said Professor George Fraser from the University of Leicester.

What? Why are we suddenly worried by money in space? How many weather and “climate” satellites do we need? There are thousands of satellites.

Satellites are only one part of the equation. They even make them look like trees. Even church steeples. Will be used for evil. Just don’t believe what you see. REMEMBER IT’S A LIE.

In every whispered prayer, there is a convergence of hope, faith, and the silent echoes of spiritual communion, binding us to the divine and to each other in sacred unity.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • In the late 80’s I read the Seth books channeled by Jane Roberts. It was the first such material I read and there were some 14 books that she had channeled between 1963 and her death in 1987 or so. These books were some of the most profound books I have ever read and they told about the nature of reality and how our mental orientation in the form of beliefs, attitudes, meanings, etc. form a perceptual framework through which we look at the world. And not only is what we see colored by our beliefs, our beliefs actually pull events of the same frequency to us. These are quantum effects. I think many, many people now have this under their belts. I bring it up because in one of the books, I don’t remember which now, Seth discusses things that could be done to manipulate the populace. He said projections could be formed “say, of a Second Coming.” This had to be in the late 60’s or so when he said this. He also said that if ones frequency is high enough, meaning that ones framework of beliefs, etc, is positive, those people won’t be affected by the machinations. We will essentially vibe out of their range of negative frequency. He said too that after the turn of the 21st century all of our major institutions will be in shambles, but that as the century moves on we will form a world that will be much “kinder”. This was quite an unexpected prediction for the 60’s and 70’s, in an America still with unlimited belief in itself, despite the growing disenchantment with the Vietnam war and the protests that brought great numbers into the streets. Those times made huge shifts in awareness of what goes on in the world with social and anti-war changes. (Until they got us back in control with movies and such, believing that ripoff banksters and Wall Street operatives were chic and yuppification and gentrification were our social goals.) It’s hard to believe that before that era, legal racial segregation, disenfranchisement and even lynchings were realities in the South and no one EVER questioned the actual reasons we have war. The times were a real watershed but I don’t think anyone was thinking of all of our institutions ever being in shambles. Yet here we are.
    So now, over 50 years after Seth’s prediction, when Bluebeam-type, so called Voice of God messaging and vast psychological manipulation is being discussed as an imminent possibility, we do have to keep our heads clear. And as today’s FKTV offering says, we’re going to have to do that with real spiritual connection to the real God, the source of all, which our minds are part of and have direct access to. The old guy in the sky was never there but instead inside of all his creations. Like the soul of all souls, a loving presence, never the inquisitor lying in wait to fry us or the end times punisher. I hope most of us understand that now, as the understanding has been put out in so much spiritual material, including channeled stuff, long pre-paving and preparing our way for this time. So that’s where we look now and solidify with before the sky bullshit begins. It ought to be a hell of a light show to watch, but it’s going to take strength to get past the psychological aspect of the psyop. Buckle up for safety.
    And special thanks to you, Alexandra. I could see clearly today just how much work you have to put in daily to vet, organize, explain and present us with the absolutely best content available. You’re the first thing I go to in my email feed every morning.

  • The History and Limits of “Executive Orders”
    Abraham Lincoln issued the very first Executive Order, dishonestly labeled Executive Order 100, otherwise known as the Lieber Code in the spring of 1863, on the day before he bankrupted the United States of America, Incorporated. This was not a coincidence.

    Lincoln, who had been secretly prosecuting an illegal Mercenary Conflict and calling it a “war” for three years, was also acting as the President of a foreign British Territorial Corporation calling itself the United States of America, Incorporated, while passing himself off as the President of our Federation of States.

    The nickname “Honest Abe” was entirely tongue-in-cheek.

    By these legal maneuvers, Lincoln seized dictatorial powers for himself as “Commander in Chief” of a British Crown corporation in time of war, and as a result, what was illegal for an American President, became completely legal for Lincoln.

    He could now exercise unbridled executive power as the captain of a ship made of paper, and use the U.S. Army to enforce it.

