George Webb’s pointillist portrait of the impenetrable corruption of DC here is rare because it not his usual 5-minute micropost in a blizzard of many more.

Webb describes Hillary Clinton’s weapons ratline running out of major East Coast US ports to supply ISIS and Hezbollah, with James Clapper serving as a kind of head of logistics. A group of FBI Counterintelligence personnel using Joint Inter Agency Task Forces, ironically named “Task Force Orange” included Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, Bill Priestap and other names, which have become familiar to us during the Russia Investigation.

Some details were previously revealed in Politico’s report in December of 2017 on the DEA’s Operation Cassandra; the drugs-for-weapons networks that totaled $200M in trade just out of the ports of Virginia, alone. The final destination was to the key weapons broker, Iran.

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  • These ‘people’ are so vile!…..Yet they retain their public persona and escape all retribution and criminal charges. What gives?
    “Joe blow” everyday guy would get locked up and the keys thrown away for even attempting a tiny bit of what is going on here. This I imagine is the ‘new normal’ and has been for quite sometime.Disgusting to say the least……these people are psychopaths…..proud of their work and celebrating the fact that they are getting away with their scumbag criminal ways.
    Makes ones’ skin crawl that they share the planet with the rest of us and feel they are entitled to do so.

  • The rats are running ratlines. Generational spies, criminals, and total info to
    put a stop to all this, yet nobody is in custody, nobody does time, no one gets
    a parking ticket… in fact its worse than that. The people who are in charge of
    the “justice” system are the ones in charge of all the secret ops enriching them-
    selves, while selling america down the river. RIP Pat Tillman, Seth Rich, Gary Webb
    Jenny Moore Michael Hastings, Aaron Swartz


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