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This video mashup is the week in review by Scotty Films set to George Harrison’s ‘Brainwashed’ from his final album in 2002. Now, there was a man who understood a thing or two about brainwashing, having played lead guitar for one of the greatest Tavistock projects in history.

ISIS is an acronym for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, explains author, Dan Raviv during a 1990 interview on CNN – which brings us to ISIS now claiming responsibility for the Moscow concert hall attack last Friday – which Russia denies.

These are two different, yet related groups called ISIS. The Islamic State is said to have been created by Obama’s CIA and Trump is shown on the 2016 campaign trail saying that ISIS was created by Hillary Clinton with Obama.

The United States has been arming and training terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan since the 1980s. There is nothing new about Joe Biden leaving $85 billion worth of materiel behind in Afghanistan.

Speaking of Obama, he was suspiciously seen going to both 10 Downing Street and to the White House within the past week, which many can’t help but link with the terror attack in Moscow.

The Moscow attack was carried out by young men from Tajikistan living in Russia. Tajikistan is a small Central Asian country that is a former Soviet Republic bordering Afghanistan and China, whose US Embassy in Dushanbe became the staging area for the Afghan war in 2001.

Many observers are saying that the modus operandi of the attack is typical of the CIA.

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  • MSM news and your gut tells you this. Then you start connecting the dots! Works every time and it’s why I stopped supporting Trump, because through the Maxwell/Epstein subversive operation, he is an insider to this ongoing CIA/Mossad unprincipled mischief making machine where the end always justifies the means no matter how wicked the means. I am NOT saying I know Trumps heart, but his foot prints are not that hard to trace. Trump ran into trouble with these sinister forces when they realized that he had become a serious control problem for them.

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