    The issuance of his first Executive Order marked the time and date of Lincoln’s greatest fraud and most outrageous seizure of unauthorized powers, in which he revealed himself to be a British Interloper and Pretender.

    Lincoln deceptively substituted his private office as the “President” of a British Crown Corporation for the public office of The President of The United States of America — the presidency of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

    Those familiar with the 1819 ratification of the Titles of Nobility Amendment knew that Lincoln was not eligible to serve as the actual President of this country and resisted his pretenses; the bulk of the American populace was left uninformed.

    And so the rot began, and the British Raj was established in America, as well as India, at about the same time.

    They never actually won any wars against America, or India for that matter, they simply used fraud and impersonation to promote their assumptions of power, and once in place, continued to quietly parasitize their unwitting hosts.

    All so-called “Executive Orders” do not apply to the General Public of this country. They only apply to the actual employees of the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation operating as British Territorial U.S. Citizens— although the officers of the American Raj routinely subourne compliance under color of law, simply by pretending to represent our government.

    It is apparent to any school child that the extent to which these hoodlums represent us is strictly limited and clearly stated among the delegated powers established by The Constitution of the United States of America, and that they have no other powers, executive or otherwise, in this country.

    For example, they and their “Presidents” have no right to censor American air waves or set up a British Title System in America or enter the American States without an Egress Treaty or say one word to Americans about health — public or otherwise.

    Lincoln’s 1863 power grab was followed up by numerous other acts of deceit and fraud that bubbled along in the form of war profiteering and double dealing that led to the First World War, and when that British Dog Pile finally came to its fruition, led directly into the “Roaring Twenties” and the Great Depression.

    None of this was coincidental, either.

    The G-5 nations agreed to bankrupt their “national corporations” at the May 1930 Geneva Convention. They did this by Treaty.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the U.S. representative at these meetings. He was elected President of the United States (Incorporated) two years later, in 1932, when the effect of this bankruptcy agreement was becoming apparent.

    The purpose of bankrupting these so-called “national corporations” was to offload the debts of these foreign-owned governmental service corporations onto the backs of the working people of the respective countries.

    Over the course of the next fifteen years FDR would preside over the Second World War and use both the Great Depression he created and the great conflict it spawned as his excuse to impose slavery on the Municipal citizenry, involuntary indentured servitude on the British Territorial U.S. Citizens, the theft of 20,000 Metric tons of privately held American gold, the creation of over 350 new Government Agencies the people of this country never authorized, and allowing the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor even though he had days of prior knowledge of the attack.

    The death dates of both Lincoln, a Republican, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat, should be national holidays.

    Instead, Lincoln has a Memorial on the Mall in Washington, DC, and is hailed as the Great Emancipator — and nobody notices that the only people he “emancipated” were the Southern Plantation Owners who were emancipated from the legal responsibility of caring for and providing basic food, clothing, and shelter for their slaves.

    And FDR is lionized as a great hero of the common people, the laborers of the nation, whom he betrayed into the control of international unions that continue to mislead and bleed them to this day.

    The unauthorized government agencies that he empowered with the ability to write and enforce administrative code — which these unelected bureaucrats enforce upon the public under color of law — and the entire out of control bulk of the federal bureaucracy he created, is lauded for all the non-productive jobs generated by this process.

    This cancerous and self-generating growth of the so-called governmental services sector is what has led to AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, (founded in 1932) to be the largest labor union in the world.

    So, now, let’s combine the total effect of Lincoln plus Roosevelt on the Federal Government — the two foreign Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia — in terms of “Executive Orders” which have been foisted off onto and misapplied to the General Public and to our public infrastructure in this country.

    An excellent summary of this unauthorized practice of issuing “Executive Orders” by foreign corporation officers and misapplying these orders to our people and public infrastructure recently came across my desk, and so I am reposting the highlights here:

    EO [Quote] 10990 allows the [British Territorial] Government to take over all modes of transportation, highways and seaports. [This is what they use as their excuse for claiming to own your private cars and trucks and for forcing their registration as commercial motor vehicles when they aren’t being used in commerce.]

    11995 takes over control of all comms, telecom, internet, tv, and radio. [We have been under censorship and media gag orders since the First World War, leading to Americans being clueless about actual world events.]

    10997 takes over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.[This is how they can bargain with the Arabs and promise not to develop American crude oil reserves so as to artificially manipulate the world oil markets. This is also how they threaten electrical black outs and defer payments owed to you as the purported owners of all these electrical cooperatives: they stick you with the costs of these organizations, but never share out the profits.]

    10998 seizes all means of transportation, cars, trucks, and vehicles of any kind. [Follow up to 10990 above.]

    190999 takes over all food resources, and farms, the food now [purportedly] belongs to them. [This is what they use to manipulate commodity markets, accuse people of “hoarding” as a crime, and take other illegal and unlawful measures against the General Public.]

    11000 takes over and mobilizes work brigades, under “government” supervision. [Think of Prisons for Profit schemes promoted throughout Great Britain in the 1970s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Realize that there is a reason that 25 million Americans are incarcerated at any given time — a far, far greater percentage of our population than any other country, and no, it isn’t that we are endemically given to criminal behavior. Rather, we have a criminal government that profits itself by accusing us of crimes.]

    11001 takes over health, education, and welfare. [This is what they use to assert authority to force members of the General Public to take vaccinations, pay for abortions, submit our children to their version of “Public Education” and pay for ever-increasing welfare benefits that are used to pay for votes in their private corporation elections — which are passed off as public elections to the gullible people of this country.]

    11002 designates the postmaster general to operate a national registration of all persons. [This is part of the apparatus used to create the commercial corporations named after you in DOG LATIN — yet another grossly criminal scheme used to defraud and obtain illegal and unlawful coercive power over people.]

    11003 takes over all airports and aircraft. [This is why airplane pilots could not refuse vaccinations and the reason that the airlines had to impose all sorts of ridiculous mask regulations, etc.]

    11004 allows the housing and finance authority [whatever that is and wherever it came from] to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designates areas to be abandoned per Agenda 21 and 30. [We see this taking place in the DEW fires that engulfed Paradise, California and Lahaina, Hawaii, and which are now decimating the Gaza Strip. These vermin have got to be stopped and the only way to do it, is to cut off their supply of money and labor, expose their lack of authority, and accuse them as the criminals that they are.]

    11005 allows the takeover of the railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities. [Hint: if you have anything in a storage unit that is needed for your survival in hard times — food, equipment, clothing, armaments — anything like that, you’d better have it in your possession, or between roadblocks and illegal seizures and obstructions, you won’t be able to get to your stuff in time of need.)

    11921 takes control of banking — [even though they have absolutely no right or authority to say anything about banking and are not doing their one explicit duty to supply adequate and stable currency.]

    13603 grants themselves the ability to demand forced uncompensated labor for indefinite time periods (an attempt to legalize slavery) and in February 2010, forced internment and resettlement operations. [Is anyone ready to wring Congressional and “Executive” necks yet?]

    11005, 11310 — these “Executive Orders” grant authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the executives orders listed and much more…. [Unquote].

    So, how, you might be wondering, have these cretins running the American Raj for King Charles (we should say, Emperor Charles III, because he is not acting as a King) and the FRANCISCUS Corporation, gotten away with according themselves all these authorities and powers in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land?

    Well, it’s quite simple. We are dealing with the American Raj — the American version of the same illegal takeover activities we saw in India, promoted by the British Crown Corporation and its Roman competitors. Both brands are equally guilty of crimes against humanity, breach of trust, fraud on an unimaginable scale, mercenary profiteering, war profiteering, unlawful conversion, violation of their service contracts and many, many other crimes.

    They can’t impose their self-proclaimed executive “powers” on anyone but their own corporation officers, employees, and dependents, so they falsely register you as one of their employees or dependents via various undisclosed registration and application processes.

    Like the registration of Birth Certificates, which results in unlawful conversion of your political status as Americans in violation of both the Hague and Geneva Conventions.

    So, it’s time to shove it down their throats, and the most peaceful and effective way to do that, is to correct the public international record concerning your political choices and status, populate your country’s land and soil jurisdiction, stand up your courts of General Jurisdiction, enforce the Law of the Land, and send the British Raj packing.

    And we repeat — the only ones obligated to obey any executive orders issued by the “commander in chief” of a British Crown corporation, are the officers, employees, and dependents of that corporation. Not the General Public.

    None of these grandiose claims to have control of anything hold water, because they are issued without authority or consent of the actual owners, the purportedly missing Americans, who are in fact present and accounted for.

    Possession by pirates does not change ownership.

    Even the actual officers, employees, and dependents of these corporations have been hornswoggled into undisclosed, false, and misleading contracts, and induced unknowingly to act as mercenaries and to commit illegal acts for the profit of these same corporations — as a result, there isn’t a member of any of the United States Military Services with a valid service contract.

    Not only can service members not hold these corporations to perform upon their benefits and salaries, but these corporations don’t have a leg to stand on if these service members walk off the job and refuse to follow their “executive orders”.

    These Municipal Corporations and their franchises have all been misled and abused for criminal purposes and must be either liquidated or forfeited to the actual government of this country, as embodied in our State Assemblies which hold General Jurisdiction and our Federation of States operating in international and global jurisdictions.

    All “Executive Orders” pertain only to the executive branch of the respective Municipal Corporations headquartered in the District of Columbia and are owed no special or general enforcement outside the subject corporations and their limited enclaves.

    • Wow, this is busy day in the comments. I didn’t know how far back the parasitical pirating of humans went. I thought the governmental coup on the US went back to 1871. While I knew Lincoln was not what he seemed, I didn’t know the extent of his skullduggery. Wayne Jett lowered the boom on FDR, another supreme rotter, in his book The Fruits of Graft. Thank you for taking the time to break the deceptions out for us. One thing we do know by now, if the press/media lauds someone to the stars, it’s for sure that person is a cabal operative. I’ve never seen it to fail except in the case of JFK where the postmortem media lauds hoped to cover the fingerprints that were all over his assassination. I’ve said here before that David Icke was right and nothing convinces me more than to view the sinister detail of the takeover, how planned and moving to the final objective it’s been, no doubt several hundred years in planning. Some say thousands. I think it was Woodrow Wilson who said that there was a power known to be so subtle, so all-knowing that none dared to speak of it in more than a whisper. Clif High would call it the Bug and of course that traitorous son of a bitch Woodrow Wilson would know since he honored it always. (Wasn’t it sad when he crocodile boo-hooed how wretched he was after suddenly realizing, long after the fact, that the Fed he let in was the doom of the country? I cried for days.)
      So, here we are and comparatively few know the extent and purpose of the takeover. They fight over the politics when there’s a real monster hiding behind it. Job one has to be to continue to spread this knowledge as far as possible to those who still believe the next guy in office will save us and we have just a few wrinkles to smooth out. The whole ball of wax is rotten to the core and must be gotten rid of and something else brought in. Democracy is very vulnerable to corruption, so that needs to be fixed in some way it never has been before. But fixing things will have to start with destruction of “the bug.” Wish us luck with that one.

      • Bravo and well said, Margaret. You’ve taken the words right out of my mouth. I’ve read, thought and known about this crap for decades. Ever since I was a kid in school and used projectors onto screens, I have thought that they had this technology but no screening the sky. They can’t project an image onto the clouds because they need a flat surface to keep the focus even. Then I saw the aerial spraying and it hit me. They’re preparing the air to act as a screen. Then I saw they have the ability to send voices to our heads. So, Project Blue Beam is ready and just waiting to be rolled out. Just know this, The Messiah, will descend back to earth in Damascus, not Hollywood. So when you see him coming down in your hometown, keep in mind this ain’t the Holy Land. But then again, he may come to Arkansas looking for the Clintons. Thanks, Capt Joe Kelley.

      • God Bless you, Steve. Some of this information I’ve known about for some time, now. But the bulk of it is a true Blessing to hear. I knew that the so called, “Revolutionary War”, was bullshit. And I can show how our hero, George III, I mean George Washington, took Rothschild money from the British agent, Alexander Hamilton, to start the First Bank of The U.S. So it all began as a lie. Thanks, again, Steve, for everything informative, Capt Joe Kelley.

    • God Bless you, Steve. Some of this information I’ve known about for some time, now. But the bulk of it a true Blessing to hear. I knew that the so called, “Revolutionary War”, was bullshit. And can show how our hero, George III, I mean George Washington, took Rothschild money from the British Agent, Alexander Hamilton, to start The First Bank of The U.S. So it all began as a lie. Thanks, again, Steve, for everything informative, Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Well, the “Road to Damascus” Religious experience should be interesting, especially since I have no use for any of Mankind’s religions or beliefs, and the one time in 1998 that I became so desperate that I turned to God to save the life of the person most dear to me in 1998, He betrayed both me and her, and she died. Oh, and other than the Bug People swarming our Borders, I do not believe in Extraterrestrial Aliens either.
    Go ahead, Elitists, Globalists, and the Enemy Within…
    I haven’t done LSD since the 1970s, so this ploy to sway my lack of Belief should be interesting.

    • It is a childish “proof” asking God to intervene in your little life. Why would “He” when all of us have an expiration date anyway? What should happen if Football team A’s fans pray for victory at the same time Football team B’s fans do likewise.
      Grow up.
      Btw, it might open your eyes if you took some acid again, and remind yourself that most of what we thing is “reality” is a construct we make and project onto our own mind screens.
      We live in God’s Movie, are all bit players and character actors strutting our stuff on stage for a brief moment.
      Contemplate the inconceivable vastness of Cosmos, planets for life, other versions of realities… Life-Death-…the Game plays out without seeming end. It’s not as serious as we navel-gazing gnats imagine in our It’s All About ME little fantasy worlds.
      The whole thing is a Trip; a tapestry of Imagination, smoke and mirrors, fancy Light Show. Who needs Bluebeam? Your own mind is so much better.

      • What I believe is similar to what you say. Creation is happening within and among all that is conscious and one conscious awareness is just as important as another, all subsumed in the whole, like the hologram is a smaller but identical fraction of the whole. It’s that fractal thing. So no fair saying one person’s experience is unimportant. It’s all important. All are part of the same process we call God. While the plays we involve ourselves in are not “real” in the sense of the bedrock of reality that is the consciousness that creates it in each of us, the plays constitute CHOSEN experience. It’s fleshed out of thoughts, beliefs, orientation. So to pray to God to stop something we have already chosen to experience with that framework is contradictory and impossible. We have to completely retrench what we think and what possibilities our framework includes. When I pray, I pray for God to help straighten out my frickin mind limits, because it’s clear to me God or what some call “Universe”, will be implementing what has been my “will” already expressed in what I expect or think is possible. God never betrays, he implements our individual will, the real one hiding under the Christmas wish list we say we want. That’s a tough recognition, but it clearly says where the power lies, in our own thoughts and in the sovereignty of the mind that thinks them. No use blaming God for what we do to ourselves.

    • Ok, I went on a big ole rant below in my response to Nestor, so I won’t re-rant here, but your cosmic disenchantment is saddening for me. You might want to read it and see if it makes sense to you. I don’t wish to minimize your loss of the person most dear to you, probably the most painful and devastating thing that we can experience, and on top of that to feel it was a betrayal. But maybe there’s more to it than you see. I’m with you on religions being a manipulative crock, but there’s more.

    • I want to add one more thing. I’ve read that we structure lives in this dimension with others who are close to us. By this I mean pre-lifetime agreements of souls. Don’t know if reincarnation is in your paradigm. It’s possible that you and the person who was so dear to you agreed ahead to go through what you went through, a very intimate thing to do. The two of you would have been exploring that together because that’s what we do here. If so, God would not stand in your way. We’re not always aware of why we really do things, but I believe it lies just under awareness. Besides, she’s not dead since consciousness never dies and you will see her again. I hope you don’t just blow this off as ridiculous hopium. I think there’s plenty of evidence to show this is the way things are. Best to you.

